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Manufacturer: Geneza Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical name: Anastrozole
Pack: 20 tablets (1mg/tab)



Anastrozole for sale usa

What is it:

Anastrozole for sale usa by Geneza Pharmaceuticals is an anti-estrogen available in oral form which contains 1mg of the substance Anastrozole per tablet.

Most commonly called Arimidex, this substance is a true aromatase inhibitor which works by blocking the aromatase enzyme in the body, thus limiting the amount of estrogen buildup that takes place. This compound has obvious benefits to bodybuilders who use aromatizing steroids such as testosterone. These individuals might face estrogen related side effects such as water bloat and “gyno”, but by taking GP Anastrozole while on cycle, the chance of any of these sides are greatly reduced.


In studies that have been done. Arimidex has been shown to reduce estrogen in the body by roughly 50%. This is a good balance for bodybuilders. Because some estrogen is needed in order for the full anabolic benefits of the steroids being taken to be achieved. These results are typically the same with a dosage of .5 mg a day as they are with a dosage of 1 mg a day. Meaning that in most cases, a half tablet a day will be sufficient for estrogen control throughout cycle.

Anastrozole for sale usa

Typically, bodybuilders using GP Anastrozole will begin taking it the day they start their cycle. And will run it throughout the duration of steroid administration. It is also important to point out GP Anastrozole`s ability to increase testosterone in the body. Some studies have shown that natural testosterone levels have increases as much as 60%. After the use of this substance for 7 days. Because of this, bodybuilders find this drug extremely effective during PCT. Where as they are trying to elevate natural levels as much as possible in order to avoid a post cycle “crash”.

It is generally recommended that upon discontinuance of steroid use. That one continue to run GP Anastrozole throughout the duration of their PCT regime. (4-6) weeks.

Anastrozole for sale usa


  1. Leonardo Puentes

    Don’t be fooled by the brand this is a quality product. Its very effective. Great on a dbol deca test cycle.

  2. Vkpl511

    I always like Geneza — it’s one of my ‘go-to’ brands for some reason (as I’m sure it is for a lot of us…) and I’m running .5mg on a M/T/Th/F protocol to suppress (but not totally eliminate) estrogen. I haven’t had my blood levels checked again yet, but I’ll update once I have. I have no doubt that GP Anastrozole is dosed correctly based on other gear I’ve purchased from them.

  3. trenton kersey

    I took it for the first 2 weeks of my deca/test cycle. After that I only take it when I see my nipples getting puffy. Takes it right away.

  4. Tjp

    This product is definitely great quality and worth the purchase! I usually use arimidex from my doctor but needed some extra and this is as good as the one I get from the doc!

  5. Rene Garcia

    Great AI to use for managing estrogen levels. At .5 EOD was perfect for me when using Test at 500 mg per week. Feel great and have no issues. Geneza is another good company that has quality gear on gym-candies. If you need an AI, you can’t go wrong using Geneza. This AI will definitely be part of my cycles.

  6. Jaris

    Tablets are big, but you get used to them. Good luck with your cycle

  7. Jason Mallek

    Seems to work just as well as the local namebrand and is a great price!

  8. RMC

    I have been using GP products for years, always quality outcomes. I could not ask for a better product with the same results every time. GP prices are great; they still have great sale prices take advantage when they are available. As for Arimidex half, a dose EOD is more than enough.

  9. Siggs

    Perfect Estrogen blocker. AI should always be on hand and this work great.

  10. michael patsalou

    Excellent at what it does. Reduced sore nipples from Dbol and test cycle. Great!

  11. Michael Gaffney

    Great product. I’ve been getting compliments left and right about how cut I look. I cut the pill into 4 pieces and take one piece every 3 days.

  12. Jason Mikeska

    Great product cleared up some buring and sensitive nippels I had due to trt. Geneza products are great, I highly recommend .

  13. SteveC

    This stuff is the real deal. I never get gyno, but I was not running an ai for the beginning of my cycle and my sex drive, energy, and aggression started to go down after a few weeks. I got some of this arimidex from GP, started taking 0.5mg every three days, and now I’m right back to where I should be. My gains are on point, sex drive is ridiculous, aggression in the gym has returned, and I can feel the test doing its job. Geneza Pharmaceuticals is amazing.

  14. Mr G

    Gp is my favorite brand. This is the best AI I have found. Keeps my levels in check

  15. Mike

    Took 0.5mg EOD starting on 2nd week of 500mg test-e. Had no gyno issues but still held on to some water during cycle. Probably will take 0.25mg ED to see if that will help with the bloat.

  16. Jonatas de Faria Pereira

    First time buying it from here and the product really works. Next time might try the PCT pack.

  17. C. W

    Real deal actually crashed my E because nipples were super sensitive and didnt let this build up . Never panic..

  18. Teach2grow

    I’ve used GP Arimidex for 3 cycles and have noticed limited side effects during my cycle. This stuff really seems to keep the estrogen levels in check. I’ve used this product during my cycles and PCT and have only seen positive results. Yet another outstanding product provided by gym-candies.

  19. barbell bones

    Great product!! Works as intended. During my dianabol ,sust270 cycle, it definitely helped keep 2ater bloat to a minimum and no gyno at all!! Love gym-candies and the Geneza products!!

  20. Zachary Jubert

    I have taken GP Anastrozole with every cycle and have never experienced shut down. I am very impressed with GP and use there products regularly.

  21. TestLab

    Thia works perfect!!! I had some problems with ichy nips and felt a bit tired due to estrogen build up from doing testosterone E @ 400mg/week. This fix the problem like a magic wand! Will be ordering more soon for future cycles. Thank you gym-candies!

  22. Lionel Arthur

    Great product!! Great service!! Fast, discreet can’t ask for anything more!

  23. Anthony

    I always stack this with Any AAS and it works like a charm! Definitely recommend

  24. Buffalo Joe

    Looked like my package got caught in the conveyor belt and crush all the tabs(oral tren,arimidex, etc) so I took a picture, filled out a ticket, and they reshipped. Gym-candies is G2G. Arimidex is a good AI but I’m my opinion needs to be taken more frequently (1/2 tab day)than Exemestane(1/2 tab E3D). Arimidex has estrogen rebound while exemestane has no rebound. I like when they have their specials because it encourages me to try new products. Geneza has my vote of approval.

  25. Damion Sturdivant

    Great product! This was part of my first order and it will be ordered again. Shipping took about 20 days to where I am in the country… It was worth the wait and the products are real…. NO BS!!! ! I’m SOLD on gym-candies!!!

  26. Ed

    All I can say is it works as intended. I am running 400 of GP Tren and 600 of GP Test E with no signs of Gyno thanks to GP Anastrozole. I take .5 mg EOD and it keeps the estrogen at bay. I’ve made several orders now with gym-candies and they have been great! GP products are legit.

  27. Mike K

    Great Stuff. Been using for 10 weeks now with 500mg Test Cyp weekly. I started first 4 weeks with .5 everyday and from week 5 to now i’m at .5mg EOD and still have no sides other than some acne on shoulders from injection site

  28. Damien Burton

    This is an absolute must have for any cycle. I wouldn’t even think of starting anythihg without some of this stuff on hand. I have literally used this during every cycle I have ever done and have never had any signs of gyno. Geneza always ships fast, and is one of the most reliable companie out there.

  29. GreatWhite

    These came just as expected! Not brittle, perfectly shaped, easy to brake in half but not soft enough to fall apart. I’ve had gyno in the past so I made sure to research which Arimidex to take prior to ordering. I must say, I am beyond satisfied by the outcome. So are my nipples. Lol. Thank you gym-candies .. still ordering with you and spreading the news about what a legit source this is! – since 2017

  30. Greg Landes

    Gym-candies really cares about their customers! An affordable stack with arimidex included!! I told the arimidex as noted and had no gyno symptoms through the entire 16 week duration of my test prop cycle! Thanks
    gym-candies again for making these must needed ancillaries available with great affordability!

  31. Brandon Borchert

    Great product, did its job. As always shipping was fast and discreet.

  32. Javier Florian

    Great product. I choose GP products because of its quality and since I use their Testosterone Cypionate I might as well use the same brand of Anaztrozole. Good price and my labs maintain within 17 mg/dL on TRT and on 500mg Test when on cycle. Gym-candies always pulls through with great shipping. 10/10!!

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