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Manufacturer: Geneza Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical name: Testosterone Cypionate
Pack: 10 ml/vial (250 mg/ml)



testosterone cypionate for sale online

What is it?

testosterone cypionate for sale online 250 by Geneza Pharmaceuticals is an injectable steroid. Which contains 250mg per ML of the hormone Testosterone Cypionate. The Cypionate ester of this drug makes its release into slow and therefore. It is requires injections to be less frequent than they would be if a bodybuilder using Propionate. Athletes using this steroid often find that a twice weekly injection schedule. Such as Monday/Thursday, is very sufficient for maintaining steady blood levels of the hormone.


Testosterone is the most common anabolic hormone that there is and is also considered the most basic. Due to this, bodybuilders often consider it the base steroid to most all cycles. Testosterone is both anabolic and androgenic in nature. Users of this steroid will notice a dramatic gain in muscle size and strength. As well as an overall sense of well being and increases libido and sex drive.


Testosterone aromatizes very easily and therefore estrogen buildup and side effects can become an issue for users sensitive to these problems. Or those choosing to use a high dose of this compound. Therefore, when using Testosterone, bodybuilders often choose in incorporate an anti-estrogen. Anti-estrogen such as Anastrozole, Proviron, Tamoxifen. This is to help keep estrogen related side effects to a minimum. Extremely sensitive users, or users using very high doses (800-1200mgs). They might find that stronger anti-estrogens such as Letrozole or Exemestane are more suitable.

testosterone cypionate for sale online


Androgenic side effects such as oily skin are also possible while taking Testosterone. Bodybuilders looking to bulk up, often stack GP Test Cyp 250 with other steroids such as GP Deca 250 and/or GP Bold 200, along with an oral compound such as GP Methan or GP Oxy. Those Bodybuilders looking to use testosterone during cutting phase, might wish to stack it with compounds such as GP Trens, along with an oral like GP Stan or GP Oxan.

Testosterone use will quickly shut down the body’s natural production of the hormone, thus making a proper PCT plan essential for restoring the body’s natural function and maintaining gains as best as possible after use of the steroid has been discontinued. At cycle’s end, bodybuilders often choose to use a combination of Clomid, Tamoxifen, and HCG for a period of 3-4wks in order to restore pituitary gland and testes operation quickly and effectively.


Woman bodybuilders often use testosterone to build mass, although of course the dosage is significantly less than what males would use due to the possibility of masculizing side effects. The male bodybuilder’s dosage of this steroid would typically be in 400-1200mg per week range and cycle duration would be from 8-20 weeks, depending of course on the goals of the athlete. Women typically see desirable results from doses of 50-100mgs per week.

testosterone cypionate for sale online

63 reviews for GP TEST CYP 250

  1. Quentin Hollon

    This is a great product! Easy to draw, easy to inject. For TRT dosages this is the way to go. Looking for size dosages arpind 500mgs a week will have you building lean muscle and burning fat in no time! Increased sex drive, overall mood, confidence and stamina. GP is great lab.

  2. Johnny Doe

    Been using GP cyp for almost 10 years as my go-to. Always perfectly smooth, zero issues, clean, zero complaints. Mimimal bloating (clean eating helps) and never any PIP.

  3. Tosser

    Just got on this two weeks ago as a continuation of my current 10 week cycle (mast e and test cyp). After I switched to this product (from anther brand) I consider this rocket fuel. Definitely overdosed batch imo but I’m not complaining.

  4. Aryan Rad

    High Quality! One of the best cycles I ever ran. The test is defiantly up to dose!!!

  5. Mace

    My first order from Gym-Candies. Everything came as described very satisfied, already made another order. Rock on

  6. Swoleville

    Solid test product. Currently using it for trt and it’s so good its like I’m on a full cycle

  7. chidude1978

    Been using this for years for TRT and bloodwork always been spot on. Very potent, super clean and no pain after injection. 5 stars all the way.

  8. Aryan Rad

    High Quality! One of the best cycles I ever ran. The test is defiantly up to dose!

  9. Patrick Etheridge

    Got mine today. 8 days from payment to my doors. Thanks Gym-Candies

  10. Mitch Huffman

    Product arrived faster than I anticipated, which was great! Cant wait to try it

  11. Nathan Co

    Excellent product! Product received in LESS THAN 3 weeks! Came discrete but DID have to pick it up at the post office and sign for it which made me nervous, but no issues! Everything is great and gym-candies made a lifetime customer out of me!

  12. Patrick Etheridge

    Potent! I am at 30 days. I am a 55 year old on trt. Bassline test was 380 and 9 free. My dosage is 200 mg per week. I just got my updated lags and my test is >1500 and me free test is 39.5. WOW!

  13. Miguelito

    Greta product like you would expect from Geneza.

  14. Nicholas Mavromatis

    I bought 5 on my last order. No issues with Shippment to the US. Had great effects. I am placing another order this week. Fast Shipping and great customer service.

  15. Adisa Ambonisye

    Used this with my TRT. Much cheaper than what my doctor ordered and the text results was pretty much the same. Pretty soon I plan to get off my TRT program and continue using GP Test.

  16. john leahy

    Recieved my order in 2 weeks. Clearly is legit. Don’t even worry about Gym-Candies products, just customs.

  17. Kennedy Priest

    Love this stuff! I use it for TRT works perfect! Shipped sooner than expected.

  18. donkeypunch

    The nectar of the gods! I love this stuff! Please always get this product!

  19. Stephen Prince

    This Cyp is the real deal. Ran my first cycle 500mg/wk for 16 weeks with D-bol as a kickstarter for 4 weeks. I felt so good on this stuff I didn’t want too stop.

  20. michael hendrix

    Fast shipping, great customer service. Will order again.

  21. Chaz Coates

    Very good product. High quality. High potency. Pure. Professional

  22. Wade Wilson

    Love the GP products. Great results, no pain post injection. My GP products always arrive in a reasonable time. Will be ordering again shortly. As most people, I was curious as to how legit the stuff is. While on pharm grade TRT, 160mg will put my blood levels at 1350. 250mg of GP puts my levels at 2200. Both were tested the following day after injection. Happy with the results and with the Gym-Candies team.

  23. Gregory Samuels

    I have been on this product for several months now. First time trying it and I have to say it’s somewhat disappointing. Having used USA & UK pharma gear and or UGL testosterone etc.. throughout my 32 years bodybuilding and for TRT purposes this product lacks consistency. Its clean, the oil is thin, there’s no PIP, pretty much everything you would expect from a good product but there is inconsistency from vial to vial even within the same batch and dosing varies from fairly underdosed to adequately dosed. Id say the mixed reviews across the web are well earned on this product. End result, fair at best.

  24. AnthonyD969

    Worked great in making me have more strength and feel the results within 2 weeks. Shipped discretely. At 54 makes me feel young again! Girls happy as well 🙂 Thank you.

  25. Adam Rauch

    Been ordering from Gym-Candies for years now. Hands down, best site and customer service. I always seem to go back to ordering from GP as their products are strong and priced right. LOVE there Cyp – did a 12 week cycle of it and put on a good 20lbs. Seemed to have much less bloat on this cyp too. Over the years their has been just 1 “hiccup” while ordering where my order and anothers got mixed up and we received each others gear. As soon as I made Gym-Candies aware, they re-sent the orders out to both of us, no questions asked. I even said I would mail back the products and they said not to worry about it. I mean, who does that?! Love you Gym-Candies, thank you for making me feel like a king!

  26. Donald Petrosius

    I am hypogonadal and inject 1ml weekly. Have been using GP TEST CYP 250 for 3 years now and it has served me well. I lost my insurance several years ago. With my medical condition I would have shriveled like a prune. Gym-Candies is a godsend helping us small people crushed by big insurance and big pharma

  27. Zaid Al Ramadhani

    I have used different T250 and hurt me so much but when a friend told me about this pharmacy and this kind I fell in love with it, very good quality and very good medicine, no pain, no burning feelings. and it works just fine.

  28. Rob Smith

    Geneza is the second best product line you can buy. The first best would be a legitimate prescription. I tried a different company’s test once and I had to shoot almost 1.5 to 2 ml just to equal 1ml of geneza. That is because the other stuff was severely underdosed. I get blood work done regularly for TRT and I could see the drop in my levels.As for GYM-CANDIES…..they are the greatest. I have ordered alot of stuff from them and have never once had an issue. If you are thinking about buying stuff but are hesitant……than you have come to the right spot. GYM-CANDIES wont let you down!!

  29. Big Daddy Brettski

    Best Test on the Market IMO!!! Geneza Pharm has been hands down the BEST, Cleanest gear I have ever had the pleasure of using. Of course there are sides as with almost all, however, these have been by far the most minimal as compared to anything Ive used in the past (talking about 20+ yrs of experience with gear) as well as the cleanest and most effective gains comparatively. Geneza has set the bar to the point where Im not comfortable trying anything “new” if I knowingly can get it from GP already. NEVER had a bad experience with the product from GP or the service from GYM-CANDIES!!!! Class A around the horn!!! Thanks GYM-CANDIES!!! Honestly appreciate you!!!

  30. Mack

    Product arrived at my door 21 days after money order was received. Product was discretely packaged and in perfect condition. Injected 250mgs every 5 days and within 10 days already noticing strength gains with almost no water gain. Alternating glute injections with no pip in either buttocks. This is actually my fifth order with Gym-Candies and have never had a problem with shipping or the consistency of the product. Thanks Gym-Candies.

  31. Phil Date

    Fast shipping and product has been great. It is the quality that I have come to expect of GP products. Definitely will be purchasing again.

  32. Kyle

    Just pinned my first dose. No PIP clean stuff. Just finished my USA pharma bottle. This stuff is just as if not more potent than westward. Thanks GYM-CANDIES for being my one stop goto! Fast shipping to USA!

  33. Luis Herrera

    As fundamental as your ABC’s. This test is the good ole basic test you need and can rely on. This has been my base for 4 of my cycles. Always dosing at 500mg/wk, and at 250mg/wk while running 500mg/wk of Tren. This stuff WORKS. One thing you can always count on with GP is quality and discretion. Products are always packed tightly, safely and secure and arrive 10-14 days to the west coast. While Test is SO Common and any one can brew it, you can always be sure that GP Test will be smooth and PIP FREE!!!! I was able to inject via 25 gauge needle no problem. I found that my sweet spot for test is about 400-500mg per week as any more I get the side effects of extra oily skin, backne, and some night sweats. This stuff has been around for years and will continue to be as long as Gym-Candies is around because IT WORKS and is true to its label.

  34. Brett W

    Great product. Shipped quick and received it quickly with zero problems. It’s a great testosterone and has always been my favorite. You can’t beat GP’s price and quality

  35. Mark Charles

    Gym-Candies has come through once again. With all the craziness going on the first order I placed was no longer available probably due to COVID-19. I emailed support about it and without hesitation they replaced my order with a different brand. After shipping I received it within 4 weeks which great with what’s going on. This is why GYM-CANDIES has been my go to since 2013. Never been disappointed. Quality of gear is top notch too

  36. Hunter Worsham

    I ordered 3 bottles of GP Test Cyp 250 taking 2.5ml a week which lasted 12 weeks. Went into the gym for the first time in 15 years and maxed at 275, three weeks later I put up 315. Two weeks after I topped at 345. This stuff is legit and only Gym-Candies has the best products you can trust. Won’t buy any other brand but GP.

  37. John White

    Gym-Candies is 100% legit! I have been ordering from them for years and they have always been on point. NEVER HAD A PROBLEM. Got my labs done while taking this cypionate and levels were off the charts! I also use GP Tren and prop alot. Both phenomenal! Thank you Gym-Candies once again for coming thru. Lifelong customer here.

  38. BootyGear

    Used this product for my first cycle. Went from 160 – 170 within the first 2 weeks. Mostly water weight but my strength went up as well. This is good quality gear and all I needed for my first cycle. I’ve ran more cycles since then and have used other sources but honestly I’ve got to say that Geneza makes a damn good product. Great test, great ancilliaries/PCTS. I’m planning on sticking with all Geneza Products for future cycles. They know what they’re doing and got my gear to me within 10 days. This is a top quality product and its worth the price. Especially with all the awesome deals gym-candies has and the 20% discount for bitcoin. You can’t go wrong here. Thanks Geneza and Thank you Gym-Candies.- BootyGear

  39. Scott

    Smooth, solid, and gets the job done. Can’t ask for a better product.

  40. John Taylor Renne

    Take a look at Geneza’s test results on AnabolicLab. They speak for themselves. Great company, helpful customer service, reliable shipping, and a product that is as promised, every time. Thanks Gym-Candies.

  41. cypreview

    Awesome gains! This is a great product to stack with others like dbol and deca. Quick delivery and great customer service.

  42. Wes

    I’ve tired other test cyp gear but the GP is by far the best! Quick results very potent the lab results speak for them selves! And as always gym-candies is on point with deliveries any time I’ve had a question they answer extremely fast in the chat, the orders get processed very quickly I’ve been ordering off gym-candies for a couple years now every order is discreet in the packages and arrives without an issue!

  43. Charles

    I’ve used this many times over the last year or so. Top quality product and very effective. I’ve been on the prescrtion stuff and can honestly say that this seems to work better for me. YMMV

  44. Mike K

    Good stuff. Got in about 2 weeks with regular shipping (USA) This stuff is really good. I started with 250ml every Sunday and Wed along with a 4 week kickstart of dbol at 40mg everyday. Ive been off dbol for 2 weeks now and using only test cyp at 500ml a week and the gains are still there and my bodyfat levels are staying low. Great option for lean bulk. will definitely order more

  45. Hunter Worsham

    I ordered 3 bottles of GP Test Cyp 250 taking 2.5ml a week which lasted 12 weeks. Went into the gym for the first time in 15 years and maxed at 275, three weeks later I put up 315. Two weeks after I topped at 345. This stuff is legit and only Gym-Candies has the best products you can trust. Won’t buy any other brand but GP..

  46. Wild

    It was my first experience with Geneza company and I really liked it. They have great products and they are 100% legit. I bought their Test C and Test E and they worked really well. My testosterone level was up really quick. It took around 3 weeks after I sent the payment to get my stuff. I really recommend this company.

  47. Karcher Hersh

    Love this product so far! I am currently doing my 4th cycle and decided to try out GP Test. After the second week i started to see definite strength and size gains. I have been on the test for 9 weeks now and love it! The pumps are unreal, vascularity is through the roof, and i wake up every day feeling like i can conquer the world. I would highly recommend this product to beginners and intermediate users. VERY high quality. I will definitely be referring this product to my friends and anyone else!

  48. Shawn Kennedy

    I fucking love this place… Gym-Candies gear is the absolute best there is… This place fucking rocks…

  49. Schooner

    Amazing product! Shipped very quickly. Been doing a cruise for a while on this, getting ready to do another blast soon. Will combine this with some deca/tren. I would highly recommend this product. Everything I have ordered as been shipped quickly and discreetly. Cant say enough good things about Gym-Candies and Geneza products.

  50. Tt308

    Awsome test,very clean and great quality.hard to beat gp products.and I have tried a bunch of brands.can’t go wrong with gp…thanks guys.

  51. JT

    Well this is a basic mass bulk cycle and one ive tried many times before with many different brands (Human Grade and UG labs) so i know what results i should be getting while on cycle.Well first impressions start with the Dbol , i was only using a low dose @ 30mg each day but it still seemed very effective, after the 1st day i noticed the pump in my biceps and the fuller feeling i normally get in my arms when on dbols, by the third week i had gained a solid 4lbs through eating a good clean diet.Overall great Product! Thanks Gym-Candies!

  52. John Russell

    I am a 51 year old guy that has suffered from low testoserterone for years. I’ve had very little libido or sex drive – and this hurt my wife’s feelings. I’ve also had an ever softening body no matter how much I worked out or excersided. I’ve been using GP Test Cyp 250 for less than two months now. I have the libido and sex drive of a teenager! My wife loves it! She is getting more sex than she could ever ask for and more! I am also getting new definition in my shoulders, arms, and chest that I haven’t had for 30 years!My wife and I thank Gym-Candies Gear and GP Test Cyp 250!

  53. Chris pumps

    I have yet to use this test but It shipped super fast with no issues what so ever. I hear amazing things about this company and this product and will update with my results. Thanks gym-candies for excellent service.

  54. Bennie Duncan

    Holy shit what can I say, this test is G2G, draws smooth, pip not too bad…not dirty. fucking grade a shit…i ordered 2 vials an im getting 10 more fucking great shit manget this shit…geneza pharm is the shit

  55. Hugh Mullaney

    This is great gear! Its better than what I get from my doctor and much less expensive.. I have been ordering it for years and am very happy with the results. I use it for my trt therapy and bulk up with it as well with other gear I buy from Gym-Candies a couple of times a year. The customer service is second to none, they are the best I have ever dealt with. I am a life long customer for sure.. I guarantee you , you will not be disappointed !!!!

  56. Garza

    Some of the best Cyp that I have ever pinned, perfect for B&C!

  57. napsuser

    Love this product! Orders arrive quickly and without any issue. I’ve been taking it for a couple years and it works great. I’ve chatted with customer service about a few other products and they are great to work with and answer the questions I have.

  58. Jason Erdman

    ordered this product 12/18/14 got it by 12/31/14. very fast shipping, Gym-Candies is the real deal hands down. great quality product. thank you Gym-Candies, you rock, and ill be a forever customer.

  59. Neillio

    The Real Deal!! and Gym-Candies is the BEST Company providing Great Customer Service and Communication!! Gym-Candies was TRUE to their Word and resent order that was intercepted with class and great communication! This GP Test is A Must Have Brand for any Testosterone Stack! GP is one of,, if not The Best Brand on the market!

  60. CB

    Order came fast! 10 days, quality product, much better price then Trt doc’s. hope it goes on sale so i can stockpile!

  61. Porm1962

    I stacked GP Test Cyp with GP Deca for a 12 week cycle. I started getting noticeable strength and size increases after week 4. My starting weight was 180lbs and at the end of a 12 week cycle I reached 200lbs. My strength gains were significant. A bench press example was a starting max of 225 for 3 reps. At the end of my cycle it was 4 sets of 10 reps with 225. I think gains would have been quicker and more significant if I started the cycle with Dbol for the 1st 4 to 6 weeks and ate more consistency. I’ve ordered from Gym-Candies three times and they always make it happen with quick delivery and discretion.

  62. biggerbytheday

    I like the GP stuff. Every time I use it, it hits.Gym-Candies is my go to spot for any kind of supplement.

  63. CH

    GP CYP.is a quality product. I use it mainly for medical purposes (crohn’s) in some what low dosages year round, and from time to time I up the dosage and will start seeing good gains in size and strength, I’ve used several brands over the years but GP seems to always provide great quality every time.

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