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Manufacturer: Geneza Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical name: Mesterolone
Pack: 20 tablets (25 mg/tab)



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What is it?

Buy Gp proviron by Geneza Pharmaceuticals is an oral steroid containing 25mg of the hormone Mesterolone per tablet.

Proviron, as it is also called, has become a very popular substance among bodybuilders for several different reasons. While this steroid is not very anabolic, it is highly androgenic. Because of this, GP Proviron is capable of giving the muscles a harder, more defined look.

The drug is also a noted estrogen blocker. It can be used in conjunction with steroids that aromatize in order to help prevent estrogen related side effects. Another positive effect of the drug is that it greatly reduces SHBG in the body. This frees up other hormones being used and makes them much more effective.


Its high androgenic properties make it a very good substance for maintaining or retaining ones sex drive. This also makes the drug a very good choice to add into one’s PCT program. Here, GP Proviron will aid in keeping androgen levels high while allowing the body’s own natural testosterone production to come back. Even though it’s an oral, Proviron is considered to be very mild on the liver, and thus, liver damage is not a concern while using this substance.

Buy Gp proviron

Diet and Exercise

Your diet and exercise plans are just as important whilst on a cycle! Check out Muscle and Strength for great tips and plans for dieting on a cycle. They also have great resources on exercising whilst on a cycle

Bodybuilders often incorporate this drug into all of their cycles, and also into their PCT programs. When stacked with testosterone, it will aid in blocking estrogen while increasing androgen, and also allowing the testosterone to be more abundant in the body. With this wide range of benefits associated with its addition to the cycle, it’s no wonder that this drug has gained so much popularity.

Buy Gp proviron

25 reviews for GP PROVIRON

  1. Ryan

    I bought this product to try it out. I do notice harder pumps during the day that don’t go away. For me this is very desirable. I feel stronger when I take this product. My sex drive is always high, but this product increases the sensations during sex. It is hard to explain and must be tried to be appreciated.

  2. jon

    After my second day of taking these with testosterone enanthate I noticed my pumps were harder and I woke up with morning wood every morning . I got to my door 1 week after I sent a money gram from the u.s . I will be ordering again thank you gym-candies .

  3. Rhill

    I’ve purchased these a few times. 50mg/day is better than viagra!

  4. Cal mendo

    Recently received the GP version as I was having trouble with libido due to coming off test to quick, and wham it was back the next day and it was no joke!

  5. JROCK

    I have ran many brands of Proviron with varying results, some obviously better than others. I will tell you a couple things iv’e learned along the way. The Geneza brand of provirion is hands down the best iv’e tried. the hardness of lean muscle is sure to be almost unbelievable, with striations and veins to go along with it. I cycle with it, I PCT with it, I even bridge between cycles with it. It will help you keep gains, and just all around make you feel great. If you haven’t tried this product yet, it is a must have! the GP brand is far superior to anything out there.

  6. Stephen Sullivan

    Introduced this into a cyclevof dome shitty sec drive killing pro hormone. Brought my sex drive right back & helped lean me out. Works just as good as the Bayer brand & better then Belkin

  7. DeAtrius

    Just received my GP Proviron today & can’t wait to cycle it along with my SUST 350…the entire order process from start to finish only too 10 days and that’s the usual time for me…hey gym-candies ROCKS!!!

  8. Velvet G

    Excellent product! Definitely top notch! Helped me lean out, gave me great pumps and vascularity. No sides!! Overall clean product and very satisfied with results.

  9. Brittany Kennedy

    Took this with hcg and Clomid for my pct. it worked like a charm I stayed cut and maintained pumps. Didn’t lose my bulk at all and it felt like I never came off my cycle. Strength and size stayed relatively the same. Great androgenic product.

  10. Andrew Jenkins

    Overall a great product! Helped with pumps, lean gains and very high sex drive! Fast shipping! Customer for life!

  11. Brandon Borchert

    GREAT! I felt harder, more vascular and help with my sex drive

  12. Joe Holman

    Free gear!?!? Took advantage of GP 40% off salepackage arrived in good condition once I opened the box It came to my surprise that gym-candies gave me 5 boxes of gen-shi oxymetholone 50mg for free… has anyone else had free gear from gym-candies ? Anyone try Gen-Shi before?

  13. Shawn

    This proviron is the best I’ve taken and I’ve tried a few. I have to fuck at least twice a day and huge loads.

  14. Slccy

    GP Proviron arrived safely and ahead of schedule. This particular brand is potent and has served me well for pre contest prep. Proviron is the “enhancer to the enhancers” and acts as a wingman when included in a tren, anavar, masteron stack. Highly recommend without hesitation.

  15. Joe Holman

    Free gear!?!? Took advantage of GP 40% off salepackage arrived in good condition once I opened the box It came to my surprise that gym-candies gave me 5 boxes of gen-shi oxymetholone 50mg for free… has anyone else had free gear from gym-candies ? Anyone try Gen-Shi before?

  16. Miguelito

    At 25mg a day keeps bloat away. Love GP Proviron

  17. Thefitproctor

    Highest quality proviron I’ve used so far. Sex drive is up, more vascularity and I look harder! 50mg/day seems to be the magic dosage for me.

  18. Latin Bulldog

    I received my order just one week after completing order, my 3rd order and always happy

  19. courtnie lennertson

    this proviron in comparison to the pharma schering brand is far superior just like all of the gp line. go gym-candies

  20. Greg

    Ran 25 mg a day to prevent estrogen sides from my test cycle. Worked perfectly.

  21. Big Joe Green

    I am in love with GP Proviron! The androgenic environment it creates and maintains in my body is incredible,and sex drive,WOW! I buy it every single order!

  22. DB

    Awesome product!! Ran with cypionate 250 and tren enanthate 200.. One of the best products l have used to help me with gyno and bloat. Made my chest and abs rock hard. I had solid strength and clean weight gains. When I stopped taking this I could tell within a week with my libido and aggressiveness. If u are having problems with sex drive because of other products than this is a must!! Better than viagara!!

  23. Ryan Shapiro

    I had used GP Proviron through out this cycle and I thought it did what is was designed to do! I have just ordered more.

  24. Alin Oana

    Awesome stuff! You will sex like a locomotive after a bit of time on this magic potion!

  25. Brickhouse JG

    I ran this with Test e and Aromasin as my AI for a cycle and I loved it. Felt like a horny teenager. Keep estrogen levels down. I would strongly recommend this product.

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