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Manufacturer: Geneza Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical name: Methandienone
Pack: 100 tablets (10 mg/tab)



where to buy dianabol

What is it?

where to buy dianabol by Geneza Pharmaceuticals is an oral steroid which contains 10mg of the hormone Methandienone. D-bol is the most popular name for this steroid by bodybuilders.

D-bol is credited with being the second anabolic steroid ever created, with the first being testosterone. This steroid is the most popular oral that there is. It is popular with those new to anabolic substances due to how quickly it provides a gain in mass and strength.


Due to its fast effects on the body. GP Methan 10 makes a great “jump start” to any cycle. Here, bodybuilders, will take the drug at the beginning of a cycle to start seeing results immediately. While waiting for the slower esters of the injectable anabolics to start taking affect. Users of this steroid often report significant gains in strength and muscle mass.

where to buy dianabol

D-bol is also famous for the intense “pump” that it gives the muscles during workouts. This is mostly due to the fact that it dramatically increases protein synthesis. And also nitrogen retention within the muscle cells. Mg for Mg, GP Methan 10 is considered one of the strongest anabolic orals available to bodybuilders.


It is important to note that some do suffer from estrogen related problems with the usage of D-bol.  Including bloat and sometimes “gyno”. (The development of female tissue under the nipples in males resulting in unattractive and often painful lumps in this area). Because of this, bodybuilders may prefer to use an estrogen inhibitor such as anastrozole or tamoxifen while on this steroid. Like many other orals, GP Methan 10 is a C17-alpha alkylated compound. And therefore can be potentially toxic to the liver.


It is recommended that bodybuilders using this anabolic also incorporate a liver protectant into their daily supplement regime. And that they keep their dosages of this powerful drug in reasonable range and try to limit cycle duration to 10 weeks or less. GP Methan 10 can make a great addition to any cycle. And is commonly stacked with all injectable steroids. As mentioned earlier, this steroid makes a great start to any cycle. But it is also important to note that bodybuilders frequently use it as a “bridge” between cycles and as a means to recovery from a cycle.


Here, GP Methan 10 can be taken in a low dose (10mgs a day) during PCT or in between cycles to keep androgen levels high and to maintain strength and mass, while allowing the body’s natural testosterone levels to be regained.

where to buy dianabol

D-bol is not a very popular steroid among women bodybuilders due to the fact that it is very prone to causing harsh masculizing side effects. Males typically use GP Methan 10 in a dosage range of 25-100mgs a day for a period of 4-10wks, and 10mgs a day for bridging or PCT purposes for as long as needed.

where to buy dianabol

59 reviews for GP METHAN 10 (DIANABOL)

  1. Greg

    GP’s Dianabol 10mg/100tablets and Tren E 200 was my second order from gym-candies and there is nothing bad to say here! Amazing product, i gained 12 lbs within 2 weeks, and after the cycle i managed to keep 10lbs. Strength gains were huge, at least a 40% increased in strength just within the first week of being on this specific product. I (along with many others) was skeptical about ordering from gym-candies, but the ordering process has been perfect every time. Fast shipping, very discrete, and being able to track the order makes it an even more of an enjoyable anticipation until the day comes that you receive your gear. 5/5 stars for the entire process! Keep up the good work gym-candies , i’ll be ordering again very soon!

  2. Casey Roach

    Love it! Great Dbol! Definitely ordering again! For sure.

  3. Charles McAirns

    Gym-candies is the real deal. From time I placed my order to the time my package arrived at my door was only 11 days!!! The package was shipped so discretely and secure. Been taking this dbol for 7 days and already see mass and strength gains. Can’t wait for the test e to kick in and see even more gains. I already have placed another order. Gym-candies is the real deal and the only source I’ll use. Thank you for such great quality and high standards!!!!

  4. Sean Fagan

    This Dbol is the real deal. It is excellent for strength and putting on weight.I ran a low dosage of 20 mg to boost my cycle and to not put on much water weight, it really helped. I did run into gyno (very slight) and I’m a very lean in bodyfat so do have some anti-estrogen on hand.It is an excellent product and I wouldn’t recommend anything less. You will see a huge difference in strength.

  5. PunchNPie

    This dbol is absolutely fantastic. I don’t take it every day, only on training days. I pop 20mgs about an hour before I hit the plates and my friggin workouts are legendary. The pumps are so tight I have to stretch whatever muscle groups I’m training between every single set. This is definitely top shelf.

  6. Mikee2k

    3 rd or so order from gym-candies , I have been cycling on and off for 10 yrs ,GP 10 mg dbols are great testosterone line is just as good thank u guys at gym-candies

  7. Gabe Piper

    Great product. Using 20 mg in morning and 20mg in afternoon. A week in and feeling stronger

  8. Super Dad

    Very good Dbol I love the 10 mg tablets and for the price and the effectiveness of it, best bang for your buck serious strength and size. high quality Dbol thanx GP!

  9. Eric Khoury

    This product is amazing and will make you feel unstoppable!

  10. Michael

    Works just as it should. Love this brand. Real deal. Arrived in 1 week.

  11. David Chu

    Legit! works great. I started my cycle dosage at 20mg per day, then stepped up increments till 40mg a day split 20mg in the A.M. then 20mg, 30 mins before the gym in the evening. This dose was perfect for me. Nothing like Dbol, love feeling good and looking full as fuck. Appetite increase and just feel great on this stuff.. My go to oral.

  12. michael patsalou

    Great strength off of this. Sad to finish the packet.

  13. James Spears

    After two weeks of 30mg a day my pumps seem to get bigger and way more tight but I also am running sus with it all from GP

  14. Anonymous

    This product worked amazing was a great kick start to my cycle and gym-candies was awesome and super fast delivery!

  15. Miguelito

    Amazing gear. The dosage is perfect, I respond well to 20-30 mg a day. I only do 10mg on non training days.

  16. Elijah Peterson

    I love this product, the results where AMAZING that combined with GP cyp 250 put some serious mass on . Gym-candies is my go to place for good quality gear.

  17. JG

    Gym-candies is legit!!!! My order came in 9 days from the day it showed shipped in the US. This GP dbol is the real deal. I got great pumps and strength from it. I was able to do more reps. I did a 4 week cycle. I started with 30mg for the first 3 weeks split dose breakfast lunch dinner. Then I bumped it up to 40mg the last week. It does give you bad back pumps which tells me it’s real dbol. Five stars for
    gym-candies and GP. Will continue to order from gym-candies and GP!

  18. Jat70

    Once again gym-candies came through with my order. Taking GP DBOL 50mg with sustanon 500mg and GP EQ 600mg for 12weeks cycle. Strength and size im packing is amazing.

  19. J

    Excellent product, high quality and great company!Super fast shipping also, A+

  20. chuck caparella

    Awesome product.! Strength level goes up fast, and the pumps are incredible. The 10 mg pills make it easy to split the dosage to maintain stable blood levels. Gym-candies has authentic gear and they are legit!!!

  21. Raleigh Kraft

    Can always count on GP! Perfect for jump starting your cycle.

  22. H00pTy

    Geneza is the real deal. This dbol is fire. Also, gym-candies service is fantastic.

  23. Brock Phillips

    This Dbol is one of the best I have ever taken. Pumps are insane and this is always a great oral to take to bridge. GP Dbol has never failed me and I will continue to use this product

  24. Ely

    You can’t go wrong with GP dbol. This stuff is good to go I seen gains faster than any other brand go gym-candies

  25. Michael T

    No question about thelegitimacy of this Geneza dbol. I’ve used “blue hearts” and “pink Thai” for years and I can tell you for sure, Geneza’s dbol it’s NOT underdosed. If anything it’s more potent than the 10mg rating. Go gym-candies

  26. BrutallyHonest3

    Impressed with Geneza Quality.. Ran my first cycle which consisted of all Geneza products… Geneza Dbol to kickstart and Test-E 250. Started with a beginner dose of Dbol with Geneza Amiridex to reduce bloat, and 500mg E/wk.Honestly I was skeptical to order anything online.. Especially for my first time, but I was quite impressed with my results and the product quality. Started @ 184 lbs 6.5% BF, after my first month I was up to 198 lbs ~7% BF and my compound lift strength increase was insane.. Most noteworthy increases were Flat Bench went from 265×4 to 315×6 easily, Deadlifft 315×6 to 455×8, and back squat 315×8 to 405×12. Ended it all @ 205lbs 8% bf and kept all but ~6lbs.Overall I had a awesome experience with Geneza products and will definitely be coming back.

  27. Mike Gabriel

    Great product! Took 50mg a day for the first 4 weeks. Easy 10lbs. of weight added strenght went up to!Stacked it with 50ml of tren-ace eod and 500mg of test-e! Great 8 week cycle!

  28. Miguel Reza

    Only took 9 days to arrive including the wait for them to pick up the money which was only 2 days. best shipping hands down!! Stacking this with some GP test E 250, tested the gear and it’s all legit! Ready to start my cycle and post my stats. Gym-candies all the way!!!

  29. Israel Bryant

    Great stuff and source! I increased my bench by100 ibs… strength went through the roof,I was taking 40 mg of dbol a day and 500 mg sustanon a week for 8 weeks..gained 20 ibs of muscle and kept 70%.

  30. bigdaddy57

    Did a 4-week kickstart with this stuff for my 12 week Test E/Proviron cycle last September. Absolutely blew me AWAY! Gained 10+ pounds and kept it on. Strength went through the roof. Felt like an animal every time I stepped into the gym. Felt like one outside the gym too!! High recommend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. chris marenco

    I always run d-bol as a kick starter of my cycle. Ran this for the third time and after the first week you see results in strength and size. also like to run some type of test with any of my cycles as the base. Imo running d-bol in your cycle as a kick stater is a must. Definitely ordering more.

  32. Rick Tailor

    Excellent product and nicely packaged. You would never know what was in the package by looking at it. At 30mg/ED my aggression and strength skyrocketed in Jiui Jitsu. People at the gym definitely noticed the change in my game. The Geneza brand is extremely cheap for a full cycles worth. You can even go to the Geneza website and verify the lot codes to make you’re getting a legit product.. I would recommend this to anyone looking to increase aggression and size.

  33. Mike G

    I have tried many different brands of dbol but this one is hands down the best. Strength and mass went up quickly. Pumps were unreal during workouts. Will definitely order again.

  34. S.Rodgerz

    Great product! Ran 50mg 5 days a week with 500 week DP Test 250. Increased strength; solid pumps…ALL good! Def recommend!! As always…great delivery time!

  35. Benn

    Absolutely a great product.i saw immediate strength gains by taking 40mg per day for 5 weeks stacked with 500mg of test per week.

  36. TherealMVP

    Great Product!! I have used GP Methan 10 several times in the past and have never been disappointed.. This products works great with fast results. The shipping was extremely fast just the way I like.. Thank you gym-candies , you all are the best!

  37. Alfredo Bocanegra

    Gym-candies has always been good to me. I have taken Geneza Dbol more than a few times and I always have good results. My recovery time becomes unbelievable and the kick in time for this product is amazing. I went from benching 225 to benching 315 within two weeks. Great product that I will promote to all my friends.

  38. Michael Kiriakos

    good stuff. used for 4 weeks wit kickstart test cycle. did 40mg everyday for first 2 weeks and 30mg everyday for last 2 weeks. great pumps and not to much bloat with that dosage.

  39. Bjarke Mai

    Very good product. Gained 6 kg in the first 2 weeks !

  40. tony spin

    Fourth order that I have ordered from
    gym-candies great company good customer service. I ran gp metthan 10 mg as a jump start to my cycle. 40 mg ed for 6 weeks test cyp for 14 weeks and deca for 12. All there products are top notch. My next order is this week or next week.

  41. Eric Speece

    Just started my gp dbol two weeks ago and it’s nothing short of amazing. Been taking 50mg a day and noticeable size and strength difference already. Love this stuff and customer service was amazing had small shipping problem and they fixed it right up thanks again gym-candies keep it up

  42. Anthony Cutler

    Ran only 30 mg a day for 6 weeks along with test cyp. and blew up like a balloon! Went from 248 lbs and 14% bodyfat to 276 lbs and 14.8% bodyfat. I increased my squat by 90 lbs, bench by 45 and deadlift by 130. Delivery took 2 weeks and was very simple. I was suprised how descrite the packaging was and how smooth the whole process went. Thanks gym-candies

  43. Carlos

    This is my first time ordering for gym-candies and it was an Excellent choice. It took 1 week to get it to Puerto Rico. Just started my dbol cycle and and get really pump and with strength. Thank you for your help and i will keep ordering from gym-candies again.

  44. Marlon Mejia

    This product is definitely legit. My strength went through the roof the first month of my cycle I took this with. I stacked it with a test cyp and loved every minute of it. I had some itchy nipples while I was on it, but nothing arimidex couldn’t take care of. I actually have kept most of my strength and very happy with the outcome. The pumps can get crazy sometimes so just adjust the dosage to how your body can handle it. I took 50mgs/day

  45. Tony Lin

    Ordered this to kickstart a tren/test/hgh cycle and was not dissapointed. I felt efffects by the second day. In the first 2 weeks, I was gaining around 1 lbs every 2 days. It came fast, 2 weeks after payment. I would reccommend running an anti estrogen because it can cause bloating.

  46. TheDude

    Ran 50 mg for 4 weeks followed by 20mg pre workout for 2-3 weeks. Overall I had a real alpha feeling ALL the time. I ran aromasin along side this and test at 500mg so the bloat was minimal. 2 weeks after ceasing dbol I was still up 15 pounds and strength was through the roof. As a guy with a bad shoulder dbol was amazing at letting me bench really heavy with 0 joint pain. GP pulls through as always with good gear!

  47. David Wilson

    My experience after a 2-month 1st-time cycle (30mg/day): significant size and weight increase (200 to 210 lbs), my skin felt ‘tighter’ from my size increase, extremely hard pumps, more efficient O2 delivery and muscle recovery/stamina (probably from greater blood volume), significant strength gains. I busted through a long plateau like it was nothing. Now the really good news: after cycling off for 2 months, I’ve managed to keep 90% of what I gained in size, weight, and strength. It is a fallacy that you will lose what you’ve gained when you cycle off d-bol. I’ve been determined to lift the SAME weight after cycling off, and I’ve succeeded in doing just that. My sets are the same, although I have dropped a rep or 2 after 3-5 sets. Hardly noticeable. For those who don’t care to delve into injectables, this is the ticket.

  48. Dustin Price

    I can’t believe how legit this stuff is, only a week in on 60mg a day and my pumps in the gym are SKIN RIPPING! Gonna run it 4 weeks stacked with Aaster Mix 4…GAINS, ENGAGED!

  49. bradley harris

    Excellent ! Results almost started to show instantly. You will not be disappointed with your gains. I would suggest running it from 5-10 weeks and you’ll look like new. Can’t be it, hands down best oral steroids I’ve ever taken.

  50. bolshoi68

    This is an amazing product!!! The pumps I get in the gym are incredible. My strength and size have improved dramatically after taking 30mg a day for three weeks. Amazing precursor to starting a cycle. Recovery time is improved dramatically. People in the gym are constantly commenting on my size and vascularity. Have had absolutely no side effects other than increased energy and amazing stamina. Highly recommended!!!!

  51. Joey4one3

    Great product!!…ran 50mg ed for 8 weeks…awesome pumps… gym-candies rocks!!..very fast delivery…cant wait to start my next cycle!

  52. oleg borodin

    This stuff is amazing!!! Amazing pumps In the gym. I received my order after only 11 days of waiting. I take one tab In the morning and two 30 minutes before my workout. I will be sure to be ordering more don’t pass up on this.

  53. dbCooper

    This stuff is amazing,I tried a few other UGL before this one and hands down this one is the best I’ve tried so far. Strength started to go up within a week or so,noticed muscles were feeling fuller,and overall felt great on it.Definitely gained some water weight,but nothing crazy,only complaint is I ran out of them!

  54. Art Arreola

    First time with product after hearing from a source…Fast delivery in just a week an a half from receiving payment. Have tried before 5mg D Bol from British dispensary & honestly this GP Dbol is great.

  55. Justin Bedney

    Super happy with gym-candies . I’m running there gp test e 500mg a week for 10 weeks along with there gp methan 10mg. Running that at 40mg a day for 4 to 6 weeks. Still trying to decide if I should run 6 weeks. I’m 3 weeks into my cycle and loving it. Gym-candies came through perfect and discretion with super fast shipping.

  56. Brandon Gooch

    Product arrived in just 2 weeks from the day it was sent, Stacking it with test prop, loving the pumps and what it is doing to my body! Great Product to use!

  57. Big stack

    This stuff is great I started seeing my gains by the the end of the week .I love the fact its in lower doses so u can take it throughout the day ..I used this for a total of five weeks with a Geneza testosterone 250 ..Awesome gains

  58. CAC

    I have dosed 30mg GP DBol for 4 weeks now as a kickstart to Test E (500mg/wk) and Deca (375mg/wk. Size and strength gains have been nothing short of amazing. This is my first time using DBol and the water retention has not been nearly as bad as expected. I am a little bloated, but definitely nothing serious. I have been taking 12.5mg GP Aromasin ED while on the DBol which I’m sure has helped a lot. Overall very happy with GP and will definitely be using this product again.

  59. Gerald Kelly

    First time order with gym-candies , delivery is a lot faster than reviews I’ve read. Fast shipping and legit gear, A+++++

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