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Manufacturer: Geneza Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical name: Exemestane
Pack: 20 tablets (25 mg/tab)



Buy Exemestane 25mg

What is it?

Buy Exemestane 25mg by Geneza Pharmaceuticals is an anti-estrogen which contains 25mgs of the substance exemestane per tablet.

Buy Exemestane 25mg

Aromasin, as it is most commonly called, is a very potent AI which works by blocking the aromatase enzyme in the body. This drug was originally developed to help fight breast cancer in women by reducing estrogen which some believe to aid in cancer cell growth. While not quite as strong as Letrozole, GP Exemestane is considerably stronger than Anastrozole. Studies done with this substance typically show around an 85% reduction in estrogen levels in the body.


This can be very useful to bodybuilders who are using aromatizing compounds such as testosterone. Typically, one will begin the use of GP Exemestane the same day they begin their cycle. It is also important to note that Aromasin has shown to be very effective at increasing testosterone and IGF levels in the body. Because of this, this drug is also very useful during PCT regime when one is trying to restore natural testosterone levels in order to avoid a post cycle “crash”.

Buy Exemestane 25mg


It is important to keep doses of GP Exemestane reasonable, as too much estrogen suppression can result in hindered muscle gains and loss of sex drive. One 25mg tablet a day should be sufficient for effectively keeping estrogen related sides out of the picture, or for effectively raising natural testosterone levels during PCT.

For average usage in a cycle A dose of 50 mg a day during your cycle. Also prescribed for avoiding gynecomastia in athletes during cycles of anabolic steroids.

Diet and Exercise

Your diet and exercise plans are just as important whilst on a cycle! Check out Muscle and Strength for great tips and plans for dieting on a cycle. They also have great resources on exercising whilst on a cycle

Buy Exemestane 25mg


  1. D-man

    I like this way better than Anastrozole. I have had a persistent painful lump under my nipple for quite some time. It seems to get a little better with Anastrozole, but this made it go away completely.

  2. Raleigh Kraft

    Decided to give Aromasin a try in place of Arimidex. Worked just as well if not better. Thanks GP!

  3. Raleigh Kraft

    Decided to give Aromasin a try in place of Arimidex. Worked just as well if not better. Thanks GP!

  4. Johnny Doe

    Perfect. Eliminated all of the high e2 side effects such as cloudy mind, bloating, losing erection quality etc. I found that 12.5 mg every 3-5 days is all I need.

  5. BobbyG

    Great product, took a while to ship 12 days packaging was good.

  6. Lisa

    GP is a solid brand and gym-candies always comes through. This product will help greatly with estrogen reduction and pct cycle support . A+ rating

  7. D-man

    I like this way better than Anastrozole. I have had a persistent painful lump under my nipple for quite some time. It seems to get a little better with Anastrozole, but this made it go away completely.

  8. Fit_mom

    My first 2 bikini show preps 3 years ago was super easy. Leaned out like crazy. Could not believe how easy it was. Ny transition to figure for my 3rd show was easy as well. Took about 6 months off to have a couple of surgeries and my prep last year sucke . It was so hard to get the last few percentages of body fat off my legs and butt. Had labs done and was in the norm for estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Finally was able to break through training mad get a figure show in. So had been down that I had such a hard time. So this year thought I would try gear for help. So far I’m on t3, aromasin, winny and prim . I have found the help I was in need of. The aromasin really has targeted my estrogen areas, butt thighs and belly. One tab a day and wow. I am training weights 7 days a week with clean nutrition and cardio. Since this drug is also used for ongoing breast cancer prevention I am going to maintain taking it. World great!

  9. Josh

    Seems to be good, properly dosed stuff according to my blood work. Geneza is always reliable quality

  10. Luis Herrera

    The only question I have about this product is how is this SO DAMN CHEAP! I would be willing to pay $100 for this pouch. This stuff is POTENT. I am not very gyro prone, only really on high doses of Tren, but at the first sight of puffy / lumpy nips, I take half a pill (12.5) EOD until the side effect subside. I usually only have to take two halves then sides are gone completely. I use this product ONLY as needed. One pouch has lasted me two cycles (1. Test/Tren 2. Test/Dbol) with a few left over. THIS STUFF WORKS. This is the best on cycle support for blocking excess estrogen but use ONLY as needed as this stuff is REAL good. T/A is always 6_10 days and SUPER discreet. This is a steal for the price. GP is the best in the biz!

  11. Jonathan Salgado

    Gym-candies continues to impress! product arrived quickly. Same as Dragon grade, keeps estrogen in check! A must when there is estrogen conversion !

  12. Big Ste

    Was on arimidex and still getting gyno – switched to these tablets – immediate positive effects no more pain or itching. By far the best blockers I’ve taken!! Amazing!!

  13. JT

    First off gym-candies is awesome!! I had. From order to door was 8days. Pretty good for how far they are. The Test I got as well as this Aromasin were the real deal! Great gains and no gyno. I split my pills into quarters and take one ed or eod depending on how I feel and it works! Thanks gym-candies!

  14. Lorenzo T

    Awesome AI. Highly recommend. Completely wipes out water retention and any sides from my cycle. I use pre and post season.

  15. Doug Barbaria

    I have pharm grade exemestane from the pharmacy and this shit works exactly the same Keeps my estro in check on cycle and works good as a stand alone off cycle to boost test and ifg1 levels thanks gym-candies.

  16. BmoresBEAST

    Definitely comparable to pharma grade. 12.5mg e3d and everything is in check. Balls are still normal, no gyno signs. Just great overall quality. Always run this when running tren. Gym-candies = certified.

  17. lovesomegear

    This shit works great! Order came quickly with no issues. Will order again.

  18. Robert Sharpe

    Totally legit! I just did blood labs and just as strong name brand!

  19. Jack Stradtman

    Product worked flawless with my gp test cyp and gp windy had no sides and felt great

  20. Daniel Doughty

    Product worked great at estrogen control ran12.5 ed and was excellent. 4 orders with gym-candies and on point every time.

  21. Texas Muscle

    Eliminated any type of water retention on a highly anabolic/androgenic cycle. No sides to speak of and that says a lot when your on Test-E, Deca Durobolin, and Anadrol.

  22. jcp

    I have tried letrozole and arimadex before this…I have to say I feel much better on exemestane than I do on the other 2…12.5eod with 750 test is all I ever need to keeps side away…if your real want to dry out take 25 ed and 2.5 letro eod…some great stuff here I always have on hand.

  23. Joshua Davenport

    Great product very strong ai .. I found that half a pill m EOD had me feeling great on cycle . Will be sticking with Geneza products because so far treating me good !

  24. shipping

    wow well Shipping was fast , 2 days to pickup the money, and then only 5 days to get my stuff delivered… only 5 days , i was shocked and surprised !I just started my cycle so I won’t be using it for a while … i heard gp is a good quality though i will post another review once i use it

  25. Josh Swanger

    This is amazing! I am taking it 12.5 mg EOD and I have had no sides at all while taking it with GP Test E 250! I recommend to everyone!

  26. G8

    Excellent purchase! The effects are felt even at low doses.

  27. nico rotolo

    great product very effective! not.many can.duplicate the results found with.this.one

  28. Michael Carr

    Shipped quickly, definitely controlled Estrogen sides while on a 12 week cycle of Test and EQ. I will definitely buy this again. Thanks gym-candies

  29. Nasser Alfaraj

    Great product, ran it at 12.5mg with nolva and clomid for my pct. Arrived on time as well 🙂

  30. Josh

    Seems to be good, properly dosed stuff according to my blood work. Geneza is always reliable quality

  31. CO NJ

    This stuff is a MUST in any cycle (in my opinion). Keeps my e levels in check and reduces bloating and gyno. Always and only order from gym-candies…order was at my door in 10 days from money pick up. Great and easy service.

  32. Trenadad James

    First time using GP products and there Exemestane will be a staple in all of my cycles. Blood work confirmed my estrogen was in control while using their GP Exemestane. Did I mention that it is very affordable as well? GP continues to impress me with their high quality products AND affordable prices. They have a loyal customer here. Thank You!

  33. captainwoodleg

    Good ai. No signs of gyno at all even after high doses of testosterone.Took 1/2 pill/day throughout the hole cycle.

  34. Spencer Cole

    First AI after many cycles without any. I’m not a huge fan of most AIs but I like this one. It’s all about figuring out your proper dose. I’m on a trt dose of 250mg of the Testosteron Enanthate from GP a week and 6mg of Aromasin is perfect. If I do 12.5 I get headaches and feel depressed. Which means I’m suppressing estrogen too much. 6mg daily is great and any more is too much at my current Test dose. I am not very prone to aromatization either so that’s why 6mg is good. I’m a week into using it and feel good compared to when I tried anastrozole and felt awful. Weight is already down. Cutting for a show. Acne had gone down a ton. Still oily skin. No noticeable loss of strength. Anyone looking to run an AI long term should use Aromasin because it has significantly less impact on cholesterol and other issues related to AIs like letrzole and anastrozole.

  35. termignoni

    First time trying out GP products after reading a lot of positive reviews and GP did not disappoint. used successfully with a T-base. Also shipping was good and discreet.

  36. Andrew McEvoy

    I’m super prone to gyno, had it through puberty and had to pay a boatload to get surgery to remove it, then it came back after my first poorly thought out cycle. Luckily I was pretty chummy with the surgeon and he removed the small gyno for extremely cheap.Anyway, because of all this I’m REALLY paranoid about using steroids, so I used a tab of this a day alongside my cycle and everything went fine, no noticeable sides and mainly, NO GYNO!Would recommend this to anybody who is even slightly worried about estogen side effects.It also came in just over 2 weeks aswell without any trouble, so I got to start my cycle straight away which i was thankful for. Although I don’t mind the wait time as long as the product is quality, like this was.SO yeah, big thanks to GP exemestane for allowing me to wear light coloured t shirts to show off my body and not my nipples haha!

  37. Hard300

    This is the best AI I have ever used at I kept all my gains with aroma!!! I love this product and I have always some aroma left. Its perfect on cycle to keep estrogen low and its also great to include in every pct together with nova and clomid. You will keep all you gains with that combination. I also add some arms to my pct and keep going to the gym and eat a lot of food to keep my gains after cycle. It works great and Im very happy with my results so far. Thanks gym-candies for such great products!!!!

  38. mike kamkas

    Placed my order and it was here in 2 weeks, can’t wait to try it out. I will be back with my results.

  39. Warren Hardi

    Used this product for Tren/Test Prop cycle and it kept bloat down as well as all other estrogen related sides. Very pleased with this compound and Geneza never fails!

  40. manu sharma

    Amazing!! Took it for the first time as part of my PCT along with nolva and clomid. Will never do a post cycle without Aromasin!! It amazing how you can retain so much more than one would normally retain. Must for PCT!!

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