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ETEST 200MG / EQ 200MG


Manufacturer: Geneza Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical name: Testosterone Enanthate 200mg/ml, Boldenone Undeclynate 200mg/ml
Pack: 1 vial (10ml (400mg/ml))



testosterone enanthate for sale

What is it?

Testosterone Enanthate is the strongest steroid with anabolic and androgenic activity. Dissolved ester in oil, enters gradually in the blood. Due to the fact that there is Enanthate, it has a positive effect on the body more than one month.

Boldenone Undecylenate – is a derived synthetic anabolic steroid, which includes a derivative of the male hormone testosterone. Equipoise is considered one of the few drugs with no flavorings.

Boldenone is a very popular steroid among bodybuilders, weightlifters, and those who prefer the power load. The key to this success is the main feature of Boldenone: stimulation of the formation of the hormone erythropoietin which is responsible for the creation of red blood cells. Incidentally, a drug characterized in that, it enables to work on the dry weight of an athlete.

Testosterone Enanthate helps to increase strength, burn fat, and Boldenone allows you to gain quality mass with a minimum of side effects. During EQ 200 / Test E 200 cycle, you should take Anastrozole to reduce side effects of Testosterone Enanthate. (possible water retention, appearance of gynecomastia).

testosterone enanthate for sale

Test E 200mg / EQ 200mg recommended dosage is 200-600 mg once a week.

28 reviews for ETEST 200MG / EQ 200MG

  1. Jamie Lennon

    Amazing stuff, shot twice a week and the gainz were very fast!Currently waiting for some more to arrive !

  2. Michael Sylvara

    4 Weeks in and I can feel the Thunder coming! Every week has gotten better and better, harder, stronger, leaner, while gaining muscle. First week 200mg, second week til now 4oomg. This is where I will probably still at for the reminder of the 20 week cycle. Put D-Bol another other orals aside, save your liver and stay strong! If you haven’t experienced this, what are you waiting for!?

  3. Michael Gaffney

    Hard muscle pumps, really enjoyed this mixture and wish I would have bought a few more bottles at the time.

  4. BigHarryJohnson

    I only recommend this product if you would like to be huge , full, dense, hard, vascular and totally diced with the least amount of gear possible. Great addition , base, or stand alone for any bicycle ride. Gym-Candies and Geneza is numero uno. Two words…Holy Shit!

  5. Matt Maher

    Received my first order from Gym-Candies a couple weeks ago. Just started taking this Test/ EQ combo, stacked with arimidex and D-Bol. Great stuff, felt the effects immediately. Have since placed two more orders. This site is fantastic! Will be a customer for life.

  6. Jay Allison

    Great product. Noticed massive energy around week 3. Awesome delivery time. Will not shop anywhere else.

  7. Ryan Dudek

    Great product. Gym-Candies always delivers. No complaints

  8. Luke Dean

    Been on this cycle multiple times. Dont regret it.

  9. BrickHouse

    Excellent blend of two powerful chems. This mix made me feel great. I took 1cc every 3 days, my bench went up from 315 to 365 in less than 30 days. My guns are cutting out and my chest is getting thick. The sexual performance is also amazing, the wife is way impressed with my stamina and rigidity. Gym-Candies service and delivery is amazing. I would never shop anywhere else.

  10. Cory Young

    Great product. Did a 16 week with front end of D-bol and ended with winny. Got the size and strength I was looking for.

  11. Armand Klalo

    Amazing product! Saw results around week 3 and kept them after I cycled off. Hands down best product by Geneza and would recommend to anyone

  12. Athlete johnson

    All I can say is WOW! This is potent! No pip, and you feel it fast, ENDURANCE running side by side with STRENGTH. You don’t want to double up on this if you miss a shot. This is high quality gear. I I started off running just 1/2cc 2x a week with 1/2cc of GP Bold 200 2x a week, I honestly feel like I can cut the GP Bold 200 out and run this alone and it be good enough. TOP SHELF! I run and do a lot of cardio and this put me through the roof. Anyone looking to increase your cardio this is it!

  13. OldManTom

    This was my second order from GYM-CANDIES. Purchased 7 vials during 50% off product of the week sale. Excellent Value! The product came 3 weeks from me submitting my payment. The package was very unassuming. Product was securely wrapped in bubble wrap. I am 5 weeks into my cycle. 1 cc/ 200mg test e/ 200 mg EQ three times per week Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Gear works. Great Pumps. Veins are coming out especially in arms and legs. Muscle endurance and with it the intensity of my workouts has increased dramatically. Have some acne on back. Very happy with results and the whole purchase process.

  14. Skyler Williams

    This blend is the best blend I’ve had but the only blend I’ve had from gym-candies so that’s probably why. Haha gym-candies is legit, blood work shows it. Great quality test and solid eq. Love this product, plan on ordering it in 2 weeks. Gym-Candies never fails. Thanks for all you do in the anabolic community.

  15. John R

    The product is legit. No question. Sometimes it can be a little bit hard to tell if the product is the real deal or not when you buy over the internet. The moment you reach down and notice your balls are just a little bit smaller is the moment you realize, without doubt, that you have the real deal, lol. And yes, my balls rebound to full size after a good PCT every time. The point is, I had awesome gains, looks great, and fucked like a champ while I ran this stuff. Some people like to pre-load EQ, or run slightly higher doses of EQ, or both, in which case you may want an extra EQ sitting around since this is an even split, but i don’t think you need to with this product personally, just an opinion.

  16. gorilla

    First off gym-candies has a customer for life with me fast shipping along with 1st class customer service. And as far as products go test e eq gave me results beyond what I thought possible VERY IMPRESSED

  17. Edward Long

    This site is fantastic…The products are of high quality, great price and prompt delivery. The customer service amazed me as they addressed an issue I had with no problems what-so-ever. 5 star all the way

  18. Thomas Rutherford

    Taking 1.5cc, twice weekly. Stacking with GP Winny. On 4th week, and have already gained 23 pounds of lean mass, which now puts me at 223 @ 6’1″ Bench has went up 45 pounds. Now curling 135 for 4 sets of 10(25 pound increase). Military pressing 100 pound dumbbells for 4 sets of 10. Could not be more pleased. Fixing to order more ahead of time. From the time I placed my order and my order status became “shipped,” I recieved my products in 9 days. GYM-CANDIES 4 LIFE!!!!!

  19. Michael Leibold

    I have run this product twice now. The bold is legit and it is my favorite steroid other than test now. It makes my joints feel like steel, I have old shoulder injury from when I was younger and bold always heals it up. The power and strength gains are amazing, and it’s lean mass you put on — not heavy wet bulk like Dbol or Deca, but very lean, aesthetic mass. I love GP bold for bulking or cutting cycle. Combining it with Test is great to avoid having to inject so many times a week. It saves syringes and my glutes.

  20. Stephen Basl

    Just started a cycle 2 weeks ago. Running 2 cc’s a week of this blend along with 40 mg of tbol and 25 mg of Proviron e.d. First order with Gym-Candies and I had heard good things in the past and read good reviews but I was skeptical. The ordering process was simple, money order sent, probably 3 weeks and I’m on. I have already planned my next order and will be ordering again. Thanks for doing straightforward business.

  21. Michael Cornett

    This stuff is some of the best stuff I have used!!! Great product and results

  22. Big I

    I am currently running a stack of sustanon 270, winstrol, and test E 200/EQ 200. I am dosing 40 mg of winstrol daily and 1 cc of both sust 270 and Test E 200/EQ 200 every 3 days. Since starting this stack I have gained 30lbs of lean muscle, my bench press has gone from 315 lbs to 425 lbs. I am leg pressing 1400 lbs+, shoulder press 365 lbs, and do seated plate loaded back row of 450lbs. This is by far one of the most effective stacks I have ever ran. I just completed week 10 and will be running for 5 more weeks. I would definitely recommend this product as well as all the others in the stack. All of which you can find on this site.For anyone that is a first time buyer, I was little skeptical at first, HOWEVER, delivery has always been quick and discrete. I have never had an issue with non delivery. This is a great site and I recommend it to all my friends. I am currently about to dive into the world of HgH and will be stacking with the Tren 150 / test E 250 mixture. I’ve got my expectations set high and I’m sure the products will deliver.

  23. X757

    This was what I ran my first cycle. I ran a lower dose than some do but didnt have any problems with side effects. HUGE gains in strength and energy. This stuff is smooth, and worth every penny. Will buy again.

  24. Omar Guerrero

    Taking 2.5 ml’s twice weekly (1,000mg/1,000mg weekly) for some time now since this product came out. 1 word, fantastic. No acne, no water bloat, smooth oil with relatively low pain for maybe 1 day after injection. Also taking GP oral tren 750mcgs daily, 50mg GP Oxan, 12.5 mg GP T3. No gyno with 1 mg anastrozol EOD and Milk Thistle daily for liver. Love GP products.

  25. Zachary Reinhard

    By far the best product by Geneza. Absolutely love it. Great strength and test

  26. Eric Hoffland

    Wonderful product and excellent gains. Geneza Pharmaceuticals is a very clean with minimal sides. Have placed 6 orders with GYM-CANDIES with zero issues. Looking forward to my next cycle.

  27. everett lewis

    I rarely write reviews, but Gym-Candies deserves credit. First time ordering from them, and 14 days from ordering to my door. Product is everything it should be, and now I am a customer for life

  28. Taylor Colonel

    Bought this product and dbol quit flabbergasted with how fast I recived my products and will HIGHLY RECOMMEND GYM-CANDIES TO EVERYONE!!!!

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