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2C-B-FLY Pellets


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2C-B-FLY is a psychedelic phenethylamine of the 2C family. 2C-B-FLY is also known as 8-bromo-2,3,6,7-benzo-dihydro-difuran-ethylamine or formally as 2-(8-bromo-2,3,6,7-tetrahydrofuro[2,3-f] [1]benzofuran-4-yl)ethanamine.Buy 2C-B-FLY Pellets online europe

2C-B-FLY is a lesser-known novel psychedelic substance of the phenethylamine and benzodihydrodifuran classes that produces an array of psychedelic and entactogenic effects when administered. Reports have characterized its effects profile as possessing features of 2C-B, mescaline and MDA, with a duration of 6–8 hours (or up to 12 hours in larger doses).

2C-B-FLY pellets contain 10mg 2C-B-FLY

Product Name: 10mg 2C-B-FLY Pellets
Cas No: 178557-21-6
Formula: C12H14BrNO2
IUPAC: 2-(8-bromo-2,3,6,7-tetrahydrofuro[2,3-f] [1]benzofuran-4-yl)ethanamine


2C-B-FLY is 8-bromo-2,3,6,7-benzo-dihydro-difuran-ethylamine. The full name of the chemical is 2-(8-bromo-2,3,6,7-tetrahydrofuro[2,3-f] [1]benzofuran-4-yl)ethanamine. It has been subject to little formal study, but its appearance as a designer drug has led the DEA to release analytical results for 2C-B-FLY and several related compounds.


2C-B-FLY is a psychedelic phenethylamine, and is the dihydrodifuran analog of 2C-B.

Little is known about how the totality of its effects are produced, 2C-B-FLY’s psychedelic effects are believed to come from its efficacy at the 5-HT2A receptor as a partial agonist. However, the role of these interactions and how they result in the psychedelic experience remains subject to on-going scientific investigation.2C-B-FLY Pellets

Tolerance and addiction potential

2C-B-FLY is not habit-forming, and the desire to use it can actually decrease with use. It is most often self-regulating.2C-B-FLY Pellets

Tolerance to the effects of 2C-B-FLY is built almost immediately after ingestion. After that, it takes about 3 days for the tolerance to be reduced to half and 7 days to be back at baseline (in the absence of further consumption). 2C-B-FLY presents cross-tolerance with all psychedelics, meaning that after the consumption of 2C-B-FLY all psychedelics will have a reduced effect.

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