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Testosterone Cypionate


Manufacturer: Hilma Biocare, Europe

Pharmaceutical name: Testosterone Cypionate

Pack: 1 vial (10ml (250mg / ml))



testosterone cypionate online

What is it?

testosterone cypionate online is one of the most well known testosterone steroids. With a capacity to act faster in the body compared to other kinds of steroids. It is an injectable and is not available in an oral form. Meaning that it reaches the bloodstream faster and its effects can therefore be seen faster.

The difference between Testosterone Cypionate and other testosterones. Testosterone Cypionate has been made for slow release into the bloodstream compared to other steroids. This has a good effect in that it will last longer in the body compared to other steroids. This may not be the case when it comes to other steroids which do not necessarily last long in the body compared to Testosterone Cypionate.


Testosterone Cypionate is a fat burner. And this is the reason it is one of the most favored by bodybuilders and athletes. Its ability to burn fat is phenomenal and you will not need much of adjustments in your diet and exercise regime to see the difference. It is also good at reducing the catabolic hormones that waste the muscles of the body. It increases the number of red blood cells in the body. This means a lot more power to the muscles of the body. You need to exercise more to benefit from the full effects of Testosterone Cypionate.

testosterone cypionate online


Testosterone Cypionate is effective if taken at 200 mg – 1000 mg per week. You can cycle it for 10 weeks to see great bodybuilding rewards.


As for the side effects of Testosterone Cypionate. There is not so much of a difference compared to the side effects that come with other testosterone steroids. They will show up when you use them wrongly, with a lot of overdoses over a long period of time. To make sure you have beaten the side effects of aromatization, use anti-estrogen medication. Which will reduce the level of estrogen in the body after aromatization.

More details on Testosterone Cypionate

You need to control your intake of Testosterone Cypionate. This is to prevent the side effects of aromatization. As for the side effects of aromatization, Virilization will occur in women and gynecomastia in men. Women will develop male characteristics. Like the deepening of the voice, which may go as far as the enlargement of the clitoris. As for gynecomastia. The development of breast tissue in men is permanent and can only be removed by surgery.

Most common side effects of having a lot of estrogen in the body include water retention. Which may reduce your levels of endurance in sports and other physical activities. You may experience an increase in blood pressure and acne when used for a along time.

testosterone cypionate online

14 reviews for Testosterone Cypionate

  1. GreatWhite

    Okay! I just made the order! I’ll let you all know once i receive it, then will update my review once i am about 3-4 weeks into the Cyp. I feel good about it. Gym-candies trusts Hilma and Hilma has great lab results for their Test Cyp. I went for it! Lets GO!!! thx all

  2. Will

    I just received my first order . I’m on trt on test cypionate and doc got me on 200 mg every 2 weeks n I wanted to just double that . Well just take 200mg once a week . This test is consistent as in color taste and thickness as from what I receive from pharm . Will purchase more . And received in 10 days in the states

  3. Richard Eberline

    Products shipped extremely fast received in a week even though doing low dose product seems to work well

  4. Paul az

    Got this in 8 days, fast shipping. Real stuff. Im liking this site. Gonna order some more

  5. thisguy

    looks good, shipping fast, took 1 week to California.

  6. Timothy Hall

    This brand is very accurately dosed. I was on TRT for years. I was prescribed Sandoz brand test cyp from my doctor. This hilma test cyp is identical I can tell no difference between the hilma and the pharmacy test that I was previously prescribed. On top of that it has a GREAT PRICE!. HANDS DOWN THIS IS THE BEST TEST FOR THE BEST PRICE.

  7. William Fox

    It’s real good quality I also tested it . It passed

  8. Sław T.

    am on TRT. I have been testing this product for 3 months with blood tests done once a week and it works. Hilma became one of my favourite brands because it showed to be the closest to the Testosterone Cypionate I have been receiving from my doctor and it feels the same. I have been taking 200mg/week and my total T was above 1400 after 3 days from the shot and above 1000 on day 7, before the next shot. It works like Cypionate and it feels like it. I take it for trt and try to stay at the higher end. I reduced the dose to 175mg/week (split into two shots injected on Mondays and Thursdays) and I stay almost constantly around 800. I am very happy. I have been feeling like a teenager. Strong libido and morning wood. Gym-candies saved my life after I lost my testicles due to cancer. The doctors keept me on low dose of 100mg/week and I felt low and depressed. I was 150 before and the medical dose kept me bearly above 400. This stuff keeps me close to 1000 and the blood tests show it is good to go.

  9. Muscle Man

    I’m so happy I found this site!!!!! 1000% legit!!!!! I ordered this and I received it in like 2 days. Amazing!!!! Thank You gym-candies

  10. Thomas Sidorick

    I just want to say I was referred by My friend who has dealt with gym-candies for 2 years. It’s the best.. They are very supportive and on top of everything

  11. TonyG

    My go to test. I’ve used 3 brands regularly before getting familiar with the site. 1 being Pfizer whichwas by far the cleanest purest test I’ve came across,Two or three times this company Krueger-Wessonwhich I really liked but can’t find, and Hilma. once I discovered the site and seen Hilma & I’ve stuck with it because of past results and Hilma was always readily available here& always had remarkable results.I’ve never even encountered minor side effects just pureresults. Love it 5/5

  12. Rustin Cohle

    I’ve been on TRT for years and up until recently, my insurance had paid for most of it. They stopped and I looked for less expensive alternatives…first I used Androgel and that doesn’t seem to be available on here or hasn’t for a while, so I purchased some Hilma Cyp. As always, gym-candies comes though and delivers as promised…I stick to 250mg a wk (125mg Tues/125mg Sat) and I feel great. My package arrived in about one week, I was amazed at how fast the shipping was.

  13. Will Cochrane

    This is my go-to test. Nothing worth noting, which is really a good thing. It’s exactly what we expect and that’s why it gets 5 stars.

  14. Kyle

    Ordered this because my preferred brand (also order here) was out of stock and i couldn’t wait. This brand ships fast and I have felt great since taking. Ill defiantly order helma again. As always gym-candies is the best.

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