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Manufacturer: Geneza Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical name: Letrozole
Pack: 20 tablets (2.5 mg/tab)



Letrozole for sale

What is it?

Letrozole for sale by Geneza Pharmaceuticals is an extremely potent anti-estrogen which contains 2.5mg of the substance Letrozole. Letro, as it is most commonly called, was originally developed to help treat breast cancer in women.

It can also have benefits to bodybuilders who are very sensitive to estrogen related side effects. Or who are in heavy bulking cycles and taking large amounts of aromatizing hormones such as testosterone. This product is extremely potent at blocking estrogen in the body. And studies typically show that a relatively low dose of Letro can eliminate up to 98% of the estrogen in the body.

Letrozole for sale

Some subjects have even been shown to have no estrogen at all in their bodies after being administered Letro. While too much estrogen can be harmful and bring about unwanted side effects. It’s important that bodybuilders don’t totally eliminate estrogen all together. For its presence is vital for optimum muscle growth and also for keeping a healthy sex drive.


GP Letrozole is about 3 times stronger than Anastrozole, and would generally be used by.  Those who have found that Anastrozole wasn’t strong enough to keep estrogenic related side effects under control. Another use for Letro might come to those who have already suffered from the estrogen related side effect, gyno.

This is due to the fact that Letro has actually been shown to reverse the effects of this condition in some. There is no guarantee however, But if you have already begun seeing the symptoms of gyno, then it is probably worth giving Letro a shot and seeing if it can help.


This product could also be useful to those bodybuilders who are in contest prep and looking to be as dry as possible. Those using Letro will typically take 2.5-5.0 mg a day. Anything more than this will generally reduce estrogen too much in the body and hinder one`s sex drive.

Diet and Exercise

Your diet and exercise plans are just as important whilst on a cycle! Check out Muscle and Strength for great tips and plans for dieting on a cycle. They also have great resources on exercising whilst on a cycle

Letrozole for sale

20 reviews for GP LETROZOLE (FEMARA)

  1. julio marquez

    love this product I was having a bad case of gyno and super sore chest I took some of the products whit out realizing how strong are the gp products but whit GP LETROZOLE. it reverse the built in my nips totally im really impress of the result and I take american products prescribed for my doctor like anastrozol and GP just kill this product I wiss I would it know about your products before

  2. Austin Nichols

    Amazing stuff! Just like the others that have reviewed this product I too had a case of gyno. This stuff cleared up my gyno better than I could have imagined; I truly am impressed.

  3. frank tankers

    stuff works gr8,and u don’t have to take so much just a small amount does the job

  4. David Wescott

    I bought this product for an emergency gyno problem I was having, got rid of the issues in just a few days. Strong stuff and I’m glad to know there is still a seller out there selling quality products like this for the dedicated user.

  5. The Man

    Had some bad acne on my arms and I was on a pretty strong cycle. I started taking this and in about 2 weeks all the acne was gone. I had tried everything but this got rid of all the negative sides.

  6. Shane Hough

    I had a severe case of gyno. This cleared it up in about a week. It has saved me twice now. Amazing.

  7. Richard Lester

    I had some nicklel size lumps in my nipples from my Test/Tren cycle. 1 package of this Letro shrunk it to almost nothing. Letro has helped me on 3 separate occasions. I love the stuff….

  8. Six Four Beast

    First order I have made with gym-candies had this in the order. First off I received my order in just one weeks and couldn’t be happier. Started this 5 days ago to clear up small lump in right nipple. And it’s already virtually gone. Stuff is light. Thank you gym-candies!!

  9. gymfreak

    good product easy to break in twoI use half a tablet every two days , itching around me nipple disappeared

  10. True Believer

    This is by far the best al on the market. Took it with my cycle and had no issue what so ever with gyno. Will definitely keep this in my arsenal from now on… gym-candies is the BEST!!

  11. Keith Mcgowan

    had a lingering gyro after being off for two years. Had this and it cleared it within a couple weeks.

  12. Stuart Harris

    Ran a small course for gyno after the cycle and cleared it up a treat within 3 weeks while ramping down. Tablets are big enough to break into four for eod usage while on cycle

  13. Samuel Scigliano

    I have used this multiple times and completely solves out of hand gyno issues. Definatly a must have in case of emergency

  14. Anthony Travieso

    Good product you can def feel it the next day working and drying you out. I will be def picking more up soon.

  15. Robert

    Seems as effective as the first batch.Usually have to nibble on these pills.

  16. Miguelito

    Strong product, be sure to use appropriately and taper off when using this product.

  17. Adam22

    This stuff works amazing. I tried everything to help get rid of my gyno that i got from my last cycle. Shipping took about three weeks and packaging was very discreet, pills that i have gotten from a local source turn into dust when i cut them in half. Not these these pills are great quality. I Could feel them working the first day i took one. Almost cleared up my gyno in under a week, deffinitly will be purchasing again. Thank you gym-candies you guys are awesome!

  18. jcp

    As I have gotten older I have found I need a stronger al to help with estrogen sides. This stuff at one pill eod really keeps you dry and helps lose body fat much faster…have to say I love this stuff…thanks gym-candies took about 7 days to door east cost

  19. Shane Carter

    I just want to take the time to praise
    gym-candies their site, customer care, and products including this one are fantastic. I love what they’re doing and I’m very happy for the help. Great work and great products. Thanks gym-candies

  20. Brandon Quinn

    Arrived quickly within two weeks. Works very well only use one pill a day.

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