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Super Lean Bulk


Manufacturer: Aaster Solutions, Europe

Pharmaceutical name: Testosterone Cypionate, Methenolone Enanthate, Nandrolone Phenylpropionate, Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone

Pack: 1 set


steroid cycle for lean muscle

steroid cycle for lean muscle Items included:

3 x Testosterone Cypionate 250mg

Methenolone Enanthate 100mg x 3

3 x Nandrolone Phenylpropionate 100mg

2 x Turinabol 10mg


1 x Tamoxifen

1 x Metanabol 10mg

Cycle Length: 10 weeks

Cycle Layout:

1-3: Aaster Testosterone Cypionate – 250mg twice a week (Monday and Thursday, total amount per week 500mg)

4-10: Aaster Testosterone Cypionate – 250mg three times weekly (Mon, Wed and Fri, total amount per week 750mg)

1-7: Aaster Methenolone Enanthate – 200mg twice a week (total amount per week – 400mg)

4-9: Aaster Nandrolone Phenylpropionate 100mg EOD

1-6: Aaster Turinabol 50mg ED (divided into 4 doses, with meals).

steroid cycle for lean muscle

OPTIONAL: You can shorten the Turinabol to 5 weeks and then add Metanabol for weeks 9-10 and during tapering period (week 11-12, just before your PCT starts) in small amount 20-30mg ED. Or you can leave Metanabol for a next cycle).

If lean gains without excessive bloating are what you are after then you should definitely try out this cycle. A little bit unorthodox due to mixing short and long esters yet extremely satisfying for those who value moderate great quality gains over watery muscles with no quality.

All injectable compunds in this cycle can be mixed within one injection when overlapping for the injection day. For three weeks you take 500mg of Aaster Testosterone Cypionate to up the ante a little bit in week 4 when the total weekly amount of Testosterone Cypionate rises to 750mg and is continued till the end of the cycle. This will provide constant strength and mass gains.

Aaster Methenolone Enanthate total amount per week is 400mg split into two injections per week. Methenolone Enanthate known also as Primobolan is the compound cosidered as one of the safest steroids and a game changer in the times of Arnold Schwarzenneger’s and Frank Zane’s golden era of bodybuilding.

Can there be any better recommendation? Then and now it is one of the most appreciated compunds in terms of extremely stable and good quality gains as well as muscle fullness and roundness. For those who are very susceptible to estrogene related problems there is Tamoxifen added to the stack as a first aid product, just in case (take 40mg ED before sleep when you feel your nipples start to itch or hurt). Individuals prone to high prolactine levels due to Nandrolone use may consider buying cabergoline (Cabaser/Dostinex) just to be on the safe side.

Diet and Exercise

Your diet and exercise plans are just as important whilst on a cycle! Check out Muscle and Strength for great tips and plans for dieting on a cycle. In addition They also have great resources on exercising whilst on a cycle


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  1. Martin E.

    What a killer stack! Absolutely amazing! Great gains of very good quality throughout the whole cycle. My favourite part was that I never caught too much bloat on this cycle and my muscles were full and round all the time! Strength progressed from week to week steadily! This is what I call a good ass quality cycle! Aaster is becoming my favourite brand, no doubt about this! And there is a website like gym-candies – awsome and very professional!

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