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This may sound as a big surprise for someone but you may also find Trenbolone pills too. Oral Trenbolone pills are real and they are super powerful. Yes, we do know that the Trenbolone steroid is mostly found in injectable form of the drug, but Trenbolone tablets are also available.

For those interested, you may use in order to buy oral Trenbolone pills and you can do it for sale. Very often, Trenbolone pills are called shortly Tren pills or Tren Tabs but the actual active substance in the compound is Methyltrienolone which is having a super strong anabolic as well androgenic effect. While is amazing that is offering great anabolic effects, you should be very careful about its huge androgenic effects.

As much as you can guess, a lot of people are preferring the tablet form of the steroids. This is because its much easier to be administered compared to injectable version.

Nonetheless, as almost anything else, using oral Trenbolone pills is coming with its own advantages as well as disadvantages that we consider to be very important to be taken in consideration in order to avoid the negative side effects and get maximum results out of using this product.

  • In the end, after all, there are some reasons why most athletes inject Trenbolone rather using Trenbolone pills, nonetheless, there are still many bodybuilders using this compound in form of pills and they are all having their own reasons why would they want to go for the oral Trenbolone pills form, as with any other steroid that can be administered both orally and in the injection form.

Advantages of Oral Tren

Where to Buy Oral tren.

Trenbolone pills for sale 

Is quite obvious that the advantage of oral Trenbolone pills is the fact that it comes as pills and they can be administered by simply swallowing tablets which is very easy.

  • Usually, the compound comes as tablets containing a dosage of 1 mg or 250 mcg in one pill. In order to ensure high quality, the drug is being protected by the package. And there are different forms, but usually it contains 60-100 tablets.
With all of this being said, if you are searching for using 500 mcg a day. You need to use 2 tablets daily or half a tablet, depending on the strength. And this means that you would have enough tablets for a total of approx. 50 days.

The tablet form of administration is easy and convenient. The user doesn’t need to carry the vial, the ampule or the bottle all along with syringes and needles. Which then have to be injected and they might be painful injection.

You would most likely avoid “trenbolone cough” a famous Trenbolone side effects which is a huge advantage.

Another advantage is that the compound remains very potent in form of oral pills so you get great effects whilst swallowing those Trenbolone pills.

Disadvantage of Oral Tren

If there wouldn’t be any disadvantages, I guess the pills would have been more popular than injection. The main and biggest disadvantage of Trenbolone pills is the huge level of harm done to the liver.

Oral Trenbolone pills are highly hepatotoxic, in fact, they are so hepatotoxic that cycle length should be very short and dosages very low, in order to avoid permanent damage done to liver.

This occurs because the product is passing through the liver and in order to survive it and stay highly bioactive, is C17 alpha alkylated, and since is such a powerful product, is highly alkylated.

Another disadvantage is that although it remains highly bioactive, injections still seem to be more effective. More effective than pills as they show a lower activity level.

In the end, Trenbolone pills seem to be less effective than injections and plus to that, they are way more harmful for your liver.

Another disadvantage – Trenbolone pills have a way shorter half life than Trenbolone injections (depending on the attached ester).

Buy Trenbolone pills directly from this website if you’re still searching for Trenbolone pills despite its disadvantages. However, if you think that Trenbolone injection is better for you, then you can still find it on this website. We offer both versions of Trenbolone of best quality for sale.

Trenbolone pills for sale 


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