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Manufacturer: Aaster Solutions, Europe

Pharmaceutical name: Anastrozole

Pack: 1 pack (50 tabs (1 mg/tab))



Arimidex for sale usa

What is it:

Arimidex for sale usa is an anti-estrogen available in oral form which contains 1mg of the substance Anastrozole per tablet.

Arimidex is a true aromatase inhibitor which works by blocking the aromatase enzyme in the body. Thus its limiting the amount of estrogen buildup that takes place. This compound has obvious benefits to bodybuilders who use aromatizing steroids such as testosterone. These individuals might face estrogen related side effects. Effects such as water bloat and “gyno”. But by taking Arimidex while on cycle, the chance of any of these sides are greatly reduced.


In studies that have been done, Arimidex has been shown to reduce estrogen in the body by roughly 50%. This is a good balance for bodybuilders. This is  because some estrogen is needed in order for the full anabolic benefits of the steroids being taken to be achieved. These results are typically the same with a dosage of .5 mg a day. As they are with a dosage of 1 mg a day, meaning that in most cases, a half tablet a day. Will be sufficient for estrogen control throughout cycle.

Arimidex for sale usa

Typically, bodybuilders using Arimidex will begin taking it the day they start their cycle. And will run it throughout the duration of steroid administration. It is also important to point out Arimidex’s ability to increase testosterone in the body. Some studies have shown that natural testosterone levels have increases as much as 60%. That’s after the use of this substance for 7 days.


Because of this, bodybuilders find this drug extremely effective during PCT. Where as they are trying to elevate natural levels as much as possible in order to avoid a post cycle “crash”.

Arimidex for sale usa

It is generally recommended that upon discontinuance of steroid use. That one continue to run Arimidex throughout the duration of their PCT regime. (4-6) weeks.

Arimidex for sale usa

3 reviews for Arimidex

  1. Tony Stark

    A+ Arrived quickly, discreet packaging, works like a charm! What more can I say… Get some if you need a good AI.

  2. andrew blackjones

    Real deal here for sure! Worked great for keeping my estro in check on Aasters Mass Gain blend with conjuction with their metanabol. Very high quality products!

  3. Jeremy Brock

    Been taking for a couple weeks now. Working well. Will be buying from Aaster again

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