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Trenbolone Enanthate


Manufacturer: Hilma Biocare, Europe

Pharmaceutical name: Trenbolone Enanthate

Pack: 1 vial (10ml (200mg/ml))



injectable trenbolone for sale

What is it?

injectable trenbolone for sale is an injectable form of the strong anabolic hormone Trenbolone. Given the use of an Enathate ester, Trenbolone will exhibit a pretty much identical release pattern to testosterone enathate, providing a peak release a few days
after injection, and then declining levels for roughly two weeks after.

Trenbolone is one of the strongest steroids available today. It is roughly three times more anabolic than testosterone and a very potent androgen as well. Users of Trenbolone often report incredible gains in strength and solid muscle mass. Trenbolone doesn’t convert to estrogen, therefore the gains seen off of this steroid are lean, quality muscle mass. The high amounts of androgen also work to bring about a defined “ripped” look to the user’s muscles.

Although it doesn’t convert to estrogen, trenbolone being a nandrolone derivative does act on the progesterone receptor and can cause related side effects because of this trait. Progesterone side effects are similar to those of estrogenic side effects and can include things such as bloat and gyncomestia. Because of this, users of trenbolone might want to consider running an agent such as bromocripten or cabasear in order to combat possible progesterone related side effects.

injectable trenbolone for sale


Trenbolone is a versatile steroid and can be incorporated well into both bulking and cutting cycles. Users looking to bulk may choose to stack Trenbolone enathate with other steroids such as testosterone and an oral such as Dianabol. Users looking to run a cutting cycle will often look to stack Trenbolone Enanthate with other steroids. Such as Winstrol and Masteron. It is important to note that Trenbolone Enanthate will shut down the body’s natural testosterone production very quickly. Thus making a post cycle therapy protocol essential upon the discontinuance of the drug.

Users often choose to run testosterone for a couple of weeks after the Trenbolone Enanthate. This is in order to clear the receptors of the compound and make recovery a little easier to accomplish.

Trenbolone Enanthate can produce all common androgenic side effects such as oily skin, acne, increased growth of facial and body hair. It’s also important to note that many users report uncontrollable night sweats while using Trenbolone Enanthate. To help combat this problem, it’s recommended that users try to keep blood levels and stable as possible. And stay in a reasonable dosage range.

Trenbolone Enanthate is most often injected twice per week to maintain steady blood levels. Users often follow a Sunday-Wednesday or Monday-Thursday injection schedule. The most common dosage ranges are 300-800 mg per week depending on experiences and cycle goals.

injectable trenbolone for sale

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  1. Austin Lucas

    Item arrived well before ETA. Item is high quality and works.

  2. D- Man

    This lab is awsome! Loving the strength gains I’m getting from this. Already on my 5th week the gains really kicked in quickly

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