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Dianabol (Dbol)


Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma

Pharmaceutical name: Methandienone

Pack: 1 pack (100 tabs (20mg))



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What is it?

real dianabol for sale is the most popular name for this steroid by bodybuilders. Dianabol is credited with being the second anabolic steroid ever created. With the first being testosterone. This steroid is the most popular oral that there is. It is popular with those new to anabolic substances due to how quickly it provides a gain in mass and strength.


Due to its fast effects on the body. Methandienone makes a great “jump start” to any cycle. Here, bodybuilders, will take the drug at the beginning of a cycle to start seeing results immediately. While waiting for the slower esters of the injectable anabolics to start taking affect. Users of this steroid often report significant gains in strength and muscle mass. D-bol is also famous for the intense “pump” that it gives the muscles during workouts. This is mostly due to the fact that it dramatically increases protein synthesis and nitrogen retention within the muscle cells.

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Mg for Mg, Methandienone is considered one of the strongest anabolic orals available to bodybuilders. It is important to note that some do suffer from estrogen related problems with the usage of Dianabol. Including bloat and sometimes “gyno” (the development of female tissue under the nipples in males resulting in unattractive and often painful lumps in this area). Because of this, bodybuilders may prefer to use an estrogen inhibitor such as anastrozole or tamoxifen while on this steroid.

Like many other orals, Methandienone is a C17-alpha alkylated compound. And therefore can be potentially toxic to the liver. It is recommended that bodybuilders using this anabolic also incorporate a liver protectant into their daily supplement regime. And that they keep their dosages of this powerful drug in reasonable range and try to limit cycle duration to 10 weeks or less. Dianabol can make a great addition to any cycle and is commonly stacked with all injectable steroids.

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As mentioned earlier, this steroid makes a great start to any cycle. But it is also important to note that bodybuilders frequently use it as a “bridge” between cycles. And also as a means to recovery from a cycle. Here, Dianabol can be taken in a low dose (10mg a day) during PCT. Or in between cycles to keep androgen levels high and to maintain strength and mass, while allowing the body’s natural testosterone levels to be regained.


Dianabol is not a very popular steroid among women bodybuilders due to the fact that it is very prone to causing harsh masculizing side effects. Males typically use Dianabol in a dosage range of 25-100mg a day for a period of 4-10wks, and 10mg a day for bridging or PCT purposes for as long as needed.

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27 reviews for Dianabol (Dbol)

  1. Nick

    Took it for 5 weeks on a 12 week cycle. Gained 10 pounds and my strength went through the roof.

  2. Steven Roman

    This is some great stuff. I ordered this dbol a while ago and stacked it with Test E and wow did I grow. It is a must to have AI/SERMs on hand if you’re going to use dbol, maybe even HCG if you can. I recently ordered some more dbol and im going to stack it with Sustanon this time just to mix things up. I recommend this 100%.

  3. AustJ

    Great product guys! First cycle I ran this with test e and dbol 6 weeks, test for 12 weeks and couldn’t have asked for anything better! I went from 168lbs to 180lbs with very minimal fat gain if any at all. All my lifts went up dramatically and I felt amazing. Been off cycle now for 4 weeks and haven’t lost any strength or weight (I’m keeping my protein intake up and staying regular in the gym). Highly recommend this product and gym-candies didn’t mess around either they got my gear here much quicker than the status updates even said. All around great experience

  4. Building a Beast

    To my door in 2 weeks. Great mass ans strength gains in 4 weeks…

  5. Guy Fox

    Crazy good, was doing 3 pills per day, 60mg total. One in the morning(for recovery), one an hour before workout (For workout boost), one before bed (for recovery). By Day 3 i was feeling massive pumps in my muscles. Great kickstart to a cycle!! Highly recommended!

  6. Mike James

    Great product shipped within 10days to TX. recommended purchase, purchased many times

  7. Anne

    Top-notch product! came really fast, very discreet package… lot of strength and muscle gain.

  8. jon dennee

    Awesome product! my weight and lifts skyrocketed! the stuff got here quick too!

  9. George Grichtchenko

    Awesome product . I love starting of with this product. First week and your off and ready. The price is amazing and quality is great. Recommend all dragon products !

  10. Chris M.M.

    Arrived very quickly! The mid-range of the mg’s made it easy to split daily dosages. Used at the start of my 5th cycle and saw a solid 7lbs gain in first 20 days (221 to 228 lbs) before test kicked in. Highly recommended to all.

  11. Paul Mcarty

    My favorite brand of DBOL by far. Always a good kick in the mouth

  12. mike kamkas

    i wish this brand had more reviews and some lab test….price and dosing are ideal…

  13. Prince

    Jesus,run with test e and deca. This little tiny thing do big changes,im telling you. I took 2/20 a day morning and 1 30 minutes before workout. The only problem i get is the aggressiveness towards anything but its temp. Thanks gym-candies Note: For new users make sure to have nolvadex in hand as pct.

  14. A dude in Atlanta Ga

    Awesome product using the first 4 weeks of a Tren Ace cycle, I noticed strength increase about the 4th day. Today is day 10 I am up 7 pounds and my appetite has dramatically increased as well. Defiantly recommend taking an A.I. with this…Got my order in under 10 days..Thanks gym-candies

  15. David Montauban

    I just ordered 100 tabs of DBOL and 2 vials of test E, all DP. Will tell you the results real soon. It took about 9 days for me to receive everything after I paid and all. I used bitcoins. Everything was sealed and came discreet. The oil looks real clean, but it looks a little thin. We will see though…Stay tuned.

  16. The Dog

    Once payment was received shipping was updated and the product discreetly came very quickly! Started to notice effects almost instantly! Thanks gym-candies

  17. Red

    Great product. Real deal if you looking to bulk this is it

  18. Mid level guy

    I am impressed with this product. I have used it several times at 20-40 mg a day for 5 weeks. I used it as a jumpstart with test e250. The test was at 500mg a week and ran for 15 weeks. This stuff makes u stronger and bigger in a hurry. Yes a lot of it is water weight. But as long as u keep working out on a regular basis and follow simple instructions. The results will stay with u. At the end of the 5 weeks(test just started kicking in) I was up 24 pounds and my strength was thru the roof. I was putting up about 35-40 more on several excersizes. Also my overall appearance was a lot larger. I recommend this to any novice or anyone who wants a kickstart in their mass and strength cycle. Fast delivery thanks gym-candies

  19. Shavnit Sharma

    This stuffs was so good that I gain 15 pound less than 3 week and i got more stronger than I was before

  20. Christopher Reynolds

    Awesome product, crazy strength/size gains and best oral to kickstart cycles. Highly recommend

  21. Chris bulk

    I will NEVER run a bulk cycle without this Dbol. There is nothing better for putting on sheer size and the strength increases are awesome as well. And nothing beats the amazing pumps and euphoric feeling you get in the gym. This is basic but very strong stuff and needs to be taken responsibly! MUST be taken with an AI, preferably DP Aromasin. I always start at 20mg then go up 10mg in 3 weeks or so.

  22. Troy Bowers

    Great product, started feeling gains in strength within a couple days. Customer support made ordering easy and product arrived within one week of ordering. Will definitely purchase again.

  23. Matthex

    Excellent!! Let me start off by giving major credit to gym-candies.. I ordered this along with some DP EQ 300 and DP Sustanon 350 along with some other DP products a little while ago.. My order had gotten stuck in customs.. I was a little worried because I never received my order.. Because of this gym-candies gave me free shipping off my next order.. Now I understand fully the nature of these orders and the difficult process orders have to go thru to get to the destination.. I went ahead and placed a reorder right away after i was informed my order had been stuck in customs.. I did not use any credit, just placed another order.. on that same day, i was informed that my first order had gotten approved for reship.. Let me tell you I was very pleased.. so just a few days ago I received a double order of some goodies!!!! Have been running this Dbol for a few days already and I definitely feel some great pumps during my workouts.. look forward to some huge gains from this along with the Sust and EQ 300.. Thank you very much gym-candies!!!!! I’ll be back…

  24. John Forde

    Awesome product, I used 40mg ed split into two doses for four weeks of a twelve week test e cycle. Bench went up sixty pound buy fourth week, and squat improved forty pounds. PBS on everything very happy man. I used arimidex at .5 eod and green tea tabs to reduce bloating from fluid which I highly recommend or you’ll look fat and puffy. Oh and I had no issues with the liver as had checks pre and post but I did run a liver support starting two weeks before cycle till a week after PCT to be safe. Cheers

  25. Scott 34

    Hmm!! Well, shipping was pretty good.. Took just a little under 2weeks to get to me BUT I’m on the West Coast of USA.. Also I had 2 other packages with this order and it was right in the middle of the holidays.. I was happy lol… Now I did a little experimenting with this as it’s the first oral I have ever used.. I actually was going to use it as a kick start but my actually kick start did NOT start tell 2 weeks into my cycle… I couldn’t wait lol Anyways started with 20mg a day along with 500mg of Sust a week.. I started feeling the pumps and strengths the very first administration.. The 2 week of admin i jumped up to 30mg a day for about 5 days tell I settled on 40mg a day… Took for 5 weeks… I usually divided up my doses through out the day but decided for the last 2 weeks to combine them for 1 solid dose about an 1 1/2 before work out.. And my opinion I would go for the 1 solid dose daily you get a HIGHER MAX PEAK during your work out compared to divided and trust me its an awesome experience… Also works really great with high protein diet at least get close to a gram per pound of body weight, you will feel the difference.. I did experience some sore nipples and chest as well as itchiness and a little bloat but as soon as I upped my Aromasin to 25mg EOD all that was gone with in 5-7 days and have had NO ISSUES… I would personally recommend this as well as purchase it again…. Now I’m eager to try other orals… lol I had some issues with my diet prier to taking this but once I got everything inline protein, carbs, calories this stuff worked wonders… Im in my 7 week of cycle and just came off this and I’m up 15lbs at the moment… Try this out for sure if your looking for size… Thanks gym-candies for the experience, you guys are awesome.

  26. Lnm2205

    I ordered this through a friend previously,Arrived in just under 2 weeks and was very discreet. The product was in great shape and was packaged in a very organized manner. Couldn’t be happier with the product and I am happy to know that the products work well. I was very happy with the customer service as well and enjoyed the quality of customer care. I Will for sure order this again as I was very happy the first time with my experience.

  27. kenneth hardy

    Figured is try a different brand other than GP lol and decide to give the dragon dragon Pharma dbol a shot. Amazing product will order again due to less than one week delivery

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