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Manufacturer: Geneza Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical name: Testosterone Enanthate
Pack: 10 ml/vial (250 mg/ml)



testosterone for sale usa

What is it?

testosterone for sale usa 250 by Geneza Pharmaceuticals. This is an injectable steroid which contains 250mg per ML of the hormone Testosterone Enathate. The Enathate ester of this drug makes its release into slow and therefore is requires injections to be less frequent. Than they would be if a bodybuilder using Propionate. Athletes using this steroid often find that a twice weekly injection schedule. Such as Monday/Thursday, is very sufficient for maintaining steady blood levels of the hormone.


Testosterone is the most common anabolic hormone that there is and is also considered the most basic. Due to this, bodybuilders often consider it the base steroid to most all cycles. Testosterone is both anabolic and androgenic in nature. Users of this steroid will notice a dramatic gain in muscle size and strength. As well as an overall sense of well being and increases libido and sex drive. Testosterone aromatizes very easily and therefore estrogen buildup and side effects can become an issue. An issue for users sensitive to these problems or those choosing to use a high dose of this compound. Therefore, when using Testosterone, bodybuilders often choose in incorporate an anti-estrogen such as Anastrozole, Proviron, Tamoxifen to help keep estrogen related side effects to a minimum.

testosterone for sale usa


Extremely sensitive users, or users using very high doses (800-1200mgs) might find that stronger anti-estrogens such as Letrozole or Exemestane are more suitable. Androgenic side effects such as oily skin are also possible while taking Testosterone. Bodybuilders looking to bulk up, often stack GP Test Enanth 250 with other steroids such as GP Deca 250 and/or GP Bold 200, along with an oral compound such as GP Methan or GP Oxy.


Those Bodybuilders looking to use testosterone during cutting phase, might wish to stack it with compounds such as GP Trens, along with an oral like GP Stan or GP Oxan. Testosterone use will quickly shut down the body’s natural production of the hormone. Thus making a proper PCT plan essential for restoring the body’s natural function and maintaining gains as best as possible after use of the steroid has been discontinued. At cycle’s end, bodybuilders often choose to use a combination of Clomid, Tamoxifen, and HCG for a period of 3-4wks in order to restore pituitary gland and testes operation quickly and effectively. Woman bodybuilders often use testosterone to build mass, although of course the dosage is significantly less than what males would use due to the possibility of masculizing side effects.


The male bodybuilder’s dosage of this steroid would typically be in 500-1250mg per week range and cycle duration would be from 8-20 weeks, depending of course on the goals of the athlete. Women typically see desirable results from doses of 50-100mgs per week.

testosterone for sale usa

69 reviews for GP TEST ENANTH 250

  1. Jaxx

    This product was awesome i liked the gains and shipped fast cant go wrong gp all the way.

  2. CycleAnon

    Everything on Gym-Candies is legit. This happens to be my favorite test on the site. Just something about it. If they had an option of a 400mg/ml I’d buy it too for blasting.

  3. Curtis Wikstrom

    KILLER!!! ABSOLUTELY KILLER! Can’t beat it for the money! GP FTW

  4. Eins

    About as good as you could expect. I used these for TRT for my off cycle, time to get back on the train and buy more!

  5. Thomas Mackay

    Ordered my Test Eth and Winnie July 27th, used MoneyGram and received my gear on Aug 12th. Communicated with Gym-Candies cust service twice and got answers right away…Was my first order with Gym-Candies and certainly will not be the last…Keep up the great work Gym-Candies…Loving it!

  6. Mills

    I’ve gained 15 pounds this stuff is 100% HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  7. Fit_mom

    This was my husband’s first round with doing his own trt with test. So far amazing results in his mood and focus. He feels normal again. His test levels were just above 250 for free test. Still in the normal range but not his normal. 500 a week pinned at 250 twice he feels great. 2 weeks on and his body fat has come down and the shape of his arms and shoulders is changin . He is 6’3″ 220 and lean to start . He had a few pounds he says to loose but I dont see it. His libido is higher and he is so happy to wake up with a boner now. Lol he says he would wake with one maybe once a month. Now it is every morning. So we think he is still producing additional to his total test circulation. GP test is the real deal!!!

  8. Old Timer

    Just wanted to wait until my test results came back before writing a review.. Besides feeling like a million bucks, test results are off the charts.. Thank you Gym-Candies for coming through..!!! I was totally hesitant at first, but all was good..!! I’ll be ordering from you guy’s from now on..

  9. AnthonyD969

    Worked great in making me have more strength and feel the results within 2 weeks. Shipped discretely. At 54 makes me feel young again! Girls happy as well 🙂 Thank you.

  10. Miguelito

    Excellent quality product and definitely my favorite ester of test.

  11. Sean Pitts

    I have been using Gym-Candies for years and no one compares to their customer service and products they provide. Geneza is the only way to go, all their products are top of the line and good to go! I have been using Geneza brand for over 5 years and won’t go to anything else, no PIP or issues with any of their gear! Do yourself a favor and order Geneza brand gear, they are 100% legit!

  12. Anonymous

    Product was awesome got great results and Gym-Candies was amazing with delivery and very great to deal with!!

  13. Rj

    The Genenza product is fantastic and would recommend it to anyone. Have tried many of the product and have no issues with it even at the higher end of loads. I am using the Deca also from Geneza and it is great and does as promised!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. J

    Great test, reacted really well, great energy and stacked well with Deca 300!Fast shipping!

  15. Andres Gonzalez

    I have used GP Test Enanthate 250 for the past 2 years and it did what it was supposed to do. Increased intensity inside of the gym, increased libido, more energy and some fat loss coupled with more muscle gains. I never got blood work when I was blasting but I did when I was on my trt dose of 250mg/wk and my test came back over 1200+ so definitely legit

  16. Anon5_uk

    Blood tests came back >4000 ng/dl testosterone, 8 weeks into cycle at 500 mg/week. Product could also be verified on GP site, ensuring authenticity. Was shipped from HK and, suprisingly, got through customs into EU no prob.

  17. Mike p

    Great test, running 750+ per week got the puffy nips week 1 and the following week had the lumps (take armidex for the sides and gtg) all geneza products are GTG. 193-202 currently in week 5 on a cutting stack with GP test E and tren E from geneza. all great products.

  18. Raleigh Kraft

    Quality Test E ! Can always count on Geneza! Product was slightly delayed because of the x mas amount of mail being ship. I began to worry and contacted gym-candies they sent out another package and ended up getting both. Well worth the wait!

  19. Anthony DeVincenzo

    The best Product! GP Products are Aces! Been on a few cycles. Great strength and gains. Gym-Candies are always the way to go for your Gear! Thank you

  20. Will S

    Bought this for a test only cycle to see how I reacted to test. Did 500mg/week for 14 weeks. After week 5 started to notice better sleep quality and higher sex drive. Did not have any PIP. Great quality product and will order again.

  21. Will S

    Bought this for a test only cycle to see how I reacted to test. Did 500mg/week for 14 weeks. After week 5 started to notice better sleep quality and higher sex drive. Did not have any PIP. Great quality product and will order again.

  22. Ryan Heim

    GP Test is by far the best test e I’ve ever taken. Its super potent and it is a perfect attachment to any cycle. Can’t be the price for the quality.

  23. Rigo Martinez

    I used this for my first cycle at 500mgs a week and made awesome gains. I front loaded my cycle with turinabol the first six weeks. I made great gains in muscle and strength. Libido was up around week 3 and strength gains around week 6. Gym-Candies come through once again!

  24. Happy Customer

    Fast, reliable shipping along with Gym-Candies’ wonderful customer service is a win/win for me every time. I can always count on gaining 12-15lbs of lean mass and I can always rely on receiving the products in less than 15 days! I simply can’t recommend GP, T Enan, and Gym-Candies enough. You won’t be disappointed!

  25. Mathew Guerra

    I have used this product and ordered from GYM-CANDIES at least 10 times. I gain 12 to 20lbs when I stack with GP dbol… In fact, GP is so reliable, I am scared to use any other brand!They are as reliable as it gets, customer service is excellent and I’ve always received my Test Enanthate 250 in 15 days or less. The product is the same high quality every single time, I highly recommend GYM-CANDIES and GP TE250! GYM-CANDIES is the best.

  26. Jeong Cato

    Delivery – it took exactly 18 days to receive the product since the day I made payment. After it said it’s shipped, it arrived in a week to USA. Package was packed with care and discretion. Quality- I ran the serial number through geneza pharmaceutical website and it validated my products. It made me feel comfortable and put me at ease to use and order again in the future.

  27. Dan Jay

    Super high quality. Used 250/week up to 750/week, and it was great. For some reason I had less water retention/moon face with this than I do with cyp. Good stuff.

  28. David Forsythe

    Love this product highly recommended quick shipping and nice discreet packaging

  29. Gelo

    I have used Gym-Candies in the past and they really have things dialed in. Impressive delivery time to say the least and GP gear is always great!

  30. Big Ant

    Not only a great quality product, but super fast shipping and wrapped extra tight to keep the product safe. Great deal and company

  31. BIG RAMY


  32. Gary Cloud

    Just received my order today. Only a 5 day wait after order was processed. I will be back! Gym-Candies is your ONLY source of quality goods. Gym-Candies is G2G!!

  33. Rippermatic

    Gym-Candies is totally G2G! Received my order very very fast after payment processed. 6 days! I recommend GYM-CANDIES over anyone else!

  34. bigdaddy57

    Absolutely incredible product. Gym-Candies most definitely exceeded my expectations!! Took about 3 weeks to arrive and was packaged very very discretely. Took 500 mg per week split up in two pins (mon. and thurs.) and by the beginning of the 4th week felt it. Ran it with 40 mg of GP Dbol ed for the first 4 weeks and GP Proviron 50 mg ed for the entire 12 weeks. GP products are the way to goooooooo! Everything I received was absolutely legitimate! Thank you Gym-Candies for your incredible quality and punctual service!

  35. Mitchell Morris

    By far an extreme improvement to my physique! Before purchasing my first order I read review after review from other customers and thought: these must be fake and written by the staff to promote products. I can honestly say that Gym-Candies has proven themselves to me. Not only with their customer support but with the purchasing process that they have. My hat is off to them. As for the GP Test Enanth 250, it’s 100% legit. Again, I was skeptical to buy something on the internet but for once it was genuine. My cycle is Test E at 500mg/week, GP Deca 250 at 500mg/week and DBol kickstart also from GP. I’ve been training for about 4 years without watching my diet strictly. With this being my first cycle I zeroed in (not to the calorie but estimations) and everything is going very smoothly. I’m on week 7 of my cycle and I’m consistently making quality gains. Gained a lot of muscle and not going to lie I also gained some fat, but that’s from my food choices. Definitely not the skinny guy who doesn’t look like he lifts anymore. Have to buy new shirts if that says anything. Can’t wait to see where Gym-Candies takes me in the future!


    Shipping takes about 3 weeks just give it time but always solid gear. This test was right on point I did have a little pip but overall a great product. I was given a 2 extra vials too so I gotta say thank you to Gym-Candies for that as well. Placing my next order as we speak.

  37. Emanuel Preciado

    Ran500mg of this product – felt stronger, little to no PIP. Stacked with GP Deca. Got great results. Highly Recommend. GYM-CANDIES has great, attentive, professional customer service.

  38. Rawxraw

    I went with GP Test E based on reviews. I ran the GP Test back in September with my Primo cycle. The Test is super legit and is overdose. I did a 12 week cycle and on the 8th week I did blood work. My test level was at 5000! Legit. I did get oily face, pimples, and increase in strength. I would recommend GP Test. I will be buying more for sure.

  39. Ryan

    Hands down one the best products on the line! I received my shipment in 13 days. I stacked GP Test E 250 with GP Deca 250. I ran 750 mg of GP Test E 250 a week along with 500 mg of GP Deca 250 and the gains were unbelievable!! I gained 25lbs in just 4 week also with a steady diet I weighed 158lbs and now sit at roughly 180lbs. Bench press went up to 315lbs for 3 reps. This is a amazing product! a must buy product!

  40. Michael Lewis

    Been using GP Test Enanth 250 for a few cycles and love the product, great results

  41. Kristofer

    This is the best test I’ve ever used! Great gains and no acne at all. I felt great during the cycle and it was easy to cycle off.

  42. Dwayne Thompson

    I was turned on to Gym-Candies earlier this year and have now placed 5 different orders, all of which were delivered between 11-25 days. I could not be happier with the quality of the products or the customer service. Very happy customer and I recommend Gym-Candies to anyone on the fence.

  43. jayroc

    Love this product. Only 10 days for delivery. No problems what so ever. Gym-Candies will always be my go to place and I highly recommend to friends and anyone who is looking to feel great!

  44. Cello C

    Absolutely fantastic stuff!! It came well within 2 weeks of sending in my order. I went from 180 pounds to 218 pounds in 10 weeks and all of my core lifts went up well over 100 pounds each. I stacked this with GP oral tren and GP mast e/p I have nothing but great things to say about Gym-Candies and about Geneza. About to run a second cycle of this stacked with GP Deca. I am beyond pumped.

  45. evilkreationz

    Stacked with dbol and deca was a great cycle have placed other orders since. Shipping seems a bit long but have always arrived sooner than said.

  46. N8 B

    Excellent Test E!!! Very smooth with no pip. I’ve put on 15 lbs in 4 weeks with no bloat, quick recovery and my strength has gone through the roof! I got my last order in about 14 days and i’m located in the Western US. Great gear and great experience using Gym-Candies!!!

  47. Excums60

    Dude, this stuff is incredible. I never write reviews. I’ve been on higher milligrams of test before, but just at 500 a week, this is stronger. In a couple days it’ll be my fourth week on it and my strength is through the roof. I feel like people are staring at how big I am where ever I go. I was walking on the sidewalk and a post man was delivering mail to a house, he looked at me, went back to what he was doing, and jerked his head back at me and told me I looked like I was going to explode lol. To say the least, I am very pleased. Thanks Gym-Candies.

  48. Dustin Harwell

    This is the highest quality test that I have ever used. Started feeling it kick in around week 5. No Pip. Great gains and no sides. Gym-Candies is the best company to order from. I have always received my orders within a few weeks to the states. Never any issues. I’ll never order from another company… GYM-CANDIES FOR LIFE!

  49. Millz

    First off I’d like to say Gym-Candies communication is quick and on point, excellent! Shipping time was surprisingly fast even though it came from the other side of the world, EXCELLENT!! I believe my entire transaction from ordering to receiving was 10 business days. GP Test E is clean and smooth as can be, no pip at all. I’m only 5 weeks in but libido and strength are climbing consistantly. I am a big big fan of Geneza products in general but the test E is top notch. Thanks Gym-Candies!

  50. Stunna

    Order 2 of this got it in 4 days after shipping. I pin in the quad no pain at all but legs hurt like hell for 4 days for the first to pins until muscle get us to the oil now I have no problem and the effect are awesome. Gym-Candies 4ever.

  51. Greg Johnston

    Very clean and pure. I use this product every time I blast. When I use GP’s Test E by itself i have almost no PIP or knotting. I prefer this ester to the others due to the pinning frequency and potency. I would be weary of trying this ester out if it is your first time, you should try GP’s Test Prop to see how your body reacts then if you feel comfortable, upgrade to this A+ product.

  52. Buckeye

    Best test e I have ever used. This is a must for every cycle. I ran test e, tren ace, winny and Helios. Went from 10% to 5.5% bf. The test e kept my libido on point while on tren. I can’t say enough about it. Strength, libido, more energy and a stallion in the bedroom. Gym-Candies did it again with fast delivery, exceptional customer service and discreet delivery. Hassle free as always. Thanks again!

  53. George Pruna

    Great product! Very high quality and potent test. Started feeling huge strength gains by week 5. This is the best test I have taken over the years. I have seen a 25lb gain and still have 4 weeks of my Cycle left. I’m taking 750mg per week stacked with GP tren e at 600mg per week. You will not be disappointed. Extremely fast shipping and great customer service! Gym-Candies for life!

  54. Noureldin Saber

    Bought 3 test E vials a while ago, perhaps about 4 months ago or so and let me tell you this, the quality of geneza’s stuff is powerful! It’s like getting a pharmaceutical grade stuff for underground price, can’t beat that in my opinion! Great stuff, definitely recommend, and I am actually placing a BIG order as I’m writing this review. 2 Test E, 3 Tren ace, 1 masteron and more haha can’t wait to see what this will yield! Good luck guys, you can’t guys wrong with Geneza or Gym-Candies. And by the way, the support on this site is phenomenal, keep it up, Gym-Candies!

  55. Michael Leibold

    I have been running GP test for a long time now. It is the only brand I buy now. The last time I had blood work done, it showed my testosterone levels were higher than the blood work could measure.My bloodwork:Testosterone, Total Male: 1,800+ ng/dL. Male, normal range: 241-827ng/dL. Very happy with the results, I will always run GP test E.

  56. david hill

    This is the real deal. You can’t go wrong with the original. Fast shipping and we’ll packaged. Will order again for sure. Gym-Candies is awesome

  57. rdheim

    I just got my order today, I authenticated everything and it all checks out! The shipping was a bit long but it all worked out in the end! Thanks guys!

  58. Enrique Leone

    Crazy! Did 12 weeks at 400mg along with 3 weeks of dbol at 25mg as a first cycle. Gained 40 freaking pounds! Bf was even lower at the end. This stuff is legit.

  59. Jeramey Menchue

    In my 3 week running 500mg a week with tren beast mode

  60. Ali Algan

    Really! I love this Product! I ordered 30ml from Test and 30ml from Tren and it work really good! And the order arrived in 11 Days that is amazing!!! Gym-Candies thank you really much i will order again!

  61. Jason

    Great product. Fast service. Will update from here again and again.

  62. Thomas Cochran

    After trying many different brands of Test, this is by far the best. I’ve now ordered Geneza from Gym-Candies several times and won’t do it any other way. The product is always consistent, potent, and worth it. Every time I’ve ordered through Gym-Candies it’s arrived discretely, nothing damaged, and WELL before the expected arrival date. There’s no reason to go any other way.

  63. Equator

    The order came really fast. obviously you had to send money quickly as well.The product is real smooth and does not get stuck in Insulin syringe. I will order next time again.

  64. DavyJ

    Wow! Order came really fast, few weeks only. I’m happy with gym-candies communication, looking forward to order again. Can’t wait to start my first cycle.thanks Gym-Candies!

  65. Matthew

    Gym-Candies Gear has been a very reliable source for over a year for me. Their products are top quality. GP Test Enanth is very smooth. I have used Geneza for a year and have been pleased. I even know Pros use Geneza.

  66. Irvin

    Hands down gym-candies is the best. I’ve ordered 5 times from then and always receive my gear withing 3 weeks or sooner. Love gp products

  67. Marco Gutierrez

    Have been ordering off Gym-Candies for 2 years already so I figured it was time for a review.When I first “ordered” off gym-candies, I’d always buy a cycle with my buddy, I would basically pay him and he would make the payment through WU since I was lazy and wanted to avoid the trouble. Well I finally decided to stop relying on him so I went ahead and processed the payment myself, it was a lot easier and simple than I imagined! I was in and out of the office in literally 3 minutes or less. As far as Gym-Candies goes, they have always been professional. Ordered a total of 8 times and not once have they let me down. Delivery takes anywhere from 1-2 weeks on average but is worth the wait, as you get both great prices and top grade pharmaceuticals.Ok, now onto the product review…I ran GP Test E as my first cycle ever 2 years ago, and boy was I hooked. Test e alone is a somewhat mild yet potent cycle to run in conjunction to other compounds like deca. But being the first time I ever tried anything, I put on a solid 25lbs in 12 weeks only using 500mg/week. About 20lbs of that I estimate to be muscle. It is a truly remarkable compounds that can be used for both cutting or bulking. I must say I was hooked and from that point on, gym-candies and Geneza have earned a lifetime loyalty so long as they are around! 6/5 stars, could honestly not ask for more

  68. mike

    This is some very good test,one of my favorites and I have done alot of different gear for the last 14 years.I Higley recommend it and it only took 15 days.very good people to do business with and I will do lots more in the future.thanks Gym-Candies.

  69. adam mose

    Ran a 12 week of GP test E, gained 15lbs, very good product. No PIP, first cycle.

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