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Testosterone Cypionate


Manufacturer: Aaster Solutions, Europe

Pharmaceutical name: Testosterone Cypionate

Pack: 1 vial (10 ml (250 mg/ml))



testosterone cypionate online pharmacy

What is it?

testosterone cypionate online pharmacy is one of the most well known testosterone steroids. With a capacity to act faster in the body compared to other kinds of steroids. It is an injectable and is not available in an oral form. Meaning that it reaches the bloodstream faster and its effects can therefore be seen faster.

Benefits Testosterone Cypionate:

The difference between Testosterone Cypionate and other testosterones. Testosterone cypionate has been made for slow release into the bloodstream compared to other steroids. This has a good effect in that it will last longer in the body compared to other steroids. This may not be the case when it comes to other steroids which do not necessarily last long in the body. That compared to testosterone cypionate.

More details on Testosterone Cypionate

testosterone cypionate online pharmacy

Testosterone Cypionate is a fat burner, and this is the reason it is one of the most favored by bodybuilders and athletes. Its ability to burn fat is phenomenal and you will not need much of adjustments in your diet and exercise regime to see the difference. It is also good at reducing the catabolic hormones that waste the muscles of the body. It increases the number of red blood cells in the body.  This means a lot more power to the muscles of the body. You need to exercise more to benefit from the full effects of Testosterone Cypionate.


Testosterone Cypionate is effective if taken at 200mg – 1000mg per week. You can cycle it for 10 weeks to see great bodybuilding rewards.

Testosterone Cypionate generates adjustments in form, dimension as well as can likewise alter the look and the number of muscle fibers. In addition, Testosterone Cypionate has the capability to increase red blood cell manufacturing and a greater red blood cell count will improve endurance via enhanced oxygenation in the blood.

testosterone cypionate online pharmacy

14 reviews for Testosterone Cypionate

  1. Love Gear

    Well, they say test is test but this one is really awesome. Much smoother and and lighter in color than other companies. It is almost like water and leaves absolutely no pip. Was a bit worried at first because it was so thin but after a week or so it kicked in big time and the crazy ride began! Great pumps during wotkout, full muscles and libido through the roof. Stacked with Aaster tren E and Anavar it was one of my best cycles ever. One of the best labs that Gym-Candies has got onboard!

  2. Martin E.

    I was using it in my Lean Bulk cycle and I have no words to describe how good this stuff is! Very poten, pip – free and smooth as it can be. I could even pin it with insuline syringe and needles just like that. And this gear is proper dosed! Or even better. My lab test showed 1000 more than Alpha Pharma, Balkan or Dragon Pharma that I used in the past! My next cycle choice is definitely gonna be Aaster again!

  3. Chris Artsen

    Perfect and painless! Works like charm! One of the best cyps I have ever used. I used it with Aaster’s DHB-150 and that combo worked miracles for me.

  4. Dragon Warrior

    Hands down one of the best Cyp on the market. Kicks in quite fast, gives you no bloat but in turn awards you with so much strength, vigour and libido it is almost unbelieveable. Pumps are awesome and the oil itself thin as water. Perfect gear here, gents!

  5. Khan Breeze

    I love this stuff and it is the best test cyp on the market! I have tried them all, dragon, alpha, sis, balkan… and many more… but this shit is THE SHIT!!!!:) You won’t believe how smooth and painless it is. It kicks in towards the end of week 1 and gets better every day henceforth. Amazing pumps, great muscle fulness and libido that put my gf in a very bad position for quite a while:P:P:P:P I recommend Aaster and will surely include their products in my next cycle!

  6. SteveC

    What can I say? Its test cyp, and it is exactly as it should be. Put my libido through the roof as well as my gains. Currently stacking this with EQ from Aaster as well and this is one of the best cycles I have ever run, by far. Aaster makes a QUALITY product. I have had pharmaceutical grade test cyp before, and this stuff straight up blows it away. The stuff from the pharmacy gave me terrible pip, while the stuff from Aaster gives me absolutely none. Aaster makes an incredible product, and I can say with confidence that this brand as well as Geneza are the two top brands that I have tried on Gym-Candies! You can NOT go wrong when you choose to purchase from Aaster and Gym-Candies.

  7. patrick moore

    Added a bit of it to Mass Gain blend to increase amount of test a bit. So totally I was on about 600-650mg of test weekly. This is extremely strong as I was already feeling all the good and bad sides of such amount of test. I felt it much better than other brands. Perfect product from great company. Thanks Gym-Candies.

  8. Tony Stark

    Stronger, better, faster, longer! This is some of the cleanest T I’ve ever had. I feel like a new man with no real side effects. I plan to continue with this one and you should too!

  9. chris peterson

    Astonishing product by Aaster! Some say test is test but Aaster’s cyp is super smooth, clean and absolutely painless. This stuff goes like water so they probabaly used some very low viscosity pharmaceutical grade oil base and it shows! It is also extremely potent so stacking only this with Aaster DHB 150 gave a fantastic cycle that I simply love! I recommend Gym-Candies to everybody who is looking for great quality products like Aaster.

  10. Kuhn

    can’t beat the quality of the gear and the price. Top notch and achieved desired results.

  11. IFBBPRO Elite

    THE BEST test that you can get. For me test cyp is absolutely the best ester to use both off-season and during the competing period. Aaster test cyp is no different than any other of the very high quality tests cyp I have used during my career. What else is there to say. It is a great product. If you need test cyp, get this one and check it out.

  12. Max Holme

    Great cypionate! Painless, smooth almost like water and very strong. Aaster and Gym-Candies just never cease to amaze me with their professionalism and great service!

  13. Markus Bradley

    Super potent and extremely user-friendly product! Oil is thin and shots are totally painless. This test cyp works great just like their test enanthate that I had tried before. Aaster and Gym-Candies truly deliver the best service and quality ever! Stacked it with Aaster masteron enanthate and had a great lean mass cycle! Soon to check out their Hyper Ripped XL that I would like to run during my cutting cycle. Definitely a brand to trust! The same goes for Gym-Candies shop! Thanks guys!

  14. Kevin Townsend

    Great product and service! My order was processed fast and delivered even faster! Aaster’s oils are very potent and have no pip whatsoever. Pinning this stuff was as easy as falling off the log. I am very happy with my purchase and choosing both Gym-Candies and Aaster.

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