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Manufacturer: Geneza Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical name: Testosterone propionate 50mg, Trenbolone acetate 50mg, Drostanolone propionate 50mg
Pack: 10 ml/vial (150 mg/ml)



GP Andromix is an injectable steroid blend that contains 3 hormones which are Testosterone Prop, Tren Acetate, and Masteron. This mixture is a popular cycle for those looking to run cutting cycles or lean bulking cycles and is named after the fact that the three compounds are known for their high androgen content which leads to increased muscle definition found favorable by athletes looking to “cut” or stay looking lean while they bulk.

Testosterone is what makes men stronger and more muscular than women, with less fat. It also is what makes men lose their hair, causes oily skin and enlarges prostate tissue. But you have to take the bad with the good, especially if you want to grow muscle. Testosterone prop found in Andromix is a fast acting form of the hormone and is thought to produce leaner gains with less water weight than other esters of the drug. The 2nd substance in Andromix is Trenbolone acetate. Trenbolone is a very powerful hormone thought to be 3 times as anabolic as testosterone. Trenbolone doesn’t convert to estrogen and therefore produces a very hard ripped looking physique. The third compound in Andromix is Masteron. Masteron is a very high androgen that is used pre contest by bodybuilders who are looking to bring an extra ripped looked to their muscles. The drug is also good for increasing aggression and strength. Put together, these three compounds work to produce a very potent injection that is sure to bring about quality results that are very pronounced. A great additon to a cycle using Andro mix would be GP Stan 10.

Users of Andromix will typically inject 1cc per day or 2cc every other day for a period of 6-8 weeks followed by a PCT program.

35 reviews for GP ANDROMIX

  1. john hughes

    Good as you would expect. Results were strong and stacks well. Another order is already on the way.

  2. 50 caliber

    ran andromix for 60 days 1 ml eod excellant . stayed on calory deficient diet got lean and strenth went up

  3. MD

    Does what it says…put on muscle and lost 2 inches in the waist

  4. william Reedy

    Awesome product for a good stack!!!!!!!Thanks Gym-Candies

  5. Keelbaasa

    Ran this 1ml ED so 350mgs of each per week for 12 weeks. I used proviron and anavar 50mgs on cycle as well. My strength was higher than ever. I was breaking new PRs almost weekly on this. Only downfall is frequent pinning. Definitely legit quality and the results were good. I didnt get massive off of it but I was growing and getting harder for sure. I recommend this for anybody who wants a nice premix for a cutting cycle

  6. Matthex

    Another speedy delivery.. 2nd time ordering this.. got it during Geneza’s sale they just ran along with some Test Enanthate 250.. talk about fast.. shipped and received in just 9 days.. and yes this gave me some great results last time running it.. extra hard look to the muscles.. Gym-Candie is #1

  7. BigMook323

    AWESOME mix by GP! 2cc EOD along with some Tbol and Winny and youre GTG!

  8. W114

    Andromix is a top pick, every year before summer i run this with great results. Dropped 10 pounds, gained strength and leaned out like crazy. Great product and shipping is always fast! Thanks Gym-Candies!

  9. Travis Olson

    Andromix has become my fav product all around. Especially for summer. This is my second time running this product. I do 1cc daily along with .5 cc of test prop. I am four weeks in….eating clean, I gained 8lbs. I’m as lean as I’ve ever been and still slowly climbing weight. I have not had any negative issues running this amount, I have caber on hand, but haven’t needed it. If your looking to build lean quality muscle and stay hard this is a great product. Goes good with sunny as well.

  10. Frank MD

    This stuff is no joke. Got the package exactly in 13 days after it was marked shipped. Gym-Candies customer service is on point. I am on my third week, strength and libido is incredibly high. First week had the bloat that went away after adding some Adex and cleaning my diet. Currently on 2ml EOD and loving the results. Anyone looking to run this product should always have some dopamine agonist such as cabergolin handy.Thanks again Gym-Candies for another great product and awesome customer service!

  11. Anonymous

    Placed order on 01/15 and received on 01/27. Shipping was straight forward and without question the Andromix was packaged well and not damaged. Very pleased with the order and everything went smoothly. Will be ordering again and recommending.

  12. Adam Richardson

    This is my third time ordering with Gym-Candies. My past orders of Dragon Pharma Test, Dianabol and PCT meds came just as described (4-5 weeks)… listen, things may happen (seizure of package or delayed mail…. these guys communicated through email weekly and came through like a champ

  13. Rene Leon

    Ran this as my second cycle ever. You should probably stick to something mild if you’re a newbie like I kind of am (although I do hell of a lot of research before i buy) BUT this mix is fucking INCREDIBLE. I’m 27. Started with 1/ML every other day. After the first week bumped it to 2/ML every other day. Awesome strength gains. Wanted to fuck every girl I saw. Insane appetite. I ate whatever I wanted (burgers, fries, candy, ice cream etc), a lot of it and did not gain fat. Granted because I ate dirty I did not lose as much fat as expected. I did obtain a much more vascular body however. If you eat clean and stick to cardio you WILL gain mass and shred at the same time on this stuff. Gains lasted a while (few months) after I cycled off (get the clomid ready).

  14. T Dub

    3rd week of a cycle and loving results from GP Andromix. Gym-Candies is the best!

  15. Tommy tom tom

    Awesome, great mix. this stuff amazing when cutting. Thanks again

  16. Matthex

    Top Notch… received 3 viles of this in just 14 days from ordering along with some PCT meds.. . Already have some test and looking forward to starting my ready for summer cycle.. Will review once again after I’m well into my cycle. Looking forward to some quality gains.. Thanks Gym-Candies.

  17. Chris M

    Holy shit…by far my favorite product ive ever used! My goal using this was to recomp with an emphasis on losing body fat and keeping as much strength as possible. Body fat melted off and strength went UP, and surprisingly made some gains….in a caloric defecit!! Started at 1ml EOD and went up to 1.5 EOD after 3 weeks. The sides are no joke but keeping blood levels stable and sticking to a strict clean diet help big time! A TBSP on pure honey at bedtime helps big time if you get insomnia. If you do your homework and respect this compound you with get phenomenal results!

  18. Christopher Reizen

    Absolutely love this cut mix!! Instantly taste that delicious tren, results are super quick and always properly dosed. Geneza has been such a proven “go to” brand for any products for me over the years, but this one in particular is amazing!! Fast shipping too!

  19. Anthony DeVincenzo

    Fast results! Feel strength already and hardening up. Gym-Candies always A+ with gear and shipping! Thank you

  20. deric williams

    I can’t wait to get this running on a 10 week run! Gym-Candies has never let me down with past orders and this will be the winter cycle in prep for spring!!!

  21. Jaris

    Very mild side effects, you need to work hard for results. High quality product

  22. Jacob Nichols

    Best cut stack I have ever used! Highly recommended! Zero PIP. All Tren sides present and this stuff does NOT crash. No idea how they pull that off, but it’s very professional and high quality. I’ve never had an issue with Geneza and this product is my favorite of the whole line. Super convenient!

  23. Mark

    Really good stuff here! Great results. Can see and feel the difference. Very satisfied. Just ordered for next cycle!

  24. Cory Ambrose

    GP is still doing something right with Andromix. My first week of doing 1mL ED I saw some great results. Definitely feel some of the sides and the pump at the gym is ridiculous.

  25. Levi

    Took about two weeks to my doorstep. Super fast shipping. First pin i could taste the tren creeping up my throat. PIP was presented but not bad. In 8 weeks i went from 14% bf down to 10%. Packed on 12 lbs of muscle. Vascularity was insane at 1cc eod. All my lifts went up to PR levels in a matter of 2 weeks. And thanks to the masteron my muscles are hard as rocks and dry looking. Overall a fantastic product if you are used to the typical tren sides

  26. Old Fat Guy

    Great product. I’ve been on it for 3 weeks, 1 ml each day. I wake up leaner everyday and I have crazy road map veins on my arms. Its doing the job and I’m not losing muscle eating a calorie deficit diet. People keep coming up to me in the gym and asking what i’m taking as its obvious the effects are too good to be natural. Bigger shoulders, smaller waist…this mix is great you have to try it.

  27. Joe Duncan

    loved this .. changed my life.. made me look like a damn demigod … just hated to pin daily but you get over that real quick… will buy again and again and always use this in my “cutting” (hate that word) phase

  28. Joshua muns

    Andromix from GP has got to be the best blend ever created. I’ve ran plenty of cycles with other products, but this was an all inclusive blend and you only had to use this component. I ran an 8 week cycle, 2cc m/w/f and went from 186 pounds, 13% bf to 203 pounds at 9% bf… i gained 17 pounds and was shredded. My pictures were posted in chive and style of awesomeness several times. My muscle density increased so much that I had vessels popping out of my abdomen. It was like I was always pumped whether in the gym or at work. i loved taking my shirt off and people saying Jesus, what are you on??? Most legit gear I’ve ever used and I’m definitely making other orders. I’ve turned friends onto it and they’ve received similar results. My strength increased dramatically and I loved people constantly asking me to train them. My diet want very clean and my results were still amazing. i can’t wait until geneza or naps gets a version with longer esters. I’d love to decrease the amount of shots to twice a week as opposed to 3-7 per week. I see there’s a new cut long by dragon pharma and a beast of the same ingredients with pharma mix 6. I’d love to see an of these three win this week’s vote because I definitely need to get my hands on some. Compliments everyday help drive you in the gym, and this andromix puts your body where it needs to be!

  29. Cafarella

    Andromix was by far the best blend i have ever ran. i would run 2cc EOD and i saw incredible results! I shred fat and put on lean muscle mass went from being 176 to a hard 189. would reccomend this production to anyone.

  30. ryan

    Gp andro mix is awesome, by far my favorite. Try it you wont regret it!!

  31. Swol_Dog

    I’ve been with Gym-Candies for the past 5 years. I’ve used Ando mix 2x a year every year for the past 4 years. Each cycle is 3x injections a week for 12 weeks. The fat melts away and I feel great. The quality of products here is second to none. Strength size and the lean mass I get off of it is amazing. You start to notice the work about 2 weeks into the cycle. Do plenty of cardio and calorie restricted diet, and the bf goes down to single digits in no time….lastly, my sex drive was through the roof on this stuff. The wife could barley keep up!!

  32. Leonard Antonio

    Gym-Candies has been very good to me over the past few years. GP Andromix has been one of my favorites for precontest. Best product and works really well. It help me get down to 5 %.Thanks Gym-Candies.

  33. wes

    Great product and fast service from Gym-Candies, this is quality stuff, no pip at all. I got a very defined, lean look and my strength went up significantly.

  34. Charlie Courtney

    Second time ordering. Easy ordering and fast delivery. Excellent customer service too.

  35. Jack O’Brien

    Shipping was extremely fast and their live chat was extremely helpful. Great packaging and ordered the GP Andromix and been pinning eod for 2 weeks now and can see great pumps, more vascular and definition for sure. I’m sure the next couple weeks will start to show more of a chiseled physique since I’ve been eating lots of calories the last month. Overall great product and company and will definitely order very soon.

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