Novofine 6 (31G)


Manufacturer: Novo Nordisk

Pack: 1 pack (100 Pen Needles 6 mm (31G))



Novofine needles are insulin needles that are made with 6 mm 31 gauge designs.


NovoFine needles fit all Novo Nordisk pens: FlexTouch, NovoPen 5, FlexPen, NovoPen 4, NovoPen Echo.


NovoFine needles also fit all most diabetes pens: KwikPen: SoloStar, Liprolog Pen, Huminsulin Pen, Exenatide Pen, Autopen Classic, Autopen 24, Omnican Pen 31, OptiPen Pro 1, Ypsopen, BerliPen Areo, BerliPen Areo 2, BerliPen 302, HumaPen Luxura, HumaPen Luxura HD, HumaPen MEMOIR, OptiClik, TactiPen.


Novofine needles works by administering insulin into the body to help the patient’s blood sugar levels remain under control.


Offers a safe, effective insulin delivery, and extra thin wall technology which improves insulin flow for a more comfortable injection.


Simple to use screw-on needle with a safety cap and are suitable for all ages and all weights.


Suitable for use by all adults and children with diabetes although 6 mm needles are best when used at a 90-degree injection angle on a lifted skin fold.


Compatible with most types of pens. Single use and disposable. Sterile Non-Toxic.


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