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Manufacturer: Geneza Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical name: Trenbolone Acetate
Pack: 10 ml/vial (100 mg/ml)



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What is it?

buy tren Acetate 100 by Geneza Pharmaceuticals is an injectable steroid which contains the hormone Trenbolone Acetate in a preparation of 100 mg per ML.

The acetate ester is very fast acting. Therefore, bodybuilders choosing to use this substance often find that daily injections are best for keep blood levels as consistent as possible. Simply put, Trenbolone is the most powerful overall steroid in use by bodybuilders today. Tren, as it is often called, is both highly androgenic and anabolic. It is chemically unable to aromatize, and therefore produces no estrogen buildup. This, along with its high androgenic properties, makes the muscle produced by this drug very hard and defined. Trenbolone first got its reputation when it was used in the legendary steroid, Parabolan.


Users of this drug often noted dramatic results that were nothing short of amazing. And after it was unfortunately discontinued, the remembered effects of the substance gave it cult like status and the market was flooded with bunk. Parabolan amps by those looking to profit off the extreme popularity and fan base that this steriod’s incredible results had sparked. Trenbolone was also used in cattle implant pellets. Where the substance was used to increase the lean mass of the cattle. While reducing the fat on the animals. Kits became widely available on the internet allowing bodybuilders to convert these pellets into injectable solution. Fina, as this homebrew oil was often called. Quickly became a favorite of steroid users, like its relative, Parabolan, had done many years before.

Users of GP Tren Acetate 100 often report amazing gains in both strength and quality muscle mass. While the fat and water seems to “melt” off. To give one an idea of just how powerful this hormone is as a muscle builder. Please note that the powerful steroid Testosterone has an anabolic rating of 100, while Tren has a rating of 500!.  The drug is also a powerful fat burning aid, and lots of bodybuilders actually claim that the body

still drop bodyfat very quickly, even when one’s diet isn’t very clean. It is important to note that this substance will shut one’s natural testosterone production down very quickly, thus making a proper PCT protocol a must upon conclusion of a cycle. Tren can produce all common androgenic side effects.


It’s also important to note that many users report uncontrollable night sweats while using this substance. To help combat this problem, it’s recommended that users try to keep blood levels and stable as possible, and stay in a reasonable dosage range. Although this steroid can’t convert to estrogen, some users do experience problems with progesterone related side effects, similar to those seen with products such as Deca Durabolin or Durabolin.


Users sensitive to these issues may prefer to add Cabaser to their cycles. Trenbolone can be used in both cutting and bulking cycles. Those looking to bulk might add an injectable form of Testosterone along with an oral such as Methandrostenolone. The famous Tren /Test Propionate/ Winstrol stack is still regarded as one of the best cutting/ pre-contest combinations that there has ever been. This cycle, along with proper diet and cardio, is sure to bring about results that are extremely dramatic.

Tren is not a drug for women, as masculizing side effects are almost guaranteed. The typical dosage range for this substance is 300-700mgs a week for a period of 6-10 weeks.

buy tren


60 reviews for GP TREN ACETATE 100

  1. leo

    Great product the shred and strength can’t beat that …I use only this brand from gym-candies

  2. Nick V

    Was very happy with this product. Very fast discrete shipping. Had the product within 25 days of it being shipped.. helped me gain a lot of mass and loose a lot of fat. Would definitely recommend this product to anyway looking for good gear.

  3. Nick V

    Was very happy with this product. Very fast discrete shipping. Had the product within 5 days of it being shipped.. helped me gain a lot of mass and loose a lot of fat. Would definitely recommend this product to anyway looking for good gear.

  4. Diego Piedra

    I recently came off of tren A from GP and boy what can i say! I went from 220 lbs 18% body fat to 205lbs 7% body fat in 16 weeks. I had no sides whatsoever and my pumps were intense. I’ve been doing this for a while and i must say.. i will be sticking to any GP product from here on out!

  5. Alex

    This gear will make you an animal. I’ve used other brands of tren before but GP tren A is by far my favorite. Pinned nice and smooth no PIP and I noticed the effects in only a couple days. I was able to go from 25% body fat to 18% in 4 weeks and made a pr on all my lifts. I couldn’t be more impressed with the quality of this gear. Will definitely buy again

  6. Dan Jay

    Very strong. I used 75mg/EOD and I got strong. Strength jumped through the roof immediately. ZERO pip ever, not one time, nor did I ever get tren cough ever – I was super worried about both but went through several vials of this stuff with no issues.I had the usual sides, sweating (day and night), and had some disturbed sleep, but it shredded me.I will note, this has a marked effect on empathy. I could tell that I cared less about other people than normal, and I also got extremely aggressive behind the wheel. Not an issue to control anger during normal interactions, work, etc., but I did get black out drunk one time

  7. jmarx

    I did a cycle of Test Cyp and Tren A. This was my first time doing Tren and I went with a very low dose of 50mg EOD to start and upped it to 75 mg EOD in the back end. I will say this was the best thing I have ever taken in my life. I felt amazing. Dropped 10 pounds in weight. (I was a heavier guy so I had weight to drop) and I put on muscle. I didn’t think that was possible. On top of that my diet should’ve and could’ve been better. I just ordered some more from GP as I was impressed with this brand and am confident in what I am getting. This time I am doing 50mg ED of Tren With 500mg of Test weekly. I can’t wait to see the results as my shoulders and traps were by far the most commented parts of my body.

  8. Charles Bass

    I had ordered from Gym-Candies several years ago with good success. I made the mistake of shopping around for other sources. I recently came back to Gym-Candies and have received 2 orders since. Geneza Tren Acetate 100 is by far the highest quality I have ever used. Gym-Candies is straight forward on their products and their delivery times. Glad to be back.

  9. Justin Weinzimmer

    put on about 20 pounds using this stuff in a 10 week cycle. Just make sure you have a good PCT.


    Stuff Is powerful, cycled just 1ml of GPSustanon 270 with 100ml GPTren Ace EOD, for 10wks. My results were amazing lost 10lbs. Bf. I did almost no cardio WOW! Put me were I would be from 6 months of dieting and cardio but with muscle gain. Can’t wait too re-up. Gym-Candies delievered fast and without any holdups love this site. GYM-CANDIES CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!!!

  11. eric Potter

    It’s FIRE! GtG…had some PIP and got a nasty case of the coughs x3 on 8 wks cycle…the was rough lol. Great gains in size and strength Libido went off the charts.

  12. Jack Stradtman

    I bought this for a buddy and he’s tried 5 or 6 different brands and said he felt this was stronger and hit a lot faster down fall was tren cough. Def rebuying for him.

  13. Joshua Little

    Hands down one of the strongest ananolics that I have ever done. For me if was almost as if as soon as I took my shot I was instantly pumped and ready to crush the gym. Currently running 1/2cc everyday and stacking with Test E 300 and running that every Monday and Thursday at 1cc. Overall I am in love with this product and can’t wait to see the final results

  14. Daniel Hudson

    I have ordered multiple times with the same product and I can say that GP Tren Ace is great. I had great results quickly and achieved what I needed to. Solid Product, keeps it simple and you know what your getting. Gym-Candies really made it simple in not only the shipping part but also with the tracking and chat room services. If you ever have any questions they are there to assist you and can help you with pretty much anything you may need. I recently placed another order and am waiting on that to come in the mail. Thanks gym-candies!

  15. Francisco

    Gp products are great ,fast delivery every time and I must say tren I felt results and seen great results

  16. JT

    This was my first trying Tren. I ran it for a good 5 weeks just seeing how my body handled it. I got “Trensomnia” from night 1. I loved it. It let me know it was good stuff. My girlfriend commented me saying my arms grew over night. Ran a low dose at 50mg EOD it being my first time but I will definitely use more next go around and would definitely run this again!

  17. Scott

    Fast delivery and great product! You can tell it’s working and see the effects in about a week after using this product. Def going to reorder this in the future

  18. Alexander Reiff

    This was my first go with Tren. I am hooked. It’s fast acting and I have had no side effects. This is affordable and well worth the money spent.

  19. Nam

    Quick delivery. It’s the real deal. Very measurable results in 3 weeks.

  20. Jeramey Menchue

    Prefect amount of tren couldn’t ask for a better product

  21. jcp

    I am on week 4 off this brand of tren @ 300 mg a week and wow is all I can say..last time I ran tren of another brand at 600 per week with far less results. Started this tren @ around 245 and am down to 238 but much bigger and stronger. Stack this with test and masteron watch out! Thanks gym-candies!

  22. Michael Cruz

    TRIPLE A+ service fast shipping.. I receive my order in 5 days… nice job

  23. Aaron Wright

    I’ve tried a lot of different products, and manufactures over the years. This is w/o a doubt the strongest shit u will ever use! 400mgs/wk x 8= GOD!!

  24. BHMac

    Can def tell this is legit stuff. Within a very short period of time aggression went up, skin broke out like a mofo, night sweats on shot day…..and got stronger while in the middle of a pre-comp diet!!! Will definitely order again!!! Just waiting for the next Sale!

  25. Danabol

    First off, those new podcasts are dope. Good job Gym-Canddies. Its all elementry right now but I enjoy it. Cant wait for more. Tren Ace… My favorite compound. Running 100mg-150/ml ED alongside test prop. I don’t recall ever running Tren ace this high in my 10 years. I run high tren/low test whhile dieting otherwise I get real big real quick. Thinking about 200mg/ml Ed for a couple weeks as an experiment. Overall a great addition to any program.

  26. Guilherme Codato

    Have never taken anything better in my life ! Grew over 40lbs in 1 and a half months ! Purest tren i have ever ran. DIDN”T HAVE ONE SIDE EFFECT ! Gym-Candies is number one. AND i stand by Geneza for life

  27. Lorenzo Toscani

    Has to be in the top 2 Tren I have ever taken. A+++++GYM-CANDIES is AWESOME, I HIGHLY RECOMEND!!!!!

  28. Jadon Grass

    was really surprised and impressed by the quality and the promptness on which i received my order. the chat support was also really helpful

  29. Powerlifter

    I purchased this Tren Ace for the 3rd time 8 weeks ago and received it once again very quickly after ordering it took approximately 2 1/2 weeks to arrive at my post office, ive been on this Tren for almost 6 weeks now, and GP is my favorite lab to purchase Tren from!Theyve got clean and super smooth oil never had a problem. I’ve been running the Tren at 75mg ED so i get about 525mg a week with 250mg Test Prop a week, Arimidex ED and Caber 2 times a week. With this frequency I’ve been having amazingly stable blood levels! My strength is through the roof my Squat is up 75lbs so far, my Bench press has gone up 50lbs and my Dead-lift is up 45lbs as well, I definitely feel the basics signs that the Tren is working the most obvious side effects being Hot 24/7, night sweats, occasional insomnia, and slightly more impatient easily agitated (but by staying calm mentally im usually pretty good about roid rage), I’m a beast in the gym. The harsh side effects are relatively unnoticed because I keep stable blood levels, with Caber, B Complex injections (they help regulate prolactin and lethargy) along with Test Prop and Arimidex, and of courase some face and body wash for the oily skin. GYM-CANDIES is a Fantastic Distributor to purchase from and Geneza has phenomenal products, I’m placing another order in a few days, GP Tren is definitely worth Trying, theres nothing else like it. Cheers

  30. Jacob Zwiebel

    GP tren ace is great product. I stocked up during the 50% off promo that gym-candies has every week which is fucking awesome. Been ordering from gym-candies for a few years now and will defiantly take advantage of that when a product I want comes up 50% off. But I ordered the gp tren ace last time and needless to say the product is very potent. Started off at 50mg a day and increased to 100mg a day and WOW this stuff blew me away! I had to lower the dose due to an extremely aggressive mind set 24/7. I do normally get aggressive from tren but this stuff was just potent as hell. I gained pure muscle and lost bf at the same time and my strength went thru the roof. Walked around soaked in sweat, in live in AZ and during the summer on tren you will be sweating like a pig all day. Would get winded walking up the stairs, all signs pointing to this tren being as good as it gets. Great product, love gp, love gym-candies. Great shipping and prices. And it took only about 10 days to my door! In Az, amainzing shipping.

  31. JAMES

    Amazing product!! Lost 2% bf, went from 36in waist to 34, feel amazing! Stuff made me feel 15 again! Thank you gym-candies!

  32. Plastikos

    Gym-Candies is the best! I have ordered on four different occasions without any problems. The GP Tren was excellent and I made great gains even on a not clean diet. All the GP products that I have received has been good. Will continue to order for many years to come.

  33. Chris G

    Bought this product as a first time customer when it was product of the week. Been running this week it GP TestE for almost 8 weeks now and have made incredible gains in strength and size. Never experienced any pip whatsoever. Definitely a top notch product and has put me on the GP bandwagon. Thanks Gym-Candies.

  34. Pistol P

    One of the best trens on the market! And what else can I say about gym-candies, great product, great customer service, and fast shipping I’m definitely a lifetime customer thank you gym-candies!

  35. Gregory Ingrao

    Extremely fast shipping received my items 11 total days from payment. GYM-CANDIES IS AWESOME, great customer service and tracking information the entire process. OH YEAH THE TREN IS AMAZING TOO.

  36. deluxes

    Got ace when it was on sale. Took 28 days to my door but it was descrete and safely packaged and they added a couple extras. Will post a review when i use in in couple months. Was my First order, Great customer service

  37. Jeff Sasser

    As always Gym-Candies GP products are on point. I’m 46, 5′ 11″ and 217lbs…been running gear for about 4 yrs had never done tren. I went from maxing out on bench at 315 for 3 reps to doing 3 sets of 6 reps with 315lbs in 2 and a half weeks.

  38. Justin S.

    GP tren is top notch! Insane strenght and pumps. I run this with GP Test prop eod and GP Stan. No pip. Gym-Candies has great products and delivery was super fast and discreet. They have a customer for life here!

  39. Matthex

    Best Tren used to date! Little to NO pip.. hits very fast, super clean and the extra ripped hardened look comes on super fast! I am running this on a caloric surplus and wow I just feel like I have so much fuel in me come every workout.. Shipping was fast as always!! Thanks Gym-Candies!

  40. Leonardo Puentes

    Fast acting, just a great product. I use at the end of my cycle 4 weeks. Gets me nice,and lean looking. I recommend

  41. Daniel P

    First time ordering from gym-candies so I did a test order ran out a bottle of tren ace and it was fire. I know how tren should taste and it was on point and got the dreaded cough 3 out of 10 pins as well as used roid test and it passed all 3 tests… looking forward to running 3 bottles along with some geneza dboll and sus just waiting for stock to return

  42. cory davis

    received it yesterday, can’t wait to run..

  43. Brandon Miller

    I was a little sceptical at first to try this “hard” anabolic but i tell you what they are right about everything they tell you! This stuff is legit and amazing !! If you have no fight or drive in you here it is in a bottle, have,body fat you want to lose.. Here it is! This is the best product i have used. And id give,someone 20$ if they found it cheaper or,more accurate then the mg/ml. I didn’t even have to lift or do crunches to get abs. They just one day after a week popped up.. My wife and other women saw them b4 i did! Want women to see a shredded body? Why look farther! Be careful this tren is good quality so find your own dose!! I do 300 mg a week. 100mg/3x a week. As far as shipping? They had it,posted that it,could take 15 more days and one day i checked the,mail and realized it has been in my mailbox 4 days before i checked!!

  44. Scott

    So smooth. So good. Real deal. Results and gains are incredible. Lack of sleep is a struggle but the gains are so good. Wasent even cutting and shredded off fat while putting lean slabs of muscle on. Incredible stuff.

  45. Jett Neaves

    Love GP tren. Felt it kick in first week.. wow.. great results

  46. AX 1908

    Geneza has been my pharmacy of choice since hooking up with Gym-Candies. Their products are always top notch and consistent quality. 5 Stars

  47. Brandon Borchert

    As always, great product fro GP. I used Tren ace at .5ml a day and that was enough for me. I didn’t experience the dreaded tren cough, i did have bad nights sweats though, but thats a side affect to taking tren. Shipping was fast as always. I love GYM-CANDIES

  48. Macho

    This product is amazin big gains. You start filling pump in your muscles almost immediately after a week of using it. I personally prefer Tren over Deca.

  49. Brandon

    I’ve ordered GP several times and have never been disappointed with the results. The products was solid pure and clean. I got the dry gains I was expecting and allowed me to progress with my prep as expected.

  50. Joshua Foster

    Awesome product, you will start to notice a difference within the first week. I always like to mix this with tren enthate.

  51. Eric Pudlak

    The quality is top notch. This oil had no pip. After just day 6 I was already noticing increased vascularity and the night sweats had already begun. I love this stuff

  52. Jay

    Purchased my tren a Genezapharm, best trenmy buddy has ever had. After each injection, you could see the next day how much th muscle had changed. The striations of his muscles were so noticeable, it blew my my mind. His shoulders were his weakest points, and within two weeks he went from incling 135 to 275 4 times. Results like these blew my mind. Geneza is the best product around. Going to get some clenbuteral and andro and see how I like that. Awesome awesome company. Gym-Candies is also awesome, ordered three times now, the first one customs got, bu no problems gym-candies sent me another package ASAP. Great company great products will never go anywhere else.

  53. Aesthetic_Dream

    Long awaited review but Geneza Tren is definitely gtg….had crazy strength gains and just turned into a monster with pinning .75ml eod along side .5 ml of their Sust270. Killer night sweats had me thinking I pissed the bed lol…..so just stay away from late night carbs bros. Definitely gonna run again soon….extremely happy with Gym-Candies service and GP products.

  54. eric sutherland

    This is by far the best Tren Acetate I have ever used!!!

  55. Sean Fitzpatrick

    Love this product. Received the items within 10 days from the purchase. I also pooped myself when I heard the mailman knocking on the door. While using the tren I was able to having amazing gains all around (even without a clean diet). The only issue I had was the occassional Tren cough during my second cycle. But it wont stop me from reordering. Thanks gym-candies

  56. mike thumm

    This is A great product… Quality gains in strength and size, I made no effort to trim my waistline and the fat around my midsection reduced pretty fast

  57. Matthex

    I look forward to writing a much better review on quality, which I really have no doubt since I have ran GP Andromix many times before.. I am currently in the middle of a GP Test and Tren E cycle with some GP Oxy thrown in there to boot but I look forward to this Tren Ace cycle come spring.. I have to say though…. Gym-Candies is THE BEST!!! I ordered this product when it was last POTW on November 15th… I just today received my 10 vials on December 11th.. Hands down, service and shipping is unbeatable.. I look forward to placing my next order!!!

  58. James Spears

    No need to review it’s as always super awesome

  59. Slccy

    GP Tren Acetate 100 arrived safely and ahead of schedule. This particular brand is potent and has served me well for pre contest prep. Tren has worked tremendously well and will reorder. Highly recommend without hesitation.

  60. Christopher Reizen

    Best tren on the market! Could taste it as I was pinning, great results, fast shipping as always A+

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