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Metanabol 10


Manufacturer: Aaster Solutions, Europe

Pharmaceutical name: Methandienone

Pack: 1 pack (100 tabs (10 mg))



Dianabol steroids for sale

What is it?

Dianabol steroids for sale

Dianabol steroids for saleĀ is an orally applicable steroid with a great effect on protein metabolism. Metanabol is a derivative of testosterone and has a very strong anabolic and androgenic properties. It has a great effect on protein metabolism and promotes protein synthesis. This effect manifests itself in by creating a positive nitrogen balance, supporting the build up of protein and, thus, skeletal muscle mass. Methandienone also induces an improved sense of well-being.


Metanabol is one of the most highly effective mass building steroids ever created. It was, in fact, created specifically for athletes to use to improve performance (although it was claimed to have therapeutic ability). It provides highly impressive weight and strength gains for most users. Experiencing a 3-4lb weight gain per week is not unheard of, especially in novices. It must be noted that a lot if this is water weight, and that with higher dosages gynecomastia, high blood pressure, and acne could occur. Metanabol when taken orally becomes active very rapidly, but only remains active for less than half a day. Often, for this reason, dosages were spread through the day.

Dianabol steroids for sale


It is known that 10 mg of the Metanabol was enough for full androgen replacement in a man, and this dose increased androgen anabolic activity roughly 5 times over normal and provided a reduction in natural cortisol activity of between 50-70%. Despite this, many athletes take 50-100 mg daily. It would appear that over 50mg/day, there is a point of diminishing return.


Because Dianabol is a powerful steroid it comes with negative side effects. Above all, it converts to estrogen which can cause Gynecomastia. Similarly, Nolvadex and/or Provironum can be taken as anti estrogens to combat this. Bloating is a huge problem, as you get a lot of water retention.

  • Cycle: Bulking
  • Half life: 4 hours
  • Active life: 8 hours
  • Aromatization: yes
  • DHT Conversion: no
  • Post Cycle Therapy: Clomid, Nolvadex, HCG

Dianabol steroids for sale

4 reviews for Metanabol 10

  1. Dragon Warrior

    Wow! Just wow! Simple solutions are often the best. I remember back in time when I used real pharma dianabol from Jelfa. One of my first cycles and definitely one of the most effective. And this stuff brings back the best memories! I was astounded how powerful this dianabol is! When I added it at the beginning of my cycle it kicked in immediately and made me feel unstoppable! Strength up, power up, pumps so strong it ws difficult to finish my workouts! And my mindset was spot on all the time! I was so positive about everything and… just happy! This is because dianbol boosts up your dopamine levels and it really shows! Incredible stuff!

  2. andrew blackjones

    40 mgs of this dbol is so powerful it seems too much:) I added it to kickstart my cycle and it worked just beautifully. Incredible pumps, strengt boost and great mood. Fantastic product from Aaster and Gym-Candies!

  3. rory howards

    Extremely strong product! 30-40mg a day is almost too much! Huge strength increase, insane pumps and fantastic mood. This is what good dianabol is all about! Gym-Candies delivers as usual! Aaster’s products arrived in 7 days to the US. That’s just awesome!

  4. James Lawrence

    I found this brand stronger than GP and I had no complaints there either. The pumps on this are just sick! Endurance and strength are up and water retention wasn’t bad at all. My second go round with daddy D but can’t imagine anything stronger than this. My sweet spot was 20 mgs morning and 20 mgs night. I tried 30 mgs pre workout but that got my blood pressure up a little high for my liking. Great experience with this product. My gym bro is using this as well and is stoked!

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