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Manufacturer: Aaster Solutions, Europe

Pharmaceutical name: Fluoxymesterone

Pack: 1 pack (100 tabs (10 mg))



Halotestin for sale

What is it?

Halotestin for sale is a steroid with anabolic and the most powerful androgenic activity. The active ingredient of this drug is Fluoxymesterone.

Previously, the drug was used to treat delayed puberty in male – hypogonadism. Halo also was used in the treatment of breast cancer in women. But now in medicine this steroid is no longer used, but it is popular among athletes. This anabolic has performance-enhancing aggression, because it has established itself in sports such as rugby, martial arts, also this steroid increases aerobic performance of lightweight-athletes.

It is still completely unknown, what is the influence mechanism of Halo drug, but it is assumed that the active ingredient has a non-receptor effect on the muscles.


Anabolic effect lasts up to 9 hours, to discover it in the blood may be during in a period up to 2 months. Halo helps to quickly increase muscle strength that allows an athlete to achieve good results. In addition to this, the steroid has the following properties: improves muscle relief; increased vascularity; it has fat-burning properties; increases the density of the muscles. All these qualities make the drug indispensable before the competition.

Halotestin for sale

An athlete, who decided to buy Halo, should clarify its advantages: no aromatization, and thus there is no risk of gynecomastia; a significant effect is achieved in the shortest possible time; Halo increases the level of hemoglobin; it increases motivation.

Diet and Exercise

Your diet and exercise plans are just as important whilst on a cycle! Check out Muscle and Strength for great tips and plans for dieting on a cycle. They also have great resources on exercising whilst on a cycle

Halotestin for sale

6 reviews for HALO

  1. Johnny LBC

    Holy cow! This shit is absolutely out of the ordinary! Tried Alpha Pharma Halobol last year during my cutting cycle but I was very disappointed with this compound. Especially after hearing many stories about how incredible this substance is. This is why I was very skeptical about giving it a second chance this year. But eventually I pulled the trigger and decided to try Aaster’s Halo. What a splendid decision this was! Hear me guys, this is simply amazing. Strength gains and muscle hardness are just out of this world when using this product! I added it in the last 3 weeks of my shredding cycle and with just 2 pills a day I experienced the power of real Halo!!!! Amazing pumps, amazing strength gains and it was incredible how grainy my muscles started to get after 7-10 days or so! My diet was top notch though and my full cycle was tren a, drost prop and test prop. This Halo was just brilliant addition towards the end that made my cycle even more spectacualr. Too bad I had to discontinue Halo after around 19 days coz my guts didn’t like it! Maybe my mistake was to run halo while on ketogenic diet when my guts were already heavily burdened with huge amounts of fats. Anyways, anyone looking for perfect Halo, give this one a try and witness the power of fluoxymestrolone!

  2. Soon Pro

    What an amazing stuff we’ve got here ladies and gents! Always skeptical about real Halo but decided to gave Aaster a shot after reading some of the reviews. And that was the best decision I could ever make. Ran it with Aaster Super Ripped blend and I was blown away by how these products worked. Halo is a monster! My calories were low, cardio every day which additionally drained my energy, but when I started Aaster Halo I felt like I got a new lease of life:) My strength went through the roof, my workouts got more aggressive and of higher volume and my muscles got much more rounded and rock hard. No doubt this gear here is one of the best Gym-Candies carries! Will get back for more soon!:)

  3. Victor Hugh

    What a BEAST of a product!!!! For strength gains and muscle hardness I guess there is no better compound than fluoxymestorone, And Aaster’s Halo delivers it beyond expectations!!! 45lbs gain on my bench press in just 7-10 days when I was already benching around 340lbs – that’s insane!!!! The best Halo ever! Try it and you won’t regret a single penny spent on it!

  4. Atif Khan

    Aaster Anavar was great! But this product is simply extraordinary! Some people say it is difficult to find legit Halo these days but Aaster has by all means legit and the best Halo I have ever accosted. Strength increase on this compound is nothing but AMAZINGLY CRAZY! Muscle hardness also improves greatly and workout becomes extremely effective. Also, I didn’t have any heartburn on this, while I experienced it on some other fluoxymesterone from other brands. I used it for around 25 days not to mess with my liver for too long but this products is so good I wish I could run it like forwever:)

  5. Chris Lebov

    WTF is this? AMAZING!!!! I added it to my lean bulk cycle in order to make the most of the high calories intake that I had with a goal in mind to increase my strength as well. All was going great during my cycle already but when I added this Halo I literally got scared! This stuff gives you UNBELIEVABLE strength boost in no time at all!!!! I just kept adding more plates during some of my lifts and was afraid at some point not to cross the line in terms of my real capability. I was simply scared that my tendons and joints will not keep up with such abrupt strength boost. The same goes for my muscles, I was afraid to get a muscle tear because when on this Halo I almost knew no limits to my strength. Be careful guys, this products is super potent. Use it rationally and you will have extraordinary strength results.

  6. SwordsAnd Guns

    The best Halotestin on the market, hands down! None other was as potent as Aaster’s fluexymestorone and I tried many of them including alpha and SiS. This was is the real deal and the strength progress I was making on this stuff was literally scary at times! The only side effect that I noticed was that I became a bt more nervous… or should I say… aggressive. So now I know why so many guys in the martial arts/mma world use halo:)

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