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Manufacturer: Geneza Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical name: Methylhydroxynandrolone
Pack: 50 tablets (5mg/tab)



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What is it?

Buy MHN Online is an oral product containing 5mg of the hormone Methylhydroxynandrolone per tablet.

Methylhydroxynandrolone is a Nandrolone derivative however the 4-OH group added inhibits a conversion to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) or DHN (dihydronandrolone) making this a mildly androgenic and highly anabolic compound. There is also no conversion to estrogen or progesterone. This makes the compound favorable for those in “cutting” cycles.


Users of this product would typically experience increases in lean mass as well as moderate strength gains. Increased nitrogen retention, making the body a more anabolic environment. Central Nervous System (CNS) stimulation, not in a jittery ephedrine type feeling but you should be able to sleep less and still feel refreshed upon waking. Less time is needed for recovery between sets and workouts. There should be no decrease in sex drive, and should help with joint pain.

Buy MHN Online

Increases in the ability to lose fat while increasing vascularity. The side effects of this compound have shown to be very mild with few side effects. But all steroid hormones may cause acne, accelerated male pattern baldness, gynecomastia, testicle shrinkage, increased facial and body hair in men. As well as voice deepening and clitoral enlargement in females. However, this product has typically shown to be on the low end of such side effects.


Dosing should be 10-20mg per day (2-4 tablets) based on bodyweight and/or experience of individual. Always start with a lower dose and increase slowly every 5 days as needed. Do not use for longer then 6-8 weeks, followed by a full PCT protocol.

Diet and Exercise

Your diet and exercise plans are just as important whilst on a cycle! Check out Muscle and Strength for great tips and plans for dieting on a cycle. They also have great resources on exercising whilst on a cycle

Buy MHN Online

13 reviews for GP MHN

  1. Miguelito

    Stacked this with test e 500mg and did 5-10mg an hour or 2 before workout and I had more energy and bigger pumps when using mhn. Great product.

  2. Thomas LeBaron

    My experience with MHN was very close to what’s expected when taking anavar but MUCH cheaper. While I definitely saw hardness and more vascularity with less recovery time between sets, I often found myself adding an extra set or 2 because I felt like I could keep going. So I feel it also increased my muscular endurance as well. My sleep schedule was great on it too. Usually have trouble waking up without 6 or more hours of sleep but this helped with that too. Just put in another order for MHN, Test, EQ, Superdrol, and Oral Tren. Geneza is definitely the way to go

  3. Robbie Edmiston

    Great product. Anyone who wants something to releave joint discomfort but doesnt want to deal with labido issues from injectable deca should try this. Works great on a bulk or cut.

  4. ZP

    Seemed to have “kicked in” almost immediately, though this may have been psychological.I noticed a slight increase in fat loss.Muscle pump/hardness seemed either unchanged or unnoticeable difference from Tren/Stan alone.Energy level jumped noticeably, I noticed I got more reps before hitting muscle failure (Some exercises 3-4 rep increase).General feeling of improved energy level throughout the day.After I finished the sachet I continued my Test/Tren/Stan cycle for an additional 5 weeks. After coming off MHN I noticed a slight decrease in energy levels (though still pretty good).Additionally, I did notice my shoulders felt less stressed during exercises such as incline bench, dips, and DB raises for the majority of the time I was in MHN.

  5. John Withey

    Gym-candies is the goto trusted source and will undoubtedly be a lifetime loyal customer. Always having top-notch gear, I’ve always known what to expect: genuine quality products with the utmost professionalism. MOHN is a very unique compound with the consensus of many anabolic boards that the ideal/sweet spot is 40 mg. Given the low relative hepatoxicity of MOHN, many will use it for up to 6 weeks = 6+ packs of GP MOHN. I say this w/ respect.

  6. Justin Bergen

    My order was shipped on 4/12 and arrived today 4/18 one week ahead of time. Great job on shipping and everything looks legit at a hell. Great job guys will be back soon for bulk gear. Will recommend to friends for sure!!

  7. Goku 83

    This drug was much stronger that I expected. With a TRT dosage of test and 20mg per day of MHN, my muscles felt pumped up and full by the end of the first week. Two weeks in, I was already up ten pounds, but it started to level off and I only continued it for a couple of more weeks. There was no excess water weight, like estrogenic drugs, but I am pretty sure that this is still a progesterone receptor stimulating steroid because my nipples started getting puffy. ( I read a forum review where another guy also started developing mild gyno from it, as well). Adex didn’t stop the gyno from progessing, but invaded seemed to do the trick. Once I finished the cycle, nova, thankfully, returned my nipples back to normal. Beyond that, I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep. I wasn’t wired, like caffeine, but I was just able to keep going on like four hours of sleep a night without getting tired during the day. Probably the same thing as “trensomnia” ( I haven’t actually run trenbolone to compare), as I haven’t had sleep issues on any other steroid. I would recommend this to anyone who doesn’t get much in terms of sides from trenbolone, or those looking to use a fast acting oral to find out if 19nor steroids are okay for them, or not.

  8. Matthew Krueger

    Please let us know Justin! This one of the most amazing pre-ban methyls in my opinion! Love it!

  9. Justin Bergen

    Alright I am on week 2 of this stuff and recovery time is VERY good. I dont see much in strength gains but probably do to me trying to cut down. So far my wife is seeing a big difference but I do know that I use to get sore as hell after workouts and now Im fully recovered second day no soreness. Works good my try with a some tren next time see if I cant get a little more vascular.

  10. Manimal81

    Very nice product! Don’t expect huge gains on this stuff–that’s not it purpose. Definitely helps with joint pain minus the deca bloat. Always made me quite a bit more hard and backlash while keepin muscle full. I would compare this in effect to a stronger proviron with the added effect of joint pain relief. Took 20 mg a day split in two doses.

  11. j.r groves

    MHN is a real good product …I work 10-12 hour shifts then go work out and this stuff aids in recovery great buy

  12. Matt

    ordered this product over 6 months ago. ship time was about ten days to the West Coast. Very inconspicuous package.I used this supplement by itself for 3 weeks straight and saw significant gains in my chest and shudders. no noticeable side effects. I plan on cycling it with test next cycle.

  13. Zack Luedcke

    You guys rock. I placed my order and it shipped in 3 days, and got to my door in 8 days. Was very happy. Taking this with test and tren along with hgh. Loving the workouts. Going to try a different tren next time. This shit hurts.

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