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Advanced Lean Bulking Cycle


Pharmaceutical name: Testosterone Enanthate, Trenbolone Enanthate, Stanozolol, Exemestane

Pack: 1 set


lean bulk cycle

lean bulk cycle Items included:

4 x  Test Enanth 250

3 x  Tren Enanth 200

2 x  Stan 10

3 x  Exemestane

Cycle Length: 12 weeks

Cycle Layout:


1-12: 750 mg  Test Enanth per week

1-12: 400 mg  Tren Enanth per week

7-12: 40mg  Stan10 per day

1-12: 12.5 mg  Exemestane per day

This is an advanced bulking stack designed for experienced steroid users who are looking to pack on rock hard mass. Tren and Stan are powerful anabolics that don’t aromatize, and the Exemestane should keep the bloat down from the testosterone. Take 1.5 ml of  Test Enanth 250 mixed with 1 ml of  Tren Enanth 200 on day 1, and another injection of the same mixture 2-3 days later and continue this for 10 weeks. Most people find it easiest to stick to a same day dosing schedule for injections. (Example: Sun & Wed or Mon & Thur). Stating on week 7, take 4  Stan10 about an hour before your workout. Take half of a  Exemestane starting on day 1 and continue throughout the entire duration of the cycle, and for 2 weeks following to suppress any excess estrogen that may result from the lingering testosterone

Diet and Exercise

Your diet and exercise plans are just as important whilst on a cycle! Check out Muscle and Strength for great tips and plans for dieting on a cycle. In addition They also have great resources on exercising whilst on a cycle

9 reviews for Advanced Lean Bulking Cycle

  1. Joe blow

    Great gains in both strength and muscle. Gain 30lbs of body weight and my bench went up 100lbs. 405 max bench press. Crazy muscle hardness and definition. Will definitely b using this stack again soon.

  2. Christopher Magennis

    Just received my order was quick just over a week. Ave also added 50 gp oxy tablets to this cycle. Let you guys now how I get on in 12weeks. thanks gym-candies

  3. Hameed Zagadinow

    I purchased this cycle about 4 months ago and I used it along with a few other things to prep for my upcoming show in Mid August 2014. I like it a lot and would recommend it to anyone wanting to compete or just look really good.

  4. BigT

    I was 31 years old 6’2” and 175lbs. I had a 245 pound max bench press. After taking the lean bulking cycle I weighed 208 and had a 350 pound 1 rep max bench. This product is amazing. I can’t believe much muscle I packed on in just a few short months. The test made me fill like I was 18. I never wanted to leave the gym, unfortunately I do have a busy life and was only able to devote a couple hours a day in the gym. (5 days a week) I also ordered the basic PCT cycle to get the natural test going again. I had a short period after getting off that I didn’t fill like myself, but all and all great cycle and I will be ordering again.

  5. J Grove

    LOVE this stack. On my second round of it and it really melts the fat off and adds huge gain in muscle. On a side note, I just want to say how great GYM-CANDIES is. I’ve purchased from them 5 times and never have been disappointed. They made a slight mistake with the second order of this stack and COMPLETELY stepped in right away to fix it. Not only did they respond back to my email in less than a day, reshipped what they forgot, but they also sent me two packs of Winstrol 10 for free that I had stashed in my cart to order and they never asked for me to ship back to them what they accidentally sent me!!! Tons of free swag!!

  6. camoman69

    Just curious how lean everybody has gotten on this cycle and if there are some other good items to add to it.

  7. Wesley Melerine

    Hands down The Absolute best cutting!! One quick note before I get started. This cycle can and will also add serious Lean Bulk size if you desire it. For me, my calorie intake was low and was not looking to gain 20lbs. I ordered this stack with 20cc 100mg Primobolan. I started off with this exact pre deigned cycle using the Tren Enth. Let me just say WOW! Three weeks in the water I was holding and mostly all unwanted fat was melting away FAST!! I was not doing and cardio or abdominal workout. I went from a 34″ waist to a 29″-30″. The pump and vascular look was insane! The Tren Ent. is so powerful and amazing, I stopped injections of it and switched to the Primobiolan. I would rather save the Tren Ent. For next cycle and one more injectable and one oral. If you want the total package of highly lean VEINS POPPING OUT with super quality gains with high calorie intake. There is not other predesigned cycle I would recommend other then this one right here. I will only buy this same stack for every purchase in the future. The stack is highly versatile depending on what look you want. Super Lean only or Super lean with Bulk.

  8. NON

    Excellent cycle, but found my hair thinning. I’m 47 and have had thick hair after many cycles in the past.Genetics in family … All men have full head of hair!The cycle was amazing is there I can take to stop thinning hair?I definitely want to take cycle Again ASAP. PLEASE ADVISE! THANKS

  9. Adicam

    Had the same exact problem!! LOVE THIS STACK. Hair thinned. Would absolutely do it again if any advice.Never had a problem. No MPB in family at all. I want to run again.Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

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