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Trenbolone 200


Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma

Pharmaceutical name: Trenbolone Enanthate

Pack: 1 vial (10 ml (200mg/ml))



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What is it?

where to buy tren Trenbolone 200 by Dragon Pharma is an injectable steroid containing 200mg per ML of the hormone Trenbolone Enanthate.

The Enanthate ester attatched to this steroid makes it possible to keep blood levels steady with less frequent injections than if the bodybuilder was using the acetate ester of the drug. Athletes usually use a dosage schedule of twice per week with this product.

Simply put, Trenbolone is the most powerful overall steroid in use by bodybuilders today. Tren, as it is often called, is both highly androgenic and anabolic. It is chemically unable to aromatize, and therefore produces no estrogen buildup. This, along with its high androgenic properties, makes the muscle produced by this drug very hard and defined.

Trenbolone first got its reputation when it was used in the legendary steroid, Parabolan. Users of this drug often noted dramatic results that were nothing short of amazing. And after it was unfortunately discontinued, the remembered effects of the substance gave it cult like status. After that, the market was flooded with bunk Parabolan amps by those looking to profit off the extreme popularity and fan base. That this steriod’s incredible results had sparked.


Trenbolone was also used in cattle implant pellets, where the substance was used to increase the lean mass of the cattle. While reducing the fat on the animals. Kits became widely available on the internet allowing bodybuilders to convert these pellets into injectable solution. Fina, as this homebrew oil was often called. Quickly became a favorite of steroid users, like its relative, Parabolan, had done many years before.

where to buy tren

Users of Trenbolone 200 often report amazing gains in both strength and quality muscle mass. While the fat and water seems to “melt” off. To give one an idea of just how powerful this hormone is as a muscle builder. Please note that the powerful steroid Testosterone has an anabolic rating of 100. While Tren has a rating of 500! The drug is also a powerful fat burning aid, and lots of bodybuilders actually claim that the body will still drop bodyfat very quickly. Even when one’s diet isn’t very clean.


It is important to note that this substance will shut one’s natural testosterone production down very quickly, thus making a proper PCT protocol a must upon conclusion of a cycle.

Tren can produce all common androgenic side effects. It’s also important to note that many users report uncontrollable night sweats while using this substance. To help combat this problem, it’s recommended that users try to keep blood levels and stable as possible, and stay in a reasonable dosage range. Although this steroid can’t convert to estrogen, some users do experience problems with progesterone related side effects, similar to those seen with products such as Deca Durabolin or Durabolin. Users sensitive to these issues may prefer to add Cabaser to their cycles

where to buy tren

22 reviews for Trenbolone 200

  1. Rocco Phillips

    Love gym-candies and love this shit. Dropped 3% body fat in 5 weeks . Definition and and cut nothing else compares​. It’s slow to start ,but by week 3 you will see some major changes.

  2. Jack Stradtman

    Holy shit after 3 weeks I felt like a god. Hungry as hell gained 15 lbs In 8 week good solid gains. Will be trying this again. Definitely recommend this shit

  3. Gary Cuccia

    Great product . Very fast leans gains with no gyno . Gym-candies is a first class company with a very helpful staff . I would highly recommend gym-candies for anyone who takes their training serious . Shipping has always been easy with fast times . Have used Geneza Pharmaceuticals in the past with great results . 100 % re-order rate

  4. Tayte Damron

    Fast shipping! This tren e is amazing you can expect great gains and body fat will drop quick. Ran for 10 weeks with test e. I did get a few side effects but they were manageable . Would highly recommend

  5. David I

    Did Tren E and dragon Test E 12 weeks just amazing results .Dragon pharm everything they sale legit stuff and really works no matter what you buy.

  6. Prototype x

    Strongest oil I’ve used. Seen results immediately. Real deal clean product.

  7. Old Drew

    Another solid product from GYM-CANDIES. I pinned 300 once a week combined with Test E @ 500 and saw great results . I’m 50 years old and was able to add lbs to my lifts as well as dropping some serious body fat. Highly recommended

  8. LMB

    First time ordering tren 200…..let me tell you this stuff is the best of all time. Then the best thing about Gym-Candies.com is fast shipping all the time with no problem. This tren is the best and is Laboratory tested.

  9. Amanda Dahill

    I just received my first package from Gym-Candies about a week and a half ago the shipping came super fast about 2 weeks and I got everything I ordered i will say I was a little skeptical at first about this site being that this was my first time ever ordering gear off line but I’m glad I did this is my all time new favorite go to site! I am very pleased and for the gear I ordered trenboldness enanthate 200 at 400mg a wk and test Enantat 250 at 500mg a week in the first week I could already feel the pump and my muscles feel rock hard this gear is the real deal I will definitely be ordering more asap thanks Gym-Candies!

  10. OifVet

    Currently running Tren 200/Test E 250. So far results have FAR exceeded expectations. Been using gym-candies for 2 years now first review…. TOP recommendations to

  11. Tron

    This stuff is simply amazing. I use it for cut cycles, and wow can’t argue with the results. I pin twice a week 400mg a week. I’ve seen way less sides with dp tren e than other tren brands. Can’t go wrong with it.

  12. That Silver

    Great product with nun of the bad side effects. Been upping dose in split pins and has longer lasting impact.

  13. Jose Rodriguez

    All I can say is that I love this product I have been taking it for the last month only 200 MMG per week and 250 off testosterone E every week and I have gain already 8 pounds of muscle and I lost 2 lb of fat I was taking 500mg of testosterone by itself already but when I introduced the tren I lower my test E to 250 E/W my sex Drive skyrocket I have been having sex with my wife everyday sometimes twice a day for the last month she is really happy She wants me to buy more tren lmaoIf you are thinking about buying it I think you should go for it he really works but you’re not going to feel it right away because the longer Ester but after the third week you’re going to feel horny as hell and you are also going to notice the difference in the gym you’re going to be a lot of stronger Also the shipping was really fast I got my stuff in less than 2 weeks

  14. Gainz

    This was my first tren cycle. I did 500mg of (Test) bought from gym-candies and I did 400mg (Tren). It took a few weeks to get the tren in the blood and the results came in about 1 month. I have to say the quality was on point. My strength increases 20% and my size body weight decreased. I am starting another cycle this month. I have to say buying from
    gym-candies is on point. Great customer service. Fast Shipping. Never had a an issue.

  15. Joockz

    Good stuff. Ran it at 200 every 8 days and seen massive gains. Stuff is potent and legit.

  16. Serrot

    Arrived within expected time. Ran Dragon pharm Test 250 with Tren 200 and anadrolUp 20 pounds in 2 months. Tren hits hard had to cut back on dose.

  17. Randy Litten

    Excellent product. See great results and I can feel the difference. 600 mg a week is a great mix with test cyp. Thanks guys for a quality product

  18. alexis tuero

    Wow just about covers it. Fist package was lost sent a reshipment ASAP. This stuff is strong and I got it on sale. If you’ve never taken tren this stuff is potent but it’s the way to go. No burn massive gains running it with cypo

  19. Evin Koenig

    I tried this product for about 5 weeks and the second time I pinned this stuff, I felt a tightness in my lungs so I knew from there it was legit. I’m definitely feeling the androgenic effects from it. 5 weeks in and already gained 3 kg of lean dry muscle from this. Definitely love this product.


    Good products work very good with teswill give you power and pump

  21. John Charles

    Results are Arrived Fast, and in two weeks I’ve lost 9lbs of fat and my strength is increasing with every workout. GOOD PROUDCT! I am a former National level competitor ordering for the fist time. This year for my come back contest prep, I thought finding a solid source was going to be a major issue for me. Gym-Candies solved that issue and proves to be a good site.

  22. Sheldon Pappas

    Probably the best product I’ve bought off this website. You definitely feel it working between the increased heart rate potential Tren cough extreme night heat flashes besides those small side effects you truly feel like a demigod nothing is too heavy to lift no woman is too beautiful to sleep with nothing is undoable everything is possible when you’re on tren. You feel like a different person you feel empowered it’s really amazing what it does I personally can’t wait to use it again I only cycle for 8 weeks with it and I absolutely love it. It helped me perform better in the gym I perform better in the bedroom I was able to do my actual day job easier because I was less tired and more energetic everything in my life just kind of became better even my sense of well-being I was less depressed more motivated and like I said very energetic. I made massive improvements in the gym very quickly I was able to pool much heavier weight for higher reps and my muscles in my entire body became very dense and hard and stronger. I kept my dosages at about 400 mg a week and I did shots every other day to keep blood levels consitant. I recommend you running it no more than 8 weeks and no more than 800 mg I am not an experienced user this is my second cycle I was natural for 5 years so I’m still learning and I am basically my own guinea pig at this point but I know this drug works and I can’t wait to use it again it will definitely help you

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