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Manufacturer: Aaster Solutions, Europe

Pharmaceutical name: Trenbolone Acetate, Drostanolone Propionate, Testosterone Propionate

Pack: 1 vial (10ml (150 mg/ml))



Super Ripped 150 is an injectable steroid which contains:

Testosterone Propionate – 50 mg

Trenbolone Acetate – 50 mg

Drostanolone Propionate – 50 mg, equaling a total amount of 150mg of substance per ML, and it is available in a 10 ml vial.

9 reviews for SUPER RIPPED

  1. Billy Lifter

    Yo. Some awesome product here. I have not expected to be so pleasently surprised. No pip, smooth as water and soooo powerful!!! Added it to my summer shredder stack and this item rocks! No doubt Aaster tren a and master prop as well Super Ripped are absolutely high quality products! Highly recommended! Will buy again!

  2. by Daniel B.

    perfect short estetered blend for anyone who would like to do some cutting but doesn’t like to inject lots of mls. It is very potent and practically painless, which is kinda hard to achieve with short esters blends. Definietely my “buy again” product for next shredding cycle.

  3. Frank MD

    The order arrived on time thanks to Gym-Candies. I have to say this stuff made my girl hide from me cuz I just wanted to have sex all the time and she couldn’t keep up. 2ml EOD with .25mg of caber twice a week and a good quality Arimidex from Gym-Candies would turn you in to a porn star. I recently finished my second vial out of four I bought and have nothing but amazing results so far. NO PIP or feeling of a knot at the site of injection which is usually common with compounds such as this one. I was skeptical about buying from Aaster lab first but all my doubts have vanished since I’ve started using Super Ripped. Anyone second guessing this stuff should have no doubts after this review. I highly recommend buying from Aaster or any of the labs affiliated with Gym-Candies. Real high quality gear for sure.Thanks Gym-Candies for another kick ass product.

  4. Soon Pro

    Amazing blend with no pip. This product is of great quality. Oil is almost like water which makes pins smooth, fast and painless. Potency is off the charts! This along with Aaster Halo made my cutting cycle a breeze. Awesome stuff. I will surely try some other of their blends for the upcoming bulking season.

  5. IFBB Acolyte

    Holy cow!!! Outstanding product! Ideal for my shredding cycle and with no pip at all! It is very powerful and you can feel each compound in it if you are well familiar with how test prop, tren ace and masteron work. It made my cutting cycle a piece of cake and a very successful endavour! For my next cutting cycle I will definitely try Aaster Super Ripped XL! Great stuff, folks!

  6. Ben Thefighter

    I am a fan forever! Great results with this blend. No pip at all. Smooth shots and very quick results! I tried many blends of this sort but this one is the best. I am surely gonna check out the XL version of Aaster Hyper Ripped;) Thanks Gym-Candies and Aaster for great service and products!

  7. chris peterson

    Aaster delivers PERFECT products!!! Once again, Aaster privided me with fantastic blend. PIP is very minimal if any, very smooth oil and very potent product. And so convenient to have all 3 compounds for cutting in one vial. Awesome! Will be back to Gym-Candies for more Aaster gear very soon

  8. Scott Hart

    Very pleased with this. Recommend using 1 – 2 cc EOD. Painless injections and a smooth mix. You will see noticeable strength increase and definition as long as your diet and workout plan is in check

  9. by Philip Casing

    This blend is a game changer!!! I am using it with Aaster Anavar and LOVE the results! There is no pip. oil is clear and smooth and potency of this stuff amazing! I wonder how is their Hyper XL, which is double the dose of Super ripped! Will definitely try it in my next cutting cycle. Aaster for me is now better than Dragon or Geneza. And with shipping times of around 8-14 days this is so far better than any lab shipping from Asia! My always go-to brand and site!

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