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Deca 300


Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma

Pharmaceutical name: Nandrolone Decanoate

Pack: 1 vial (10 ml (300mg/ml))



Durabolin for sale

What is it:

Durabolin for sale 300 by Dragon Pharma is an injectable steroid which contains 300 mg per ML of the hormone Nandrolone Decanoate.

This ester makes hormone release from injection sight very slow. Bodybuilders often find that an injection schedule of twice per week is more than sufficient in keeping steady blood levels. This steroid is a poor choice for tested athletes due to how long it lingers in the system. Those looking to use nandrolone and have it out of the system quicker will generally opt for a product like Durabolin. Deca 300 is one of the most popular steroids being used amongst bodybuilders today. Deca is a low androgenic steroid with high anabolic effect. It will aromatize in high dosages, but not at the rate of testosterone. Progesterone buildup is one side effect that some have trouble with. Users sensitive to these issues might choose to add Cabaser or Dostinex to their cycle.


Deca Durabolin, this is one of the most effective and beneficial steroids that we sell here! Perfect for those who have a limited tolerance to steroid usage. Giving you a massive boost in strength, joint healing and greatly assists with the pain bought on. Instead of masking it like a paracetmol or other pain killer.

Deca 300 can be used for cutting or for bulking. Bodybuilders often stack it with Testosterone for one of the most common and effective bulking cycles. The deca / winstrol stack is also very popular. It is believed that Winstrol helps block the progesterone buildup while the Deca 300 heIps with the joint issues that some suffer while on Winstrol. The joint relief and healing that Deca provides is one of the main reasons it has become a very popular steroid with Bodybuilders.

Diet and Exercise

Your diet and exercise plans are just as important whilst on a cycle! Check out Muscle and Strength for great tips and plans for dieting on a cycle. They also have great resources on exercising whilst on a cycle

Durabolin for sale

28 reviews for Deca 300

  1. Mohamed Lacheraf

    I have horrible joints and have ran few bottles of dragon pharma’s deca and joints felt lubricated and fresh only way I can tell if deca is legit or not trust me! Deff worth trying and always priced right!

  2. Chad Miller sr

    Great product that’s very clean. After a 10 week cycle I had added 22lbs. Of mass.

  3. lilball

    gragon 300 top of the line..already low bodyfat and boom wicked. top grade. for greatest results start with lower bodyfat

  4. Adam Robinson

    My first order with gym-candies. Order received in 10 days and just as described. Will be my go to for all my future needs.

  5. Chris bol

    Very powerful stuff! Used it will only Test E for first time and holy smokes…the day it finally fully kicked in i went into complete beast mode! Along with Dbol, this is definitely my favorite compound for bulking. The strength increases are amazing too! Keep your estrogen and prolactin under control and you will never run a bulk without Deca 300 again!

  6. heath

    ran this with 500 test and just the 300 deca once a week for 10 weeks, I blew up pretty good on it. gained 15 lbs was really happy with results

  7. panagiotis mirisiotis

    I order deca 300 dragon pharma The shipping time was almost at no time and the quality of the product perfect. Definitely approve to buy someone who want a very good and quality cycle.

  8. Sean Morris

    Ordered some Dragon Pharma, and some Aaster stuff all at once. Literally took 7 days for the Dragon Pharma stuff to get here. Insane. Looks to be extremely high in quality as expected. Still waiting on Aaster stuff… go gym-candies for being awesome. Thanks!

  9. darrin

    Love the dragon pharma line, but i have to really emphasize gym-candies being one of the classiest business out there. they almost always get the product delivered fast and on the rare occasion things dont go right they stand behind it and go way out of their way to make it right. thank you gym-candies. there are alot of businesses out there that could learn something about customer service from you guys.

  10. RAM lb

    Great product I got 20kg of muscles I did cycle for 3 months Twice per weekCombination of deca and teato

  11. SJ

    Awesome product and delivery. 12 days from day i ordered. Lifetime customer

  12. Bob Gross

    I just received my order of Deca 300 and it seems to be doing its job.. I used Deca 300 years back & was very happy with the extra mg’s per ml’s & could see the difference…

  13. John Nash

    My first time using Deca but I’m impressed with the gains. Ran 400mg/week for 8 weeks along with test cyp. Gains were solid, upper body swole up. I actually used this to rebuild after a shoulder injury. Successfully re-gained a lot of proportion on my weak side.

  14. Jimmy Wallace

    Package arrived on time as usual. And the gear is 2nd to none! Been using gym-candies for over 2 years now and wouldn’t even consider anyone else!

  15. Samer Touma

    Great stuff, huge gains. Very fast shipping ready for next cycle.

  16. lyfter1010

    Ordered this stuff and received it about 2 weeks later from date of money pick up. This is my fourth shipment from gym-candies and they have yet to disappoint. I am on my 7 week on the cycle, stacked with 250 mgs per week of Maha Sust. (also high quality stuff). I ran 300mgs of the Dragon Pharma Deca with the 250mgs of the Sustanon. I also ordered Gen shi labs Deca 1000 to add mid cycle, to increase the Deca dose to 500mgs per week. I did not notice the Deca kick in until week six and so far it’s been good. I can’t say great only because my ass should be in the gym more often than I have been, so that is my fault. The gear, as always from gym-candies, is quality. The end of the cycle I am adding Rus_bio oxandrolone to the mix, for the third and final compound. I had it left over from a past cycle and had enough to hopefully get me a little more cut. Overall, I am happy with everything and would not use any other site to order from. Andromix is my next order, I am looking forward to trying the tren for the first time. I hear nothing but awesome things about the Andromix.

  17. Evelio Quintero

    It won ‘product of the month’…. says it all, and it took 12 days from the day I clicked ‘Add to Cart’.

  18. Richard

    I love this site . You guys have great prices this deca I order was amazing.

  19. Cory

    I always order from gym-candies love the customer service i always order Dragon Pharma. First off, it took only 7 days from placing the order to my doorstep, which is absolutely insane!!!! This deca is always on point with quality and is super strong. I love Dragon Pharma and I love gym-candies……..forever will be a loyal customer to both companies…….Thanks

  20. Results101

    I placed an order for this and it came after only 5 days. Very fast shipping from gym-candies as always. I started taking this at 200mg twice a week and it worked great. Never any pain at the site and could tell it worked. Workouts improved dramatically and joint pain went away instantly. Shows how clean and potent it was. Over all i loved it and will order again.

  21. Alvaro Cortez

    Gym-candies is the way to go , fast shipping , great product

  22. Alphabetsoup

    I got 4 vials of the Dragon Pharma Deca 300 a few months back when it was the product of the week. I can safely say that this product has delivered beyond my expectations. When I started I had shoulder joint issues so bad I could barely bench, and couldn’t do incline bench nor any type of shoulder press. After a couple months on this product I am finally able to do incline and shoulder press and today I did my personal best on bench press. Deca has a reputation for helping with joint issues and I can personally attest to the amazing results.

  23. william greer

    Let me first say gym-candies customer service is far and above manny other AAS websites. Had problems with shipping however, customer service promptly responded to emails and updated me on a daily basis on status of case. Finally resulted in reshipping of entire order. IM A GYM-CANDIES CUSTOMER FOR LIFE! Great results with this DECA potent and smooth no PIP.

  24. Bronx

    Great product!!! I received my bottle wishing 2 weeks after it was shipped. Was able to track the product and had it at my door with no problems at all.. I have been using gym-candies for almost one year now and the help is great if there are any questions for shopping. I take 1 ml every 5 days and within three weeks feel stronger and out on a lot of weight already. Just feel stronger. Thank you gym-candies

  25. Gainsville_85

    Picked up a few bottles of this when it went 50% off a few weeks back. I’ve been running Test Enanthate at 375mgs/wk for a couple months and wanted to add this in at 300mgs/wk closer to summer. My first shot was Tuesday night and I wasn’t able to work out until Friday morning due to hellacious seasonal allergies. By Saturday morning I already feel and look fuller, have tons of energy and strength. This stuff is the real deal and hits hard. One of my favorite brands on gym-candies.

  26. Christopher Tighe

    Wow!That what I have to say about how fast this go to me. I have ordered 3-4 times from gym-candies and this is the fastest delivery ever! It was product of the week 1 week ago and I have it in my had right now! Once I run it I’ll post another review but had to say something about the delivery time. Gym-candies for life!!!!

  27. JohnD

    This deca is great!!! I got this while it was product of the week for a great price. The deca is great and it has been tested by me. I will 100% order again. Thank you gym-candies for providing this opportunity for all of us. Without you people would be getting bunk stuff. Thank you!

  28. max pizzica

    Good product ID use it before ordering it again always have quality experience since dealing with gym-candies

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