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Manufacturer: Hilma Biocare, Europe

Pharmaceutical name: Anastrozole

Pack: 1 bottle (50 tabs (1mg/tab))



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What is it:

Buy arimidex online is an anti-estrogenic drug developed for the treatment of advanced breast cancer in women. Specifically, this agent is the first in a newer class of third generation selective oral aromatase inhibitors. It acts by blocking the enzyme aromatase, subsequently blocking the production of estrogen in the body.

Since many forms of breast cancer cells are stimulated by estrogen, reducing levels of this hormone in the body may retard the progression of the disease.


For the steroid using male, Anastrozole shows great potential. Up to this point, drugs like Nolvadex and Proviron have been the weapons against excess estrogen. These drugs do prove quite effective, but Anastrozole makes the job much more efficiently, and with less hassle.

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Anastrozole blocks the action of estrogen at the receptor, not its actual endogenous production. The effects of Anastrozole can be substantial, with a daily dosage of 1mg capable of production estrogen suppression greater than 80% in treated patients. With the powerful effect this drug has on hormone levels, it is usually only prescribed to post menopausal women.


In studies that have been done, Anastrozole has been shown to reduce estrogen in the body by roughly 50%. This is a good result for bodybuilders. This is because some estrogen is needed in order for the full anabolic benefits of the steroids being taken to be achieved. These results are the same with a dosage of 5mg a day as they are with a dosage of 1mg a day, meaning that in most cases, a half tablet a day will be sufficient for estrogen control throughout cycle.

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Anastrozole is an aromatase inhibitor which works by blocking the aromatase enzyme in the body. So limiting the amount of estrogen buildup that takes place. This compound has great benefits to bodybuilders and athletes who use aromatizing steroids such as testosterone.

Typically, bodybuilders using Anastrozole will begin taking it the day they start their cycle. and will run it throughout the duration of steroid administration. It is also important to point out Anastrozole’s ability to increase testosterone in the body.

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Some studies have shown that natural testosterone levels have increases as much as 60%. This is after the use of this substance for seven days. Because of this, bodybuilders find this drug extremely effective during PCT. Where as they are trying to elevate natural levels as much as possible in order to avoid a post cycle “crash”.


5 reviews for Anastrozole

  1. John M.

    I have been on TRT for a year. I have been taking testosterone cyp. My estradiol was 156 and I felt bad. I started using these and in 8 days my E4 dropped down to 12. Not kidding! I took half a tablet at the time of my injection 200mg cyp and 1/4, 3 days later. Be careful, these are really strong. Keep your estradiol above 20. I recommend start taking 1/4 of the tablet once a week. Do your blood test to adjust. Interesting thing is that my estradiol went down really quick and my total testosterone went up from 1050 to 1580 with the same weekly dose. I am very happy with the results. Thank you, gym-candies

  2. Robert Frank

    At my door exactly 12 days from the time I placed the order. Gym-candies delivers on its guarantees,I’ve yet to be disappointed by them. Definitely a solid company.

  3. Jaris

    Very good product, recommend it, very good pharm and quality of the product

  4. tommy tom

    I take half pill every other day during my cycle and i never had estrogen problems better be safe. this is a must on any great cycle fast shipped withing a week. Thanks again.

  5. ryan

    solid product! works best with my dbol and test prop stack only needed half pill a day to keep it going through out the cycle. hilma biocare works best for me.

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