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Intermediate Cutting Cycle


Pharmaceutical name: Testosterone Propionate, Trenbolone Acetate, Stanozolol, Anastrozole

Pack: 1 set


the best steroid cycle for cutting

the best steroid cycle for cutting Items Included:

3 x Test Prop 100

3 x Tren Acetate 100

2 x Stan 10

2 x Anastrozole

Cycle Length: 8 weeks

Cycle Layout:


1-8: 100 mg Test Prop100 taken every other day

1-8: 100 mg Tren Acetate taken every other day

3-8: 40 mg Stan 10 per day

the best steroid cycle for cutting

This is a moderate dose testosterone and trenbolone cycle with a non aromatizing oral ran through the last 6 weeks to help harden up gains along with an estrogen blocker to prevent excess bloat and gyno symptoms. Take 1 ml of Test Prop 100 mixed with 1 ml of Tren Acetate 100 on day one, and continue to take an injection of this mixture every other day for 8 weeks.

At the beginning of the third week, begin taking 4 Stan 10 about an hour before weight training. Do this every day for the remaining 6 weeks. Starting on day 1, take half of a Anastrozole and continue this throughout cycle and for at least 10 days following your last injection, or until you have used all 40 tablets if you wish.

Diet and Exercise

Your diet and exercise plans are just as important whilst on a cycle! Check out Muscle and Strength for great tips and plans for dieting on a cycle. In addition They also have great resources on exercising whilst on a cycle

16 reviews for Intermediate Cutting Cycle

  1. Luis X Inguanzo jr

    Has anyone ran this stack cycle? how were your final results and how did you feel while on cycle? what did your pct look like? did you lose much of the gains after pct? any advise will help. thinking about running this stack not to sure about it. price looks good.

  2. axeman358

    Great stack! I also added T3 and Cabaser to the mix. I used it as described 9 weeks prior to my show coming off 1 week prior. I started the cycle right at 15% bf and came down to single digits a week or 2 prior to show. VERY dry and vascular. Of course, I had a great trainer and perfect macro meal plans throughout. As far as the famous Tren sides. Out of the 28 pins, I never had ANY pip and only 3 pins did I suffer from the Tren cough which wasn’t as bad as I had thought. I had a handful of sweaty nights and I did get up with insomnia a few times. Overall, a great recommended stack that I would use again. Now, time to lean bulk to add a bit more size. Thanks gym-candies Oh, by the way, I had a vial of what I call a bad batch of GP Test C (pain & swelling no matter where I pinned or what gauge used), gym-candies. without asking sent me TWO new vials of another brand to try! Great service. I receive shipments to the left coast exactly 1 week after payment was picked up 🙂

  3. SuperJACKED

    Ordered this stack for my second cycle. Order came fast like less than a week. Gym-candies takes good care of their customers.

  4. TR

    Just finished a cycle with this stack and I think it`s great. I was on a large calorie deficit and using T3 trying to drop weight quickly. I started at 260 lbs with 22.5% bf in April and ended in mid June at 245 with 17% bf. Lean body mass went from 201 lbs to 209 lbs. Not much of a gain but that`s not what I was looking for. Overall this definitely did what I hoped it would. Planning on starting another cycle of the same in a couple of weeks.


    This was my first cycle and I must say I was surprised at how fast it arrived & I was out of town for a few days and came back to it waiting for me, all in all I was looking to cut some fat while maintaining muscle and this cycle helped with just that. Also it’s nice to be able to look back at the easy pre designed plans for us beginners

  6. j.r groves

    Good cycle to run …gym-candies shipped pretty fast and started noticing difference in about 3 weeks into cycle ..will run again eventually

  7. Joseph Kitchen

    Today is one month into this cycle. I haven’t used gear since 2011 so I had to find a good source. Gym-candies came recommended by many. No regrets. Came in in two weeks with no issues. Now, for the cycle….. it is working incredibly well. I’m a runnner. I’m 5’9 maybe 150lbs at around 9% body fat. I’m not much of a power lifter, obviously. In the last month I’ve added 50 plus pounds to my bench, squat, deadlift and clean. Minimal side effects. I’m running this cycle as advised. Definitely sweat more, slight insomnia (I take melatonin it works) and some increased aggression. So, all in all, this cycle is no joke. I love going to the gym. The progress is addicting. And the Tren hasn’t killed my endurance. Some people have that problem.Works exceptionally well. Already placed two more orders with gym-candies.

  8. Michael Biggs

    Yeah, this stack rocked…. felt amazing and it worked wonderfully to build lean hard muscle and and ripped physique. Vascularity city….

  9. brandon peralta

    is this cycle a good one??? plz someone help im a first timer!!!! thanks

  10. Kyle Teasdale

    Have ordered this stack two times. It works great for adding on some lean muscle, strength and helping cut fat. I know I could have cut more if I ate a little cleaner and up’ed my cardio. I recommend this to anyone looking to drop those last few pounds of body fat and not wanting to lose size or strength. I will be getting this stack again soon.

  11. mattystacks

    I Completed my first cycle8 week geneza cycle 3 months ago. I had fantastic results with Geneza. My strength has increased and I have hit new PR for every lift. Being a novice in taking gear, I bought the predesign stack which Gym-candies gave me direction on how to use the product. The shipping was quick. It took about 6 days for my gear to arrive after payment. I am planning to order again. Thanks gym-candies for the fast shipping and top notch gear!

  12. LWB

    Awesome cycle for amateur bodybuilder looking to cut down during pre-contest. Ran 2nd to last month before my show. Energy was great even with a strict diet strength was kept and brought out a lot of definition. Will be running again. 4 out of 5 stars only complaint would be joint pain during and after cycle in knees and elbows.

  13. Carmen Assay

    Gym-candies is great to order from. Quality gear every time I’ve ordered. PR all my old lifts 25-36%! My only complaint is I don’t like winny. I cramp up to often.

  14. Sy

    Gym-candies is the real deal, order arrived after 10 days when status changed to “shipped”. Gear quality is second to none, customer for life here, will definitely recommend to friends!

  15. j.r groves

    Good cycle to run …gym-candies shipped pretty fast and started noticing difference in about 3 weeks into cycle ..will run again eventually

  16. Jeffery

    Excellent service perfect stack. Can’t beat this !!!!fast shipping

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